Friday, June 15, 2012

Just an Ordinary Day - Welcome to Frisky Friday.

Welcome to Frisky Friday. This meme was started after the closure of Wanton Wednesday by a blogger I find to be very talented and also with a facinating story My Dissolute Life.

I intended to post this story today by any road as a certain person has been nagging me to do so (you know who you are!) and so here it is. I hope it puts and extra spring into your weekend!

The day started like any other, breakfast, kid's lunches and cleaning away the breakfast clutter in the kitchen. I was the same as every other suburban mother. Today was like any other day, except for one thing. As I dropped my children at school I wondered how many other mothers there had a secret like mine. Were any of the other mothers pressing their thighs together in anticipation as they parked their cars? How many of them could feel the dampness in their panties as they made sure their children had lunchboxes, hats and homework.
Afterwards, at home I pottered around the house filling my time with menial tasks. My husband sent me a text message
Thinking of you is making me horny. Don't forget the condoms.
I smiled as I sent back,
I think we will both be carrying giant boxes of them.
I looked at the clock. I wanted it to be time to go but there was still an hour. Wandering into the bedroom I chose what I would wear. It was cold and windy, so I wasn't able to wear a skirt or anything too revealing. I would be too cold to enjoy teasing him. I chose the jeans he had admired my butt in earlier and a warm jacket. If I couldn't be sexy then I would be warm.
Somehow I managed to immerse myself in a task and then suddenly it was time to go. My knickers were wet with anticipation as I collected my bags and left the house. As I left my phone pinged. It was my husband.
Have a fun lunch date.
I found a parking space easily. As I stepped out of the car the wind whistled down the street. I was glad of my sensible clothing. Suddenly it hits me. I forgot the condoms! How could I? After the last time we did this and both of us had to spend our afternoons worked up wishing we both hadn't been so forgetful!
A quick glance at my watch and I figured that I would have time to find a chemist or convenience store to buy a packet. Hurrying through the CBD I was surrounded by office blocks and workers hurrying out for their lunch break or huddled in doorways sneaking a cigarette. Of course this is not like the suburbs with shopping centres everywhere. If I wanted a coffee I could choose from a hundred places but I want condoms. Coffee shops don't sell them. I find a 7 Eleven but all they sell is snacks. Tucked in a corner I find tampons, but no condoms. 'Of course' I think. How many people like me are there around here?
In a small convenience store I finally find a small packet and I made my way to the counter to pay for them. Behind the counter a Chinese lady is impassive as she takes the money. What would she say if she could tell me what she is thinking? Wondering that made me feel like a high school girl sneaking out to have sex with her boyfriend in the park at lunchtime.
Outside his building we kiss hello and he leads me around the corner to his special sushi store. We buy lunch quickly. I am excited about raw fish. He is playing it cool. Lunch is not really what is at the front of our minds.
In a spot out of the wind we eat quickly. I told him what my mother said when I told her I was meeting him for lunch.
"Does your husband let you have lunch with other men?"
If only she knew.
After eating we made our way into his building. The elevator had other people inside it so we couldn't grope each other. I was a little disappointed but I really didn't want him to get into trouble at his workplace.
On the 11th floor he leads me to a store room filled with spare office furniture. After we squeezed between the desks I found a cleared space at the back of the room. He carefully locks the door and we sit on the floor together kissing. The whole things still feels surreal. Through the wall beside us is an office where people are working away oblivious. We strip quickly except for my knickers. I want to tease him just a little.  
Reaching down he fondled breasts and pinched. He is the only man who can make me almost cum from pinching my nipples. I love it. I reached inside his jocks to feel the hard rod of his cock. I love the feeling of warm velvety skin against my palm and I stroke him hungry to feel that cock against me.
Then, he flips me neatly and expertly down on the floor. He kneels above me and I slip out of my panties. My legs fall open waiting for him and he reveals his cock. Pre-cum glistened at the tip as he kneels above me and I reach down to stroke him some more. He leans down over me and teases my pussy with the head of his cock.
I want him so much right then. I wish he could ram himself inside me and fuck me hard and fast. He strokes my wet pussy and slides his fingers into me. I moan softly, and he leans down to lick me. I don't want his fingers or his mouth right now I just want to fuck him.
My hands reach down to push his head away and he kneels up and teases me some more. He allows himself to slide a little way into me. It feels so good I just want all of him naked and bareback inside me. But I can't have that.
He leaned down and whispered to me, "What do you want?"
"I want you to fuck me," I said softly. "I want to see your face as you cum inside me."
He reaches for a condom and I watched him slide it over himself. There is something so fucking sexy about watching a man handle his own cock.
When he is done he positions himself above me, holding his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I want him so much right now. Slowly he slides into me. We are both so worked up and hungry for each other, after only a few strokes I could tell that he was close to cumming. We paused for a few moments pressing our bodies together. He kneels up behind my hips and I draw my legs down to my chest holding them wide apart so that he can penetrate deeply into me. His thrusts are hard and fast and I could feel the sting of carpet on my shoulders and buttocks as he rammed into me. The sounds I make are muted because I don't want anyone to hear us and somewhere at the back of my mind is a slight nagging feeling that someone will knock on the door. It only makes the whole thing more intense.
Above me he grunted and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as he came hard. Small whimpers came out of my mouth in sympathy. I rubbed my clit and my pussy pulsed around him as he continued to thrust into me and came for a second time. We lay together resting for a moment. I was so wound up that I wanted to keep fucking and fucking. Unfortunately our time was almost up. He had to go back to work and I had to get on with the rest of my day. We had a few spare moments and he pressed two fingers inside me to fuck me hard like I wished I could be fucked.
Then it was time to go. We dressed quickly and headed to the elevators. This time it was empty. He put his arm around me and kissed me in thanks. I said,
"We should push the emergency stop button. Except it would set off the alarm."
He looked at me for a few moments, "Oh no we don't have to do that. I have a special key that lets me stop the elevator for as long and wherever I want."
My eyebrows went up. "Well then we may have to test that one out next time perhaps."  

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  1. This is hot. I'm really flattered that you posted it on my first day of FriskyFriday. I have confidence there's lots more goodness to come.


  2. Very naughty! We like the sense of urgency and desperation we get from this story.

  3. It was certainly a very hot experience.