Friday, June 29, 2012

Date Night - Desset

For this week's Frisky Friday I have come to the last course of our Date Weekend, desset. I love dessert, perhaps a bit too much, but I do always like a good dessert and this one was no exception.

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Sex is one of those things. If you aren't getting any then the prospects always look slim. Then suddenly you get lucky and you find you are drowning in it.  The morning after our date night I received a text from Mrs Fix It.
Do you want to do the hubby swap thing sometime?
This is something we had talked about before. The idea was that Mr Fix It would come to my house and Jake would go to the Fix It's House. I smile. I have made some nice plans for Jake and myself tonight but a little excitement like that could be a nice dessert for the weekend. So I text back to her,
Yes I would. When were you thinking?
We made plans for Sunday evening. A little thrill went through me. We have a sliding door that opens from outside directly into our bedroom. It was very thrilling thinking of lying in bed, in the dark waiting for the sound of the door opening and a sexy man to slip into my bed beside me.
Our weekend meandered by. We are renovating and so in addition to normal housework there is painting to do, hot water systems to be moved and tiling to prepare for. Jake and I made sure that children were in bed at a reasonable time on Saturday so we could have some 'adults only' time together in front of the fire in our family room. I wanted to do a little naked photo session. Because it is winter here getting naked and lying around in front of the camera requires a little planning. The other effect of spending time looking at each other in provocative poses is that the sex afterwards is hot.

Photo used with permission of Gemma Jones

Something that never fails to get Jake going is the feel of certain fabrics against his skin. I recently purchased a pair of white knickers that are really silky. When I felt them in the shop I knew that they were likely to get a reaction. After wearing them for the photo shoot they have been carefully washed and put in the cupboard for the next time I want to be molested by my husband. I can honestly say that even though I kept my knickers on the whole time I was well and truly fucked.
Sunday night rolled around and I kissed Jake goodbye and snuggled down into my warm bed. It was still cold but I knew that soon I would be visited by someone who would warm me up nicely. It wasn't long before the sound of the door sliding open sent a thrill through me. I squirmed in my bed with excitement. Every other time I had done this I had been in the darkness pretending to sleep but tonight I had chosen to leave the light on. I wanted him to see me while I was fucking him and I wanted to watch his face while I pleasured him.
We kissed hello and I watched cocooned in my bed as he slipped out of his clothing, shivering in the night air. Quickly he slipped in beside me, warming himself against my body. We kissed like shy lovers but underneath the covers our hands wandered over each other teasing and stroking. He cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples as my hands travelled downwards to grasp his cock which was like a rod in my palm.
I slipped down under the covers and took his cock into my mouth. The soft skin slid easily past my lips and I swirled my tongue around his head before sliding him as deeply into my mouth as I could. Mr Fix It lifted the covers back to watch me and I tilted my head so that I could look at him while I sucked. I felt a thrill deep inside me as I listened to his sighs of pleasure and watched him closing his eyes as thrills went through him. I continued to suck him deeply listening to him groan out his pleasure. My hips thrust against the bed in time with my sucking until he moved my head away from him and lay me back on the bed. He spread my legs apart and I held my knees down beside my shoulders as he kneeled and teased the entrance to my pussy with his cock. Wetness was streaming out of me and I was craving the feel of him inside me.
He slid deeply into me with a deep sigh. We stayed like that for a few moments before he began thrusting hard. The feeling was intense.
"You like that don't you." His words were soft but sexy
"Ohh yes I do like that," I replied. "Do you?"
"Mmmm yes," he pounded into me. My nails dug into his back and he gave a groan of pleasure.
"Oh god that is sooo good." He kept pumping me and I clawed him again. I gave little moans as I felt spasms going through me. "You have such a beautiful tight pussy and it feels so good."
His breathing got faster and harder. The heat between us was intense, we had thrown off the blankets now and were not feeling the cold at all. I could feel the intensity building up in him and I lowered my legs down to slow him down.
"I don't want you to cum yet," I whispered to him.
I flipped him onto his back and sat upright, straddling him on the bed. Then I leaned my torso down and angled my hips so that his cock was resting against my streaming wet pussy. He gave a little thrust, trying to bury himself in me but I evaded him only letting the tip of his cock slip inside me.
"You want to fuck that pussy?" I teased him, moving my hips a little against him and then letting him slide out of me.
His hands gripped my hips trying to push me down onto him but I resisted only letting the tip inside me again.
"Oh god yes I want to fuck your tight, wet pussy." He moaned
I teased him some more, letting  a little of him inside me, "How much?" I asked with a little smile.
He tried to press my hips down on him but I kept resisting. "God so much," he panted.
"Like this?" I asked as I ground down onto him. I fucked him hard and fast, watching the pleasure on his face. I could feel the tension building in him but I wasn't finished yet. I slowed and then let him slide out of me and rested for a while looking at his face. His hands were on my hips and I teased his cock slipping my wet pussy against him but not letting him inside me, yet.
Then hard and fast I slammed into him again grinding down, all the while watching the pleasure on his face. I knew he wouldn't be able to hang on much longer and I was craving the feeling of him cumming. I kept grinding into him watching him intently thrilling in the power I had over him.
Source: Lovely Porn

With a loud groan he came hard. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as it emptied itself. His hands on my hips guided me to keep grinding into him and I rode him hard watching his face as the second wave built up. This was the best feeling, watching him cum a second time. I kept riding as the orgasms twitched through him before I collapsed onto the bed beside him.
We lay together for a while relaxing in the afterglow. He looked ruefully down at his cock resting peacefully against his thigh. "I think you well and truly broke him this time." He smiled at me.
"Thank you, we aim to please." I smiled up at him.
We relaxed and chatted for a while and I took a photo of my glistening, much fucked pussy to text to my husband.
All in all a very pleasant way to finish a very sexy weekend.

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