Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wank Wednesday - Grace

wank wednesday erotic writing challengeAfter a very successful Eroticon the lovely Ruby Kiddell and her Wank Wednesday are back!! The word prompt for this week is "Grace". After you have enjoyed my contribution below make sure you check out the other entries.

If you are still feeling the need for that something extra you can also check out Wanton Wednesday as well. Happy reading!


"Good morning welcome to ITrinity, you are speaking with Jay"
Sometimes when he was at a party Jay wondered what would happen if he introduced himself that way. He never was brave enough to in case the other person then proceeded to unload their computer problems on him.
"I hope you can help me," a woman's voice answered. "There seems to be a problem with my modem."
"Well I will certainly do my best." Jay's automatic response was delivered to different customers with differing levels of sincerity. Something about this woman's voice made him much more sincere than normal. The voices of his customers were like their faces. Instead of responding to the pretty girls with the short skirts that came into his shop he responded to the voices on the end of the phone line as he sat in his cubicle looking at his computer screen.
Jay loved to listen to voices. He almost never watched porn instead he listened to women's voices. He sometimes would pay to listen to a phone sex girl. He didn't care what people said about them being fat or ugly. Once he heard their voice his mind made up the woman to go with it and he didn't care. Sometimes when he was out in public at the shops or walking down the street he would hear a voice and his body would respond automatically whether he could see the owner or not. Sometimes a customer would call him at work and he would get the same feeling.  
Later that night he sat listening to his stereo in the dark and this woman's voice came back to him. Not aggressive or demanding like so many, just calm with dark honey like undertones saying polite grateful words when he solved her problem. With his eyes closed he imagined the woman the voice belonged to. In his fantasy she was a suburban mother. Not the type that has gotten comfortable and frumpy but the type who did Pilates and ate sensibly. Her breasts were full and round and she had that slightly flabby belly that he loved so much. He couldn't see her face, just her full round lips as she spoke into the phone to him.
His cock throbbed as he remembered the tones of her voice and imagined it speaking to him seductively. Slowly he stroked himself lost in the fantasy. In his mind the woman leaned close to him whispering softly as he stroked he could feel her breath on his neck and her hand resting on his thigh. His cock was like a rock in his hand moving quickly up and down. He felt the heat rising in him and then warm waves pulsed through him as his cum spilled over his hand. The fantasy receded and he lay back on the couch relaxing in the afterglow.
The next morning rolled around, nothing extraordinary happened until he answered the phone and heard the voice again,
"I am sorry to bother you but my modem is still not working properly." She was the same as yesterday, restrained and polite but definitely frustrated.
Jay felt his cock stiffen in response to her voice. He was glad of the desk and the cubicle hiding him. "OK then, I am sure we can sort you out."
Together they worked through her issues.  As they spoke Jay had to force his mind back onto his work more than once. The tones of her voice seemed to reverberate through him causing pleasure in the most distracting way. He could feel the urgency of his cock straining against his pants until they finally sorted out her issues. Before he signed off he worked up the courage to ask her,
"I am sorry what did you say your name was?" he had asked her
"Grace," he could hear her smiling as she answered him. "I must say that you have a very sexy voice Jay." Her voice had deepened slightly at that point and Jay had felt his cock throbbing harder.
"Thank you," he had managed to say. "I am glad you enjoyed talking to me."
"Oh I enjoyed it immensely," she had answered in a way that made him frown for a moment. "More than you can imagine." And then she was gone, leaving Jay sitting at his desk intensely horny, with a massive hard on. For a moment he thought of her sitting on her couch fingering herself to the sound of his voice in her head. He couldn't hold back he stood up and made his way to the men's room. Going into the end cubicle he hoped he wouldn't be disturbed. He was so horny that he barely had the door locked before his hand was unzipping his jeans and releasing his cock. The sound of her voice was still clear in his mind as well as the thought of her masturbating on her couch at home. Her voice rang in his head urging him on.
The orgasm came quickly and hard. Gritting his teeth so he wouldn't make any noise he let out a slow sigh as his cum spilled out over his hand.

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  1. Sexy story! When I worked a desk job I would occasionally indulge myself just as Jay did, typically when I as alone in the office. It was fun, though not sufficiently so to return to that kind of work.

    I could relate to his "differing levels of sincerity". Very amusing turn of phrase; most of the people with whom I speak on a day-to-day basis warrant differing levels of sincerity.