Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! - Wicked Wednesday Week 1

Wicked Wednesday

 Welcome to my first contribution to Wicked Wednesday.This meme was started by Rebel at Rebel's Notes to fill the gap left by Wank Wednesday and Wanton Wednesday that have now finished. 

This week's prompt was 'Celebration'. I have chosen to share an experience that Jake organised for my last birthday. It was definitely a celebration and one that I would like to repeat some day. It is my birthday soon Jake (hint, hint!)

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"You need to have a shower," Jake tells me as he leads me to the bathroom and turns on the water.

"What are we doing?" I am curious but also a little reluctant. It has been a longish day. I am in no mood for prissing myself up to go out or rushing around to be ready to go at a specified time.  

He doesn't answer instead he stands near the bathroom sink and watches me in the shower. The water is warm. I lather body wash over myself a little provocatively teasing him. There is this weird tension in the room, slightly horny, slightly nervous. Jake is twitchy and evasive. In know he has cooked something up. For the entire week there have been little cues, things like odd text messages that he doesn’t share with me. He is definitely cooking up something but I am not going to allow him to spoil my shower, it is my birthday, I can do what I want and I am not going to hurry.

When I step out of the shower there is some clothing laid out on the bed.

"I want you to wear this" Jake tells me. I don't argue. It is his favourite skirt and hoodie. There is no question now that he has something planned but I am not going to press him for details. A tiny thought nags at the corner of my mind. Is it a premonition of what is to come? Or is it a wish? Do I dare think about it too much in case it doesn't happen?

When I am dressed Jake brings out a blindfold and some strapping. He leads me over to the wall of our bedroom, near the doorway. He places the blindfold over my eyes and ties my hands and then helps me to kneel beside the wall. I kneel there quietly adjusting to the darkness and the fabric over my eyes. Instinctively my arms flex against the ties around my wrists. I am not uncomfortable but I don’t like being restrained. Jake’s voice whispers in my ear, "I will be back shortly," and then he left the room.

In the quiet darkness I strain to hear every tiny noise. My mind is seeking out information about what is happening. Questions press into my thoughts. Is there someone coming? Who is it? When will they be here? What will they do to me? The seconds feel like minutes. I hear the back door slide open. People are quietly moving in the next room. There is some whispering and the jingle of a belt buckle. My heart is beating. Who is there? I think I know who it might be but then maybe it isn't. Other possible people run through my head. What if it is someone I have never met? I don't know if I could handle that.

I hear footsteps on the carpet. There is a body standing close to me, I hear him breathing. He is nervous like me. He touches my face to say hello but there is no words. Then he places his cock against my lips.  I lick the tip, tasting the pre-cum that has formed there already. I open my lips and he slides his shaft into my mouth. I know this cock! I am happy that he is here to celebrate my birthday with me. I relax and begin to enjoy myself now savouring the feel of his hard thick member in my mouth. I try to take all of him down my throat but he is too large for me. I gag slightly on him and continue to suck him greedily. Above my head his breathing is heavier I feel him lean over to place his hands on the wall behind me so he can fuck my mouth.  

Then he pulls himself out of my mouth and steps away. I am confused. What is happening? Another body is in front of me. This time he doesn't hesitate he puts his cock against my lips. Immediately I open my mouth to the warm soft skin. I smile to myself. Jake didn't want to be left out of the fun. I suck him down into my mouth as well. I am at his mercy. I cannot use my hands to stop him from penetrating as deeply as he wants.

But he only stays a moment. Then another person is in front of me. I am expecting Dino again. I remember the last time I was with him, how hard he fucked me and how it felt to have his big beautiful cock inside me. The idea of a night of tag teaming with him and Jake fills me with excitement and pleasure.

Then surprise and hesitation. This person isn't Dino it is someone else! I flick my tongue over him and I am even more excited. It is Mr Fix It. My lips open and he slips into my mouth pressing his belly against my face. If I could I would have placed my arms around his hips and hugged him. This is shaping up to be a fantastic night. How could a girl ask for a better birthday celebration than to be at the mercy of three men?


  1. What a wonderful birthday treat... my post today was also about my recent birthday party.


  2. Delightfully wicked! This is a fantasy of Jill's, though I can't say whether it's one she'd like to actually come true. We hope that your next birthday finds you enjoying a similar celebration!

  3. wow! Please please PLEASE write next week about what happened next....that is amazing and so damned sexy!

  4. please please PLEASE write next week about what happened next - this is simply divine and I am now feeling very damned hot....

  5. I think I know what I want for my birthday next year... this is such a lovely gift to get :D
    Thanks for joining in!
    Rebel xox

  6. Blindfolded and three men...nice...;)

  7. I know I already stated...but lucky guys...