Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last Wanton Wednesday Ever

After two years of hosting a great weekly get together of all sorts of sexiness Dangerous Lilly has hung up her Wanton Wednesday gloves. And so this week is the last installment of a great thing!

I wish I had something momentus and of great erotic significance to contribute but instead I give you Part 14 of Dan's Diary. In the last installment Dan recieved some interesting texts from his wife's work friend. When you have worked out what happens this week make sure you hop on over to Wanton Wednesday and read all the other great contributions.

Saturday 11 October.
I reckon I could write a book about my life over the last few months and it would be weirder than anything I ever read.
Sue sent me a text on Thursday arvo saying she was going for a drink with the girls after work. I thought to myself 'Excellent idea!' I spoke to Johnno and Mark about coming over to mine for beer and pizza while we watched the footy show. Of course they were up for it. I mentioned it to Brett but true to form he didn't say no and didn't say yes.
Johnno is one of these guys who looks and acts completely stupid most of the time but every now and then does something that makes you wonder if it is all an act. He watched me talking to Brett and as I was walking back to my car he said,
"What the hell is up his prissy boy ass? One minute he is your best buddy and now every time you go near him he looks like he can't run away fast enough."
I didn't really know what to say to all that so I just shrugged "I dunno." I picked up my lunch esky and put it in the boot of the car and went to get in the car. Johnno hadn't finished with his clanger yet though,
"If I didn't know better I would say he was doing your wife."
I looked him in the eye for a moment and wondered what he would say if I told him about me watching them fucking through the window and then sucking Brett's cock. How I wanted nothing more than to do it again and how I had fantasised about picking up a trannie at a club. Of course I didn't say anything about all that and just kept up the bloke fa├žade.
"Well he better fucking not be or he'll get what for!" I got into my car and looked at Johnno out the window. "I will see you a bit later then?"
Johnno had this grin on his face like he had just seen all the thoughts that went through my head. "Sure thing buddy."
As I walked in the door my phone pinged. It was Sue,
Don't wait up for us.
She had attached a pic of her and Kaye with one of those pink girly drinks in front of them. I saw in the background that they had taken themselves off to the strip show that she had seen in the paper that morning. I knew that meant one of two things. Either she would come home to me drunk and horny as fuck or she would head to Brett's screw the pants off him and then head home to me reeking of cum and waving her ass all over me. Either way I wasn't unhappy.
The guys arrived, with pizza. I opened the fridge and we drank beers. Fatty Vautin and Andrew Johns argued about the first State of Origin game.  We cheered for Fatty and booed Johns. For fuck sake NSW is just a pack of pussies. They can't win a series so those Blues losers should just give up and go home.
Sometime around 11.30 the guys decided they better get themselves home so I cleaned up the beer cans and pizza boxes and headed for bed. Before I went to sleep I looked at that photo of Kaye that she had sent to me the day before. I know I had beer goggles on but those tits. I just wanted to suck those nipples and bury my face in her tits.
The next thing I remember was waking up as Sue pulled the doona off me. I was still half asleep and I said,
"Hey baby did you have a good night?"
She didn't really answer me but in the darkness I could feel her fumbling around looking for my cock which suddenly was like a rod of iron. I heard a little gasp as her hand wrapped around me. I was a bit more awake now and I started to wonder what was going on, this didn't feel like my horny, take charge, I just fucked my boyfriend, wife. I reached out for the light but someone whispered frantically
"No! Leave the light off."
This was definitely NOT Sue but I had an inkling who it might be. I lay back as she sank those lips down over my rock hard cock.
I gotta say Sue can suck cock with the best of them but this was AMAZING. I felt my head go all the way down her throat and she held it there for what seemed like forever. Her hands were gripping my hips and her face was pressed against my body. I couldn't resist thrusting against her and she just took me further down her throat. I felt as if I could shoot a load of cum straight down her throat right then and there.
After a while she lifted her head off me. I heard her taking off her clothes in the darkness. I was so frigging horny I was worried I would shoot off as soon as she touched me, like a stupid teenager. I guess it was lucky I had drunk so much beer or I probably would have.
Then I felt her kneeling beside me and lifting her leg to straddle me. As she opened her legs I smelled her musky pussy. She leaned down and whispered into my ear,
"Your cock is hotter in person than it is in your photo. I can't wait to feel it inside my pussy."
I was so spun out that I just lay there, not sure what was coming next. Then I felt her warm, tight pussy sliding down over me. I groaned and reached up to grab her tits. They were as good as I had imagined, round and soft and filling my hands so full. Her nipples poked against my palms as I squeezed her tits.
"Oh yes baby suck my nipples," she whispered in the darkness.
I didn't need to be asked twice. I lifted my head and took one nipple in my mouth while I squeezed the other.  She rocked back and forth on my cock, grinding her hips into my pelvis.
"Fuck you feel so good inside me I am gonna cum so hard!" She moaned and ground harder and faster into me. I felt the pressure building up inside me. Her moans got louder and louder before she came hard with a jet of liquid squirting over me. I let go and pumped my cum into her sweet pussy. It felt as if my head was going to blow off.
She lay on top of me for a few moments and then I must have dozed off because I woke up with Sue getting into bed. As I had thought she reeked of cum.
"Did you have a good night?" She pressed against me. I felt my cock getting hard again. I wondered if I had dreamed the visit from Kaye.
"Yeh I did." I reached my hand between her knees and stroked her pussy. It was slick and wet with cum and her juice.  "Did you?"
She turned her back to me and pressed her arse against my belly. Without thinking about it I slipped my cock into her. She turned her head back to me and whispered. "What do you think?"
I didn't answer.  I just fucked her hard and added my cum to Brett's.


  1. Mmmm I like the idea of a mystery person finding me in the night...


  2. Like you, we wish we could have written something monumental for our own final Wanton Wednesday post. We went with an account of an episode that occurred Tuesday evening, and which left us so electrified that we had to share it.

    That said, we found this post to be a suitably wanton one, and a fitting send-off.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I really enjoyed the discipline of putting out a piece every week. It has improved my writing and organisational skills immensely.

  4. Very nice... would love to be wakened so in the night :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. I must apologise I was just reading back through this to update the page of entries and realised I made a bit of a gaff! Of course The Footy Show would not be discussing State of Origin in October! Apologies to all the Rugby League fans out there. It won't happen again.