Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TMI Tuesday - You Say its Your Birthday

It is that time of the week again. Unfortunately Jake is not back yet and so it is just little ole me for another week. As always make sure you check out the other contributors at the TMI Tuesday blog.

(Birthday TMI questions are suggested by Heelsnstocking)

1. What star sign are you?
Technically I am a Libra but I was born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo so sometimes I am anally retentive about being indecisive. The rest of the time I am just plain old indecisive.

2. Do you believe in horoscopes?
I guess I do as much as the next person. I wouldn't base my choice of a life partner on it. (Jake is a Virgo. According to findyourfate.com Librans shouldn't marry Virgos) but in some ways it is fun.

3. When is your birthday?
My birthday is on the 23 September. This year I am turning 40 so big celebrations happening in this house very soon.

4. What is the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?
I have been trying to think of an answer to this one all day. Jake and I have been together for almost 15 years and I honestly cannot remember many birthday gifts from before that. Jake does pride himself on giving exceptional presents and going the extra mile so I have been very blessed in the birthday and Christmas gift department.

5. Are you organised when it comes to other people's birthdays?
Honestly. No. I am usually out buying the gifts the day before. It is not unusual for me to totally forget a relative's birthday if I am not in very regular contact with them. Hell even if I am I still manage to forget. I even forgot my mother's birthday one year!

The other thing that often happens is that I see the perfect gift for a particular person and take my purchase home to store in a safe place until the special day. Then promptly forget that I have it or where I put it so when the big day rolls around they get something I bought the day before, if I remember to get that.

6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
Birthdays are a reasonably big thing in our house and are celebrated in due course. The ritual is that you get the dinner of your choice on your actual birthday. We would normally have a gathering of family and close family friends on a weekend and then Jake will organise either a naughty night out or some other naughty surprise for a night when the children are out of the house.

7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?
I actually like the age that I am right now. Life in the last five or so years has been pretty good to me and I really don't want to turn back the clock to any particular age. In some ways I wish I could be 35 again but that is just vanity and wanting to be younger and hotter nothing else.

8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
1. Chocolate mud cake served with vanilla ice cream
2. Full body massage
3. Five men at my disposal.
If that could be delivered in a VERY expensive hotel room with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a spa then that would be sufficient.

Bonus: Tell us your best birthday memory?

Vanilla: My 30th birthday was one of my favourites. I was actually 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time but I was determined to have a party and so I did. I spent the next four days on the couch though! I really enjoyed it because the people who celebrated with me were great friends and the majority of them will be celebrating my 40th with me later this year.

Non-Vanilla: I think that the birthday treat described in my Wicked Wednesday post a couple of weeks back, Happy Birthday to Me, would have to be one of the best. I also gave a birthday surprise to someone a couple of years ago which will always be one of my fondest memories. You can read about it in this post.

Bonus Bonus: May we see you in your birthday suit?

 I know that I have posted this photo before but honestly there are not that many pictures of me in my birthday suit that I would post here!.


  1. lovely lovely view of you there, babes, love that view of the view, love your hair :)

    that word *cusp* always sounds so deliciously dirty to me. i'm all for chocolate mud.

    one of the five men

  2. Jill's birthday is fairly close to yours, though she's a year older. I loved her in her thirties, but since entering her forties I find her somehow even more attractive. It's a great age.

    As someone who happens to be thirty-five and incredibly hot himself, I can understand your interest in returning to this age. But I can imagine you're any less hot now than you were then.

    Sexy shot! We also used birthday suit pictures that we'd posted previously.

    And like the late phoenix, I'd also love to be one of the five.