Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TMI Tuesday - The Inverted Poll

It is that time of the week again, TMI Tuesday.

Without meaning to boast I have actually learned this position. Although I don't think mine looked anything like that. Nor did I manage to hold it for any more than about 2 seconds!

In many polls you are asked if you strongly agree, somewhat agree, neither agree nor disagree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with some proposition. Today we go the other way. We supply the answer, you supply the question.

Gemma's Answers

There is a fair bit going on in our house this week so Jake has not been able to complete the poll. So I am sorry dear readers you will have to make do with my own efforts.

OK just to make this a bit easier I have decided to choose a topic area otherwise this would be a whole lot of random stuff. Trolling through my tags I saw 'swinging etiquette' so here it is.

1. Tell us something with which you strongly agree or, greatly like.
The thing I love most about this lifestyle is the way it embraces the concept of "No is No". There is the obvious safety part of this which is means I don't have to do anything I am not comfortable with but there is also the part which takes a bit longer to get used to. That is the part where I don't have to give a reason why I say no. I just have the right to say no and you don't need any more information. This is a beautiful thing because it takes so much pressure out of refusing. The person refusing doesn't have to justify themselves. The person being refused is saved the embarrasment of hearing a reason explained to them.

2. Tell us something with which you somewhat agree or somewhat like.
I would have to say I am a massive fan of the way it is cool to walk around naked or semi naked at swinger's clubs and parties. I never really cared much for shoes or took much time with grooming before I started this game as discussed in my post Turning into a High Maintenance Chick. These days one of the attractions of going to a club is seeing what everyone is wearing and then watching them take it off! 

3. Tell us something to which you are indifferent, or have no opinion.
Jake says I have an opinion on everything so this question is proving to be rather difficult for me.
So the thing I don't have an opinion on is swinging versus religion. I will risk it all and put it out there that I am a practicing Catholic. How do I reconcile my religion with my lifestyle? I don't. Religion, like sexuality, is a very personal thing. No one can tell you what belief system is right or wrong or what works best for you. I am not a Catholic because I went shopping for a church and picked that one. I was born into it. I could be all purist and find a church that matches my lifestyle choices better and that has more sensible leaders (refer to last week's comments regarding Cardinal Pell). But then I would lose a whole lot of friends and a major part of my support network. So I do the ostrich thing and just don't think about it too much.

4. Tell us something you somewhat dislike or disagree with.
I do have a bit of an issue with the expectation that women are going to be bisexual or at the very least interested in playing with other women. Generally I like women's bodies and will happily explore another woman's body while her husband is in the room. What I don't like is women who play at being bisexual mainly for their partner's viewing pleasure. While watching is often very much a part of group sex I do not like the idea of being part of a live porn show that is carefully staged. 

5. Tell us something with which you strongly disagree or greatly dislike.
Something that I see at parties and clubs which really gets up my nose is the idea that if a group of people are playing in full view of others that it is OK to stand or sit so close to the action that you are almost touching it or that you do manage to 'accidentally' touch it. If you want to be part of the action then ask politely. If people choose to allow you to watch, this cannot be assumed to be an invitation to join in.

Bonus: What is an opinion held by others that makes you angry?
People who don't respect the no means no rule and persist with asking. Or those who don't just take no for an answer and keep hassling for a reason or a justification. Seriously. If you have asked me to play and I say no do you really want me to explain, possibly in front of your partner or other people you don't know well,that the reason is because I find you unattractive or that you smell bad, or that your laugh drives me screaming up the wall.


  1. Sorry to hear that Jake couldn't participate; we hope he'll return for next week's TMI Tuesday. That said, we love your answers. Great job assigning a topic to these questions. We considered making all of our answers sex-related, but decided against it.

    Your answer to #3, especially, was brilliant. We tend to have opinions about most things, and found it difficult to come up with something about which we were indifferent. Additionally Jill is a practicing Catholic as well, and her feelings about religion aren't open to debate. She admits that much of her participation in her religion stems from the fact that she was born into it, and that most of her social circle, including her extended family, is Catholic.


    P.S. Cardinal Pell sucks.

  2. great post, yeah the whole personal space thing, i learned well from SEINFELD, close-talkers and all that. the thing about holding that position for 2 seconds, the second you hold it for a millisecond, you have won, it has been accomplished, the seduction is already afoot...