Monday, April 30, 2012

Yes Mistress Part Three

As promised the conclusion to this story I have been running over the last few days. If you haven't read them yet you can catch up on Parts One and Two here and here.

Once they were inside the room Mistress stopped. Blythe remained motionless waiting for his next command. He was completely at her mercy not knowing where he was or who was in the room with him. After a few seconds Mistress stepped away from him leaving Blythe alone and unsure of himself in the middle of the room.  The minutes stretched out as he waited and then an unfamiliar pair of hands began caressing him. They lacked the assurance of Mistress and the hesitant way they moved over his bare buttocks made him nervous.
"Don't be afraid," Blythe heard Mistress say. "Pull up his shirt and look at his beautiful body properly. A body like that should be used for pleasure, all types of pleasure." With the last words Mistress' voice dropped to a low purr. Between his legs Blythe felt his cock stirring.
"See how he responds when he thinks about pleasing you." Mistress continued. "Look at that beautiful cock." There was a squeak as Mistress stepped forward to stand in front of Blythe. Reaching forward with her gloved hand she pushed against Blythe's shoulder encouraging him to sit back on his heels. Obediently Blythe kneeled back so that his body was upright.  He tensed slightly as he felt Mistress' gloved hand caressing his torso and sliding down towards his cock.
"Look at that beautiful cock," Her voice continued to purr. "It makes you want to taste it."
Blythe couldn't contain the gasp of surprised pleasure as he felt the warm moisture of Mistress taking his whole cock into her mouth. She moved her head up and down his shaft a couple of times before releasing him. There was a faint smacking of lips as she moved away.
"Such a beautiful thing must not be left alone," Her voice resumed some of the commanding tone. "Taste him, feel that beautiful velvet between your lips. Feel the power you have over him."
Then a different set of lips covered him. Again Blythe could feel the hesitation but somehow this time it was comforting.
"Take all of him into your mouth," Mistress instructed.
Her pupil responded, pressing her face down onto Blythe's cock. In the darkness behind his mask Blythe closed his eyes and gave himself in to the pleasure. When he felt Mistress licking his balls while her pupil sucked him he couldn't contain the groan of pleasure.
"See how he loves your mouth on him." Mistress' voice was whispering in the ear of her pupil. "But don't let him have too much of you. He is here for your pleasure. You are in charge not him."
The mouth withdrew and Blythe felt a twinge of disappointment.
"What do you want from him?" Mistress asked her pupil. There was a whispering as the pupil responded. Blythe strained to hear the voice. He realised that the person in the room may not be a woman as he had first thought. Mistress pushed him back onto his hands and knees.
"He has such a beautiful ass," as she spoke her glove hands caressed his buttocks that were still burning from her cane earlier. He felt tender gentle lips kissing the red welts. His arousal throbbed between his legs as the pupil pulled his butt cheeks apart slightly. The lips travelled towards the tight hole in the middle before he felt a tentative tongue stroking around his anus.
"Beautiful, beautiful." Mistress whispered.
There was a cool sensation as the pupil applied lube and then Blythe felt himself being opened as she, he was desperate to believe it was a she now, inserted something smooth into his opening. The feeling was so foreign that he had to dig his fingernails into the floor to stop himself from pulling away. Then he felt his arousal stronger than ever as she moved the dildo slowly in and out of him.
"You have control over him now." Mistress said. "You may give him as much or as little as you wish. He doesn't want you to do this but at the same time he never wants you to stop."
All Blythe could think of was the feeling in his ass, the movement of the dildo and the hand on his buttock. His cock throbbed and ached for something, a mouth, a pussy, even a hand to stroke it. But there was nothing there, just the all-consuming feeling in his butt. He hoped desperately he didn't come. Somehow it seemed even more shameful than bending down to be caned by Mistress to be made to ejaculate without at least some attention to his cock.
The tension in the room mounted. The Pupil seemed to become more confident as she handled Blythe. She moved the dildo in and out of him more slowly, somehow sensing his level of arousal and slowing when he got close to the point of no return. All the while Mistress murmured words of encouragement.
Time blurred for Blythe. His mind was filled with the feeling of what The Pupil was doing to him, the insatiable throbbing in his cock and the ache of being on the brink of orgasm for so long. From far away he heard Mistress voice accompanied by a tug on his collar. Feeling like a sleepwalker he pulled his body upright again almost unable to support his weight. He was jolted out of his stupor by the feeling of a mouth on his cock. Desperately he struggled to hold back his orgasm but the pressure in his ass increased. As if by some agreement both Mistress and her Pupil were in sync with each other. He could hold himself back no longer and with a loud groan he emptied himself into the eager mouth on his cock.
Gentle hands helped him up and laid him out on the bed.
"What do you want from him now?" Mistress asked her Pupil. Again the maddening whispering but Blythe was beyond caring now. The bed moved and he felt two knees settling either side of his chest. His nostrils filled with the smell of female arousal. He knew it was not Mistress but there was something familiar about this scent.  Slowly he felt the mask being lifted off his face. In front of his face was a cleanly shaved pussy dripping with arousal. His lips twitched as a drip of musky liquid hit them.
Automatically Blythe opened his mouth and tasted her with his tongue. She tasted familiar. His tongue slid easily through her folds before dipping into her well. Small moans of pleasure reached his ears. He wasn't entirely sure but he had an inkling of who this woman was. He gripped her hips with his arms and pressed his face deep inside her greedily lapping and sucking, as he became surer and surer who she was.
His tongue travelled over her familiar mound seeking out the spots he knew would please her the most. He applied pressure and smiled to himself as she responded. Orgasms tore through her body and she lost control of herself. Blythe was aware of Mistress standing above his head supporting the woman above him as her pussy showered him with her juice. Finally she was spent and Mistress helped her down to lie beside Blythe.
"I knew it was you," he whispered to her as she nestled against him.
"Yes," she sounded smug. "And you thought you could have Mistress all to yourself."
"How long have you planned this?" he asked.
"Long enough," she was mysterious.
Blythe moaned as Mistress sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth. Incredibly he felt himself stiffen in her mouth as she expertly sucked and teased him.
"You still have one more woman to please," she smiled fondly at him as she impaled herself on his cock.

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