Sunday, June 24, 2012

Date Night

Recently Jake had to go away for a week and a half to visit his parents who live about 2000 Km away. On the surface things went OK but I was more than ready for him to come back to us when he did. It was kind of nice that I had organised a baby sitter for the first weekend after his return. Our plan for our night of freedom was a bit sketchy but in the end we decided to go to the movies which is something we do very rarely before we headed out to a swing club to meet a friend.

As always there was a dilemma about what to wear and I ended up opting for the dress I wanted to wear to the club which was very short, tight and a little see through with a fur coat to cover it. Our night turned into a weekend in a way but it was broken up into little segments, like a meal.


We made our way up the stairs to the back row of the movie theatre. I held my coat closed around my body, covering up the short see through dress, feeling over dressed in this room full of people wearing sloppy joes and comfy jeans. The smell of popcorn filled my nose and the sound of lolly packets being ripped open was all around us as we took our seats in the very back row.
My thick fur coat was too warm and I shrugged out of it, letting it fall over the arms of my seat. The low cut of my dress showed my cleavage in the dim light and the hem of my dress rode up over my thighs giving a glimpse of my knickers. Jake reached over and stroked the black fabric with the tip of his fingers making me cross my legs nervously. I looked around and noticed a group of teenage girls sitting a couple of seats away from me. They were oblivious to us as they sat eating their McDonalds and texting to their friends.
As the lights of the theatre dimmed we became immersed in the movie. It was a rare thing for us to actually go to the movies. I was determined not to waste the treat. The relief and excitement of being out in the world by ourselves made us like teenagers. We giggled and kissed, focussing entirely on each other.
Jake stroked my thighs softly but I still kept my knees crossed. One of my hands nestled against the top of Jake's belt. I tried to slip my hand under his shirt so that I could feel the warm skin underneath.
"I know what you want," Jake whispered in my ear. In the darkness I heard the clinking of his belt buckle. My fingers sought out the button on the front of his jeans and flicked it open. Obligingly he opened his zipper and his jeans for me. I couldn't see anything, but in the darkness my hand found the soft skin of his cock. I smiled to myself as I stroked him softly and felt him stiffening under my touch.
Quickly I glanced to my side at the girls sitting down the row from us. They were absorbed in the movie and oblivious to everything else around them. I thought to myself, 'Of course they are not looking at us. Why would they?'
The action on the screen grabbed my attention and I got lost in the story of the movie for a short while but I kept my hand on Jake's cock. I thought about the little joke I had with him earlier about giving him a head job in the movies. We always talked about these things, but talking about them safe and snug in bed is quite different from kneeling down in front of your husband in a full movie theatre to suck his cock.
We sat like that for a while, engrossed in the action on the screen. When the movie went through a dull patch my attention wandered again. I made up my mind that it was now or never. I bent down over the arm of my seat and took Jake's cock into my mouth. He was absorbed in the movie and was clearly not expecting any action. I took all of his cock into my mouth, twisting it around my tongue enjoying how pliable he was when he was like this. His erection filled my mouth but I contained it by holding my lips closed over him, making him fill my mouth with his desire.
I couldn't contain him any more, my lips opened slightly and I felt his cock slip out of my mouth, growing as it slid past my lips. I released him fully before I opened my lips and slid down the length of his shaft again. By now I had forgotten about the people in the movie theatre around us. I didn't care who saw us or what they would say. I was focussed on sucking the cock in my mouth.
My lips slid back down his shaft pressing down as far as I could, feeling the head of his cock sliding down the back of my throat. I felt a gentle hand pressing on the back of my head, encouraging me. My thighs were pressed together as I sucked him and I thought about sucking him hard until he came in my mouth. Then the music from the movie called me back. The night was young, we still had other plans to fulfil. I decided that I would make this our entrée instead of our main course and I lifted my head from Jake's lap. As his cock slid out of my lips I felt a little pang of sadness. I consoled myself with thoughts of what was to come and snuggled against Jake in the darkness to watch the rest of the movie.  


  1. Very daring! We recently posted an account of some movie theater fun we'd enjoyed a couple years ago, though the theater was empty. We couldn't even imagine getting up to those kind of antics with a packed house!

    Also, we hope Jake's return means he'll be participating in TMI Tuesday again!

  2. wonderful story, a great teaser, i cannot wait to hear the rest of the evening.....