Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Date Night - Main Course

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to this week's Wicked Wednesday. This week I have continued with the story from our date night that I started on Sunday night rather than use this week's theme. When you have read my entry below make sure you head over to Rebel's Notes to read the other entries. 

Main Course

After the movie we made our way to our favourite club. We had made plans to meet with a sexy friend, Allysin there. I had met Allysin at a ladies only night and tonight I was introducing her to Jake. I was a little bit nervous about this, it had been a long time since we had met a lady by herself but I really wanted to spoil Jake tonight. We found a parking space in front of the club and stepped out into the cool night air. I wrapped my coat around me but I was still shivering. Somehow I knew it wasn't just the cold that was making me shiver.
Stepping into the club was like coming home. This is the place where we took our first steps on this amazing journey and we both love going there. It is one of the few places in the world where we could be totally honest with everyone about who we are, what we like and what we are about without being judged. In this place my short, lacy dress and knee high boots were exactly the right thing to wear. Even if I was wearing only g string and six inch heels it would have been exactly the right thing to wear. I loved it.
 Jake and I got ourselves drinks and made our way over to a table in the corner to watch comings and goings and check out fashions until Allysin arrived. We didn't have to wait long. As soon as she walked in she filled the room with her presence but she was focussed on us. The three of us had talked about meeting for so long that it was a little overwhelming now that it was all happening. As I sat, chatting, between Jake and Allysin I kept looking at her beautiful hair and watching her face as she talked. Every now and then I would look at Jake trying to work out what he was thinking. Allysin is a very adventurous young lady. There are many things she has done that I THINK I would like to do and some that I am really not sure about. I know Jake would be attracted to her because she is so strong and confident but at the same time he would be scared as hell.
As we talked she put her hands on my thighs stroking along the hemline of my dress which was showing my knickers again. I responded by stroking her thigh and leaning closer to her. When I looked over at Jake I decided that they should chat together without me for a while so I excuse myself to go and talk to some other friends.  From the other side of the room I watched the two of them together. I think of her pleasuring him and it gives me a thrill.
After I went back to sit with them we were joined by two other friends of Allysin knows. Surrounded by people who wanted to fuck her she was in her element. The tension in the air was intoxicating. A song came on that I really liked and on an impulse I walked across the room to stage and the poles. As I walked slowly up the steps I looked across the room at Jake and Allysin. I began to dance, gyrating my hips against the metal and sliding down into a squat with my legs open towards them. Even across the room I could feel them looking at me and I dance even more erotically stopping short of taking off any of my clothes.
When the song finishes I walk across the room back to them. The time for talking is over now, it is time for action. Allysin says to me,
"I think someone should take you by the hair and drag you upstairs and do bad things to you."
I reply, "I think you should take Jake upstairs and suck his cock."
We walked up the stairs into one of the bedrooms. I sat on the bed and watched as Allysin pushed Jake up against the wall and unzipped his pants. I leaned back against the wall enjoying being able to watch the pleasure on his face. Allysin kneeled in front of Jake and licked the length of his erect shaft before she took his whole cock into her mouth. I had seen a video of her sucking a cock and I knew she likes to take all of a guy into her mouth. As her lips opened she slid Jake's cock into her mouth until she was pressing her face against his belly. It was like watching my own private, live porno.  
After a while I decide to join them. I kneel beside Allysin and put my face next to hers. She lets Jake's cock fall from her mouth and I take it into my own, pressing my lips down his shaft as far as I can before releasing it so that she can suck him deeply again. We pass him between us for a while and I reach out and fondle her breasts.

After a while we moved over to the bed and shed our clothing along the way. I reached over to fondle Allysin's nipples now that they are free and on display. I remembered how she told us that she likes pain. I bit down harder and harder listening for her signal that it is too hard. It doesn't come. Instead I hear sighs of pleasure and I respond nibbling at her and reaching out to pinch her other nipple between my fingers. As I release her nipple, grazing it with my teeth I looked into her eyes for a moment and kissed her softly on the lips. Kissing a woman is so sensual.  
The three of us lay on the bed with Allysin lays between us. I tease one nipple while Jake teases the other. His hand is buried between her legs. For long moments I savour the feeling of giving pleasure and watching Jake with her. After a while she lifts herself up and kneels between my legs to lick me. Her touch is soft and gentle my body responds and I moan softly in response to her attentions. Beside me Jake snuggled against my side kissing my lips. I felt loved and cocooned in pleasure but I could only stay like that for a while, I needed to feel his cock inside me.
With Allysin watching I kneeled over Jake and slid his cock into my slick wet pussy. I sit up and rock my hips on him enjoying the feeling of him grinding into me. I smile at Allysin who is lying beside Jake watching me.
"You look like you are enjoying that," she says to me.
"It does feel good," I respond a little breathlessly. "You should have a turn."
She smiles at me, "I will in a little while," she murmurs. "Right now but I just want to watch you tow together."
The whole night feels so soft and warm I love Jake so much right now. I want to see him with Allysin pleasing her like he is pleasing me. I slip down to lie beside him on the opposite side to Allysin.
"It's your turn now," I whisper to her.

She is hesitating, I am not sure why but she goes over to the night stand and unwraps a condom. Expertly she slid it down over Jake's cock before sinking down onto him. Jake and I snuggle together and stroke her belly and breasts as she grinds into him. Jake turns and kisses me and I watch Allysin fuck Jake. Gradually she builds up her speed moaning softly with pleasure. It is such a beautiful sight. Her full breasts bounce in time with her movements her face shows her enjoyment. Her grinding gets harder and faster and she gives little cries of pleasure. I smack her firmly as she grinds and she gives a small cry of pleasure.  I tense in anticipation watching the excitement building up on her face before she climaxes with tiny cries. A warm feeling of pleasure flows through me as she relaxes on top of Jake for a few moments.
Allysin slips off Jake and removes the condom. "I think he wants you now," she smiles at me.
I look up at Jake," How do you want me?" I ask him quietly.
"From behind," he answers equally softly.
Obediently I kneel in front of him bending down so that both he and Allysin can see my wet, open and waiting for him. Jake slides into me, filling me only the way he can. I can feel how worked up he is, even though he starts out slowly. Allysin is murmuring soft words of encouragement.
"You good girl, you take it so well." I cannot be quiet and I moan in pleasure feeling Jake's pace and tension increasing.
"He wants to give it to you so much," Allysin whispers. "He is so hot for you."
I can feel that Jake cannot wait much longer, with a groan he emptied himself into me. I sigh with the pleasure as I feel his cock pulsing into me.
The three of us lie together for a few moments enjoying the afterglow. Allysin slips off the bed,
"I think I will leave you two alone for a while." She dresses quickly and leaves quietly. Jake and I lie together cuddling for a while. Right now I feel so close to him. It is hard to believe we made love like this with someone else in the room with us but that is what happened. It feels almost romantic.
As we leave we find Allysin on her knees with the two boys from earlier in the night. I smack her ass as we walk past and she gives us a cheeky grin.


  1. WOW, this is so HOT!!!
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  5. True to its title, this story was delicious! A very hot read, as always.

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