Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TMI Tuesday - The Most Times

This week TMI Tuesday is 'The Most Times' you have done....

Sadly Jake has had to travel interstate to deal with a family illness so he will not be participating.

As always when you have finished reading my illuminating answers make sure you hop on over to the TMI Tuesday blog and check out other confessionals.

We want to know the thing you've done the most times.

1. What sex position have you been in the most times?
I know this is going to sound hellishly boring but it would have to be missionary. Far from being boring missionary can be 'spiced up' as outlined in Rebecca Amon's blog. I also have a very pleasant memory of being firmly placed in the missionary position by Mr Fix It during a recent lunch date. More details will be published soon so stay tuned

2. What book have you read?
Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy's The Ethical Slut features high on the list of well tumbed copies in our house. I am also reading a VERY enlightening book called The Sex Lives of Australian Teenagers by Joan Sauers I would highly recommend this to any parent of a child.

3. What movie have you watched?
The movie I have watched the most times in my life would have to be The Matrix. We have watched The Matrix Re-visited and The Matrix Re-loaded a few times as well but the original movie is still the best!

4. In the last week, who have you texted? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)
Mr Fix It features high on the list, I don't really have a definition for that relationship. Does anyone have a suggestion? Mrs Fix It is also relatively high.
Jake is not an avid texter and so our sexting relationship is intermittent. Also working with him and seeing him sometimes 24/7 removes the need for texting a little.

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten?
The most times, cornflakes and muslie because that is what I eat for breakfast almost every day. Bananas feature high on the list because we just picked a bunch from our own trees and those ones always taste the best.

6. Today, which website have you visited?
Facebook and Twitter of course, also the class blogs for each of my children. A great way to find out exactly what is set for homework instead of having to rely on their version!

7. When dining out where have you eaten?
Jake and I love a restaraunt called Wilsons Boathouse which is in Manly, Brisbane. You can never go past great seafood.

8. Which sex toy have you used?
I do have several toys in my toy box that all have their moments but the one that lives either in my top drawer or under my pillow at all times is Big Red. He wasn't the most expensive vibrator in the shop but he has seen the test of time and is just the right size and just bendy enough without being too floppy to get into those good spots. You know the ones. Seeing as Jake is going to be away this week I am sure he will be well employed.

Bonus: Is there something you'd love to go back and relive in your sexual past?
A few years ago Jake and I spent a night with another man who we both knew quite well at the time. The sexual tension between myself and him ran high at the best of times but on this particular night I turned into a sexual glutton. Jake assures me that I would have had no problems satisfying four or five men in that session and still been backing up for more. I will say I am a huge fan of tag team sex and, after that night double vaginal penetration.

If I could get myself into that headspace again and be THAT deviate I wouldn't hesitate. 

 (Thank you to Husband of Two Sexual Minds for this week’s bonus question)

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  1. No need to preface your answer to #1. The overwhelming majority of bloggers we've read today also named missionary as their most commonly used position. It's actually a lot of fun, in our opinion, suffering from the "boring" reputation primarily because it's so common. We love it.

    The Ethical Slut is also on our own bookshelf! Thanks for the recommendation, by the way. We'll certainly get ahold of a copy.

    Reading about your children's class blogs was quite an eye-opener. Needless to say we never had such things when we were children, and our poor parents had to rely on us to properly deliver messages, etc. from our teachers.

    Your answer to the bonus question was exhilarating and arousing to read!