Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Relieving the Tension, Wicked Wednesday Week 2

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to week two of Wicked Wednesday.

There is no verbal prompt this week instead rebel has chosen the painting shown above. I was reminded of a situation a friend described to me once where her father was staying with her in her small unit for a period of time and she had serious issues with getting enough personal space!

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Kellie placed her glass of wine on the coffee table in front of her, kicked off her shoes, turned on the stereo and then sank tiredly into the soft leather of her couch.  Automatically her fingers reached for the buttons of her shirt before she arched her back to unclasp her bra. Free from the confines of her underwear her breasts seemed to relax in time with her.
Without really thinking about it Kellie began to brush her nipples with the open palm of her hand sending shivers through her whole body. Her knees fell apart slightly but were restricted by her straight, black work skirt. With her other hand she hitched at the hem of her skirt lifting it up to her hips so that her legs could fall apart fully. As one hand began to pinch gently at her fully erect nipple she caressed the damp fabric covering her crotch. In response to her aching cunt she pressed firmly against her clit through her knickers until she couldn't wait any more. Slowly she eased her finger inside the leg of her panties, surprised at the wetness she felt there.
There was the sound of the key turning in the lock. With lightning reflexes Kellie snapped her legs shut tugging her skirt down and fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.
"Hi," the singsong voice of her flatmate drifted over from the kitchen.
"You're home early," Kellie tried to keep the quaver out of her voice.
"Yeah," Lisa lounged across the breakfast bar. "Work was boring. I pretended I had a migrane coming on. Is that wine you have? Can I have some?"
Kellie gritted her teeth. If she could afford it she would live alone. "Sure." She replied forcing a smile. "I am gonna go have a bath. Work was hell on legs today." She picked up her glass and shoes and made her way to the bathroom.
The bathroom filled with steam and the smell of her favourite bubble bath as Kellie sank gratefully into the hot water. Within minutes she found herself stroking her thighs, teasing around the lips of her pussy, pressing against the hardening bud of her clit through her pussy lips. Quickly she slipped her finger inside and then removed it. Teasing herself. She opened the drawer in the bathroom cabinet and took out her favourite dildo. Lying back she began to tease her opening with the smooth firm rubber. One finger traced around the outside of her clit. Somewhere in the flat the phone rang. Kellie didn't care, she pressed the dildo a little further inside herself.
There was a loud knock on the door.
"Yes!" Kellie was past the teeth gritting stage now.
The door opened and Lisa's head appeared, "That was Alex on the phone. He said he wanted to come over. I said he could. Is that all right?"
"Sure," Kellie sounded a lot more cheerful than she felt.
"Good!" Lisa's voice went up with excitement. "I am soooo frigging horny right now. I will try to keep the noise level down though."
The door banged shut and Kellie lay back for a moment. The water was getting cold and her fingers were getting all pruney. She lifted the dildo out and looked at it. All the desire to use it was gone.
As she wrapped her towel around herself and combed out her damp hair Kellie heard the front door open and then close. For a few moments there were voices in the lounge room then she heard Lisa's door shut. By the time Kellie had finished combing her hair the sound of creaking bedsprings had started. By the time Kellie was in front of her wardrobe the grunting and moaning had started. The sound of an open palm hitting flesh was enough for Kellie. She had to get out of here.
Acting purely out of impulse Kellie pulled on a green sweater and a black skirt. She tugged out her knee high black boots from the bottom of her closet and zipped them firmly up her calves. As she passed Lisa's door she paused, considering if she should interrupt her. The sound of two bodies colliding repeatedly came through the door followed by a loud scream,
"Ohhhhh baby I am cuuuming!"
Kellie decided she couldn't face it.
Down the street from her flat she found a bar. Being Wednesday night there weren't many people inside but that suited Kellie just fine. Right now she didn't really want to talk to anyone anyway. She ordered a drink and then made her way to a booth in the corner. Across from her a couple were twisted around each other in another booth. Kellie's first impulse was to look away. She didn't need to spend her night watching people sucking face. Then she noticed the guy's hand slide under the girl's skirt.
Kellie couldn't look away from the movement under the skirt as the man kneaded her ass. The girl responded by pressing her chest against him. She manoeuvred herself so that she straddled his lap and he was able to stroke between her legs.
Suddenly Kellie was aware of a warm wetness between her legs and the throbbing of her cunt that had been teased but not satisfied. She pressed her legs together trying to ignore the need growing in her. Across the room the man had noticed her. Their eyes locked together and Kellie felt like he was deliberately provoking her as he fingered his girlfriend.
Kellie couldn't help herself. She turned towards the couple and opened her legs. She hitched her skirt up around her waist displaying herself to him. With one hand she pulled aside the crotch of her panties. With her other hand she slipped two fingers deep inside herself. There was no teasing or waiting this time.
Her juices coated her whole hand as she rammed her fingers in and out of herself. Any worries about other people in the bar watching her were forgotten as she closed her eyes and fucked herself. In her mind she could imagine the couple across the room fucking as they watched her masturbating. She could see the man's cock full and hard as his girlfriend impaled herself on him.
The orgasm hit her hard. As her body spasmed Kellie clamped her lips together. The only sound that came out was a whimper and a long whoosh of breath as the tension of the day and the evening left her body. Slowly she came back to reality and opened her eyes. The couple was standing in front of her smiling. The girl reached out and touched her face,
"That was so hot. You looked so wound up when you came in here. I bet you feel better now."
Kellie smiled weakly before nodding at her. "I definitely do."
"Well thanks again we enjoyed it as well." With that the couple made their way out the door. Kellie finished her drink and walked back to her flat. As she came into the kitchen she heard the sound of the shower running and Lisa moaning. Smiling to herself Kellie made her way to the sink and turned the hot tap to full. The moans stopped, the sound of running water stopped and Lisa's voice came through the door,
"What happened to the frigging hot water?"
Kellie smiled evilly, turned off the tap and made her way to bed.


  1. Sexy story! At various times in our lives, we have both had issues with privacy and space which impeded our ability to masturbate. In fact, Jill's mother walked in on her the first time she ever used a vibrator. To this day Jill is convinced that her mother was oblivious to what was occurring.

  2. I so wish that one day I will have the guts to masturbate in public while people watch me. And of course to come across a couple like above who would not mind watching. This was such a hot read... left me a bit damp, I believe *winks*
    Rebel xox

  3. You have not experienced an invasion of privacy until you have kids. They make interrupting an art form but they also mean you get that little bit more inventive about when and where too!


  4. Oh how I would love to do something like this! Maybe one day!

  5. Thanks guys for the great feedback.
    Molly I do get how kids seem to have a radar on when it comes to choosing the best time to interrupt. Ours have learned when to make a speedy exit though!