Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yes Mistress Part One

Welcome to Wanton Wednesday for 25 April. This is the first installment of a longer story that I started earlier this week. The remainder will be forthcoming days. Meanwhile enjoy this little teaser.

Blythe carefully arranged his pencils in the black holder his daughter had given him for his birthday. Beside them carefully aligned and spaced were the two silver pens from his wife given on the same birthday. His eyes travelled past his computer monitor to the silver framed photo of his two girls and he touched the frame lovingly, although he was careful not to leave a fingerprint on the silver frame. He stepped out of his office into the main working area. Almost everyone had left for the day and a hush had fallen over the office as if the chairs, desks and computers were sleeping, exhausted from the busy work day.  
Placing his brief case at his feet Blythe turned and locked his office door behind him. Without hurrying he made his way towards the elevator. The door pinged open and he stepped inside. There was one other person inside, someone from another office that he knew vaguely. They nodded at each other and then assumed the elevator position, staring fixedly at the numbers as they flashed above the door. No one else stepped into the sacred space until the doors opened at the carpark. Without hurrying Blythe made his way to his car, stopping only to place his briefcase in the boot. For a few brief seconds his eyes fell on the other neat black overnight bag nestled there but he shut the boot and unlocked his car as if it was every other day and he was on his way home to his girls.
About forty minutes later he made his way up the front steps of a renovated miner's cottage in the trendy suburb of Paddington. The door opened almost before his first knock and without speaking to anyone Blythe made his way inside. On his left a room was open and Blythe made his way inside. The curtains were drawn and the interior was dim but Blythe had been here before. He placed his overnight bag on the luggage stand and took off his suit jacket, folding it neatly and placing it into the overnight bag. His shoes he placed evenly spaced , side by side on the floor. He stood jacketless and barefoot beside his suitcase for a few moments before she came into the room. The squeak of her vinyl boots was the only sound he heard.
Even though she was wearing stiletto heels the woman still had to look up to see Blythe's face. Their eyes locked together for a few moments before he looked down to the floor. 
"Take off your shirt." Her voice was low and very sexy, but this was not a flirtatious request. It was a command. After a day of being in charge, hearing a command from such a diminutive woman triggered the urge to rebel. Blythe was used to being in charge, he didn't like taking orders.
There was a sharp crack as the woman slapped a riding crop against her thigh in warning. Blythe lifted his head and looked her in the eye as he slowly removed his tie and dropped it on the floor insolently.
A slow fire burned in the woman's eyes. Maddeningly slowly Blythe undid the buttons on his shirt getting a perverse pleasure from being defiant but another more tantalising pleasure in knowing what was coming.
Suddenly the woman reached for Blythe's waist and in a swift almost impossible movement she removed his belt from his trousers.
"Get your pants down!" The words came out through clenched teeth.
Blythe didn't hesitate in releasing his button and zip. He pushed his pants and boxers down and stood in front of her with his shirt open and his pants around his ankles. His cock stood out in front of him. The heels of her vinyl boots clicked on the wooden floor as she walked around behind him. Blythe forced himself to stand very still as she stood behind him the tension in the room rose as he waited. Then without warning she grabbed his hand and flicked the belt across his bare buttocks. Blythe winced as she landed a second blow.
"When I tell you to do something I want it to be done. Do you understand?" She asked.
"Yes Mistress." Blythe's voice was a whisper.
The belt cracked across his buttocks again. "I didn't hear you."
"Yes Mistress," Blythe forced his voice out louder.
"Bend over and take your punishment like a man," the tiny woman commanded. Her voice echoed around the room.


  1. I like the idea that she is small and petite. It is nice to not always been greeted by the Amazonian domme... she seems to be a very popular figure in female domme stories


  2. Very exciting! We aren't necessarily drawn toward female domination in real life, but we're always interested in a sexy story and this one turned us on. We're excited to see where it goes from here!

  3. Exciting indeed! Sometimes the best surprises are in the smallest packages, and she appears to be a true gem for him :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Blog delicioso!!

    Estamos seguindo, ok?
    Se puder visite:
    Se gostar segue?

    Beijos tesudos!!!
    Um maravilhoso final de semana!!

  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I hope that you enjoyed part two and three of this series as much as part one.

  6. This story is incredible. Wish I was Blythe!