Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes Mistress Part Two

This is a continuation of Yes Mistress that I started for Wanton Wednesday.
In a few days Jake and I will be taking our family for a well earned break but I promise that this peice will be finished before we depart. If you missed Part One or you want to enjoy it one more time you can read it here.

Blythe took two steps forward towards the bed in the middle of the room. Holding his hands beside him he kneeled down. With two firm steps Mistress was beside him. From the corner of his eye Blythe could see her boots beside him. He turned his body slightly towards her thinking that he would bend down and kiss the boots of the tiny woman who could bend him to her will so easily. There was a crack as her riding crop stung across his back.
"What are you doing?" her voice was low and menacing. Blythe cowered in front of her. "I didn't tell you to bend down and kiss my boot. How do you know what I want before I tell you?"
Blythe froze in front of her. Right then all he wanted was to please this tiny woman.  Her punishments gave him a perverse kind of pleasure. But he avoided her anger and disappointment at all costs. He waited, motionless for her instruction.
Mistress looked down at the man in front of her. Every time she looked at his beautiful face she wanted him more. When he was bent over the bed and she was caning his bare ass all she could see in her mind was his cock, strong and proud standing out in front of him. The sight of it when he pulled down his trousers made her want to gorge herself on him but she held herself back. Patience, she reminded herself. He is not ready yet.
"Bend over," she commanded.
Without arguing or hesitating he bent forward, stretching his arms above his head. The tail of his shirt barely hid his firm white buttocks marked with two red slashed from his belt earlier. Carefully, using the tip of her cane, Mistress eased Blythe's shirt a little way up his back. She felt a throb between her legs at the sight of his smooth white globes. Slowly she reached out and caressed him with her gloved hand. She felt his muscles relax under her caress and heard a small sigh escape his mouth.
Suddenly she pulled herself back and struck his buttocks once with her cane. He whimpered in pain and shock. A read welt formed criss-crossing the earlier marks.
"Are you a man or a mouse?" Mistress questioned him teasingly. "Can't you take a couple of little spanks without crying like a baby?"
Blythe bit down on his lip. At first glance it was easy to assume this tiny, doll like woman would never be able to overpower him. He had made this mistake the first time they had met. In his mind he imagined him lifting her off the floor and holding her at arm's length while she kicked and wriggled in his grasp. Then suddenly he was kneeling on the floor. When she wielded her cane he was amazed at the strength in her arm. He couldn't sit easily for days afterwards.
He winced as her cane landed across his buttocks but he managed to keep his whimpers of pain silenced.  The blows rained down. The sound of the bamboo hitting his skin echoed off the wooden walls and floors of the room. His body responded the way he knew it would when he walked through the door, his cock throbbed against the mattress and each blow seemed to make it harder. He couldn't feel pain or pleasure anymore just a throbbing need for the soft stroking of her glove. His mind filled with the memory of her pussy and his tongue ached for the taste of her.
Without him realising the blows had stopped,
"Turn around," She said firmly.
He turned his body and knelt on his heels in front of her. The mound of her sex was inches from his face. He inhaled the scent of her arousal and felt an answering throb in his own groin. His mouth watered in anticipation and it took all of his concentration to stop himself from lurching forward to bury his face between her legs.
As if she read his thoughts she moved her leg so her thighs were apart. With a gloved finger she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and showed him her slit, glistening with her juice.
"Do you want this?" He could barely hear the whisper of her voice.
Mutely he nodded, twisting his fingers together behind his back and holding himself very still.
She touched her self, slipping the tip of one finger into her slit. She took out her finger and held it out to him, almost pressing her finger into his nose.
"Do you like the smell of me?" she asked a little louder. "What would you do to get a taste of my cunt?"
Blythe could barely speak, "Anything," he whispered.
"I can't hear you." Her voice echoed off the walls making him jump.
He turned his head upwards and looked at her with pleading eyes,
"Anything Mistress," his voice sounded plaintive in his ears and fleetingly he wondered what his employees would think of him sitting at the feet of this tiny woman begging for a taste of her juice. "I would do anything."
To emphasise his point he bent down and placed his face on her boot. The plastic smell of vinyl filled his nostrils but it didn't block out the craving for the salty taste of her.  He felt the tip of the cane stroking his back and lifting up his shirt.  Internally he braced for the blow but it never came. The bedsprings sighed as she sat down and her boots moved away from his face. Out of the corner of his downcast eye he saw her panties fall to the floor and the smell of her arousal drowned out everything else.
Slowly he looked up at her sitting in the bed with her knees spread apart.
"May I," he asked formally
"You may," she said as regally as any queen.
Blythe raised his body and pressed his face into her crotch. Greedily he drank her juice and sucked at her swollen clit. Her hands pressed on the back of his head and twisted into his hair as she gave in to the pleasure with sighs and small moans.
Then without warning she pulled his head away.
"Enough," her tone was businesslike again. She tapped her cane on his buttocks not enough to leave a mark but firmly to remind him she was in charge.
"I have someone I want you to meet."  Her voice fell down to him as she stood over him. "Pick up my panties." Blythe bent down and picked up the damp fabric in his teeth. Mistress clipped a collar around his neck and attached a chain. As he had been taught Blythe leaned forward on his hands and knees. Mistress removed her panties from his teeth and slipped a mask over his head.
"I don't want you to see her just yet." She said quietly.
Inside the mask Blythe felt his other senses strain to compensate for the loss of sight. He heard a slight jingle of chain and felt the tug on the lead. Keeping his face close to her boot he followed his Mistress out of the room and into the room across the hallway.  

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