Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday Week 3. This week's prompt posted at Rebel's Notes was "I sent him an E-Mail". I was moved to have a different look at the big bad world of cyber sex.

Paul:             What gets you going?
Emma:          I love hearing people's fantasies. The naughtier the better, even things that are taboo.
Paul:             I have some of those.
Emma:          Tell me your naughtiest one.
Paul:             I don't know if I should
Emma:          I won't tell anyone.
Paul:             I don't want you to think I am awful
Emma:          I promise I won't
Paul:             OK then, here goes. When I was younger my second cousin stayed over
Emma:          Was she hot?
Paul:             Yes, she was. She had beautiful big full tits and her body was really tight.
Emma:          Did you have a tiny crush on her
Paul:             Not at first. I mean I liked her, but she was just my cousin you know
Emma:          So what happened?
Paul:             This one night I walked in on her showering. I was young, thirteen or fourteen or something like that. She was a bit older about sixteen. She was standing under the shower with soap all over those big beautiful tits. For a moment it was like I couldn't move. All I could do was stand there and look at her rubbing soap over herself.
Emma:          How big was your stiffie?
Paul:             It was like a rod in my jeans. Then she looked at me. She didn't cover herself or turn away but I couldn't move for a second and then I just turned around and ran out of the shower.
Emma:          Did she come after you?
Paul:             No I don't think so. I ran down the hall into my room and shut the door. I lay down on my bed and unzipped my jeans and began wanking myself. I fantasised about walking up to her in the shower and helping her to wash herself. I thought about what it would be like to stick my fingers into her pussy and then how good it would feel to slip my cock into her from behind. When I thought about slipping inside her how you kind of pop through the first little barrier I came so frigging hard.
Emma:          That is so hot.
Paul:             I know. I still get horny thinking about her.
Emma:          Did anything else happen while she was staying with you.
Paul:             Not really but I think she knew I wanted her. A couple of times I would walk into the lounge or something when no one else was around and she would pull her top down so I could see nearly all of her breasts. One time we were watching TV and my Mum went into the kitchen to get something she put her hand down her shorts like she was feeling herself.
Emma:          Hearing that made me so horny.
Paul:             How horny?
Emma:          My knickers are all wet. All I can think of is her sitting there feeling her wet knickers and you with a raging stiffie in your pants. Then you go off to your room and wank. I love watching guys wank.
Paul:             I think I might need to go have a moment.
Emma:          Me too.

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  1. I can totally understand why both of you needed a moment for yourself ;)

  2. After reading this, WE need to go have a moment! Short, to the point, and most importantly, very hot!

  3. A moment? Just one? Figure I'd need several.


  4. thank you for sharing, sweet