Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deep in the Forest - A Wanton Wednesday Post.

I am still a little in holiday mode as I got a story all ready but forgot to post it on Wednesday. Thankfully It is still Wednesday somewhere in the world and I am sure you won't all hold it against me!

So let's all get a little Wanton and read some smut. Please head over to Dangerous Lilly and check out the other contributions. 

"Where are we going?" Suzie asked breathlessly as she clambered down the path.
"I can't tell you or it will spoil the surprise." Michael's voice wafted back from around the bend.
"Wait up!" Suzi called out to him.
"It's not far now," Michael's voice came back to her. "
"Yeah. That's what you said five minutes ago." Suzi panted with hurrying after Michael's broad back that kept disappearing behind ferns and small palms.
"I promise it will be worth it." Michael's voice sounded a little closer.
Suzie pushed aside a fern and ran hard into the back of Michael. He turned to face her. "Oh you finally got here," he taunted.
Suzie reached up to punch him on the shoulder but he caught her hand and held her wrist easily preventing her from moving. Slowly he put her hand down by her side and looked lovingly into her face for a moment.
"Are you ready?"
His eyes captivated her as she looked up at him adoringly. In spite of being miffed at him for dragging her out into the middle of nowhere her heart flopped over as she plunged into his deep brown eyes. She would follow this man to the ends of the earth no matter how much he teased her. "Yes," her voice came out as a little whisper.
"Close your eyes," he commanded.
She obeyed without a comment.
"Now just a couple of steps down here." Michael held her elbow and guided her along the path. "Just a little step down and now, Ta Da."
Suzie's eyes opened and she gasped as she took in the scenery. Lush rainforest ferns dipped their fronds into the blue tinged waters of the deep lagoon. Brilliant blue flashes of kingfishers flitted in and out of the trees. Beside her Michael began wriggling out of his clothes.
"What are you doing?" Suzie looked at him in consternation.
"Going swimming." Michael grinned at her.

Photo used with permission of Jake Jones.

"Naked?" Suzie looked around in alarm.
"Well it's not like there is anyone around is there?" Michael stepped out of his boxers and stood in front of Suzie stark naked. Automatically her eyes fell to look at his cock and she felt a stirring between her own legs.
"But what if someone comes along?" She felt heat rising in her cheeks at the thought.
"Well they can't have you because you are mine." Michael pulled at the tie behind Suzie's neck that held her sundress up.
Suddenly Suzie was fully aware of the sticky humidity of the tropical weather. She looked at the cool inviting water in front of her. A shiver of anticipation went through her as she thought about the cool blue water swirling around her naked body. Michael succeeded with his efforts at her dress strap and the top of her dress fell around her waist.
"Mmmmmm," Michael cupped one breast as the sun warmed her nipples. "They definitely won't be able to have this." He bent down and took her nipple between his lips.
Suzie sighed as a wave of pleasure shivered through her. Michael straightened up,
"Now if you want more of that you will have to come into the water with me." With that he stepped into the cool blue lagoon and swam out to the other side with long lazy strokes.
Suzie stood for a moment with her nipple still throbbing in pleasure. Then, pushing away thoughts of being seen by some other visitor to this wonderful place she wriggled out of her dress, dropped her knickers on top of the pile of fabric, and made her way to the water's edge.
Treading water in the middle of the lagoon, Michael watched Suzie ease herself into the cool water. As the water covered her smooth white skin he felt his cock hardening between his legs. She swam towards him with slow graceful strokes  before she stopped and lay on her back to float on the top of the water. Her beautiful red hair floated out behind her head and her breasts peeked over the surface at him.
Mesmerised Michael watched as she bobbed about on the surface. Then as silently as possible he swam over to her. Her eyes were closed and she seemed not to have noticed him. He held his breath, feasting his eyes on her beautiful body. Her skin was smooth and her full round breasts bobbed around inviting him to touch her firm erect nipples. Water lapped at her belly and his eyes travelled downwards to the neat pussy that gave him so much pleasure. A downy covering of hair framed the neat slit. In a trance he reached out and touched the top of the slit. Automatically her legs opened, inviting him in. Gently he slipped his finger into her warm folds. Even in the water he could still feel the slickness of her arousal. With his cock throbbing under the water he pressed deeper inside her using two fingers to penetrate her.  
Slowly Suzie brought herself upright and looked into Michael's smiling eyes. He placed his arm around her shoulders and drew her closer to him until her breasts pressed against his chest, as their faces met in a kiss her legs wrapped around his waist. Her opening rested on the head of his cock inviting him into her warm depths but she locked her legs around his waist, stopping him from pressing into her.
"I do believe that you brought me out here to do some very naughty things to me," Suzie looked coyly into Michael's eyes.
He looked at her with wide innocent eyes. "Whatever made you think a thing like that." He tried to press her hips down over his aching cock but with a smile Suzie evaded his manoeuvre and twisted herself out of his arms to swim away to the opposite bank.
"You are gonna have to try harder than that!" She called over her shoulder. At the edge of the water Suzie pulled herself onto a rock. She sat partly shaded by tropical ferns with her feet dangling in the water. Droplets glistened on her breasts and belly. With a teasing smile she parted her legs and slipped her fingers into her pussy.
"Is this what you want?" She removed her finger and licked her juices off it while she looked him in the eye.
Michael's need for her burned hotter than ever as he swam after her and pulled himself onto the same rock.
"You are a tease." He looked into her eyes as he cupped her breast and tweaked her nipple between his fingers.
Suzie gave a little gasp, "I think you like it." She deliberately she looked at him while she inserted her fingers again. A waft of her musky arousal filled his nostrils and he reached out to touch her glistening wet opening.  
"What makes you think that?" Suzie removed her fingers and placed them against his lips. His own fingers slipped inside her warm wet opening and his nostrils and mouth filled with the smell and taste of her.  
"This," Suzie reached down and closed her hand over his cock. As she moved her hand up and down his warm smooth shaft Michael threw his head back in pleasure.
Suzie bent her head and took the head of his cock into her mouth.
"You are so fucking hot." Michael breathed in pleasure as she sucked him. Her head moved up and down his shaft pulling at the end of each stroke as if she were stretching him harder and harder. When he felt that he couldn't handle it any more he pulled her head off of his cock and guided her to sit astride of him. Ever the tease she held herself above him before she could not hold back any longer. With a slow sigh of pleasure she sank onto his shaft.
They sat like that for a few moments. Suzie wrapped her arms around Michael's shoulders and they kissed deeply. Her full breasts were pressed against his chest and her nipples pressed against his warm brown skin. She began to rock her hips against him grinding his cock deep inside herself. Michael's fingers gripped her buttocks pressing her soft whiteness against him.
Suzie leaned back throwing her head back and thrusting her breasts up towards Michael's face. He could not resist the temptation of her hard nipples and bent to take one between his teeth. She gasped in pleasure as he suckled and teased her with his teeth and tongue.
Moisture streamed from her pussy, coating his balls and belly. Her pussy made a soft wet sound as she ground against him and her groaned in pleasure as she increased her rhythm. Michael released her nipple and turned his head to take the other one into his mouth. She was grinding frantically against him now, responding to her own increasing urgency. Her lips were parted and she was making small animal cries. Michael could feel the pressure building up in himself and he released Suzie's nipple to hold her hips firmly as she moved frantically against him.
Michael held himself back as long as he could. He watched as Suzie spasmed in pleasure with a loud cry and a gush of wetness before he emptied himself into her. As the waves of pleasure washed through him the couple held each other tightly rejoicing in each other's pleasure.
Suzie looked up at Michael with a satisfied smile. He stroked her tenderly enjoying the feeling of his softening cock being still buried in her dripping wet pussy.  They kissed softly, not wanting to part and end the moment but as she moved against him he slipped out of her. She felt a moment of loss and hugged him tightly against herself.
Slowly they became aware of their surroundings, including the oppressive humidity and the hard rough rock beneath Michael's butt.  
"I think it might be time to get back in the water again," Suzie's voice echoed Michael's thoughts.
"Oh yes," Michael agreed readily "This rock is hurting my butt."
Suzie laughed, "Oh baby, I am sorry."
"It's OK," Michael put on a martyred face. "Just remember next time that it is your turn to be on the bottom."
"Next time maybe you can take me somewhere that there is a bed perhaps?" Suzie teased him.
"What and miss all this natural beauty," Michael gestured around at the forest and the pool in front of them.
"OK, point taken." Suzie agreed. "Now let's get back into the natural beauty." With that she dived neatly back into the still deep pool. Michael hesitated only a second before he followed her into the cool blue water.  


  1. It's still Wednesday here! Thanks for posting such a thrilling story! And the accompanying pictures were perfect!

  2. Wow, that was intensely hot. Sounds so beautiful, my heart started beating faster as I read.

  3. Still Wednesday here too... nicely done!! your writing is quite enticing :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. A very satisfying read.The other people in the coffee shop had no idea what was on my mind as I stared at my computer screen with a special kind of smile on my face.
    Brilliant writing!

    Love & kisses Sadie xxx

  5. Thanks guys for the great feedback. I did enjoy writing this one as Jake and I have played this way once or twice.