Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goddess Worship

This week I have elected not to use the prompt provided by Rebel for my story, instead I have written a piece based on a chat I was having recently with a very imaginative young man. So thank you to Paulonius for his contribution.

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Paulonius hacked at the vines growing over his path. Even though he had come this way recently the vines had already grown thickly over the pathway, as if they wanted to protect the secrets hidden deep in the forest. Finally he arrived sweaty and hot at the steps to the temple. As always the temple was deserted with not a soul in sight but everything was immaculately clean as if it had just been swept and dusted. In contrast to the steamy jungle a cool breeze fanned Paulonius' brow and dried the sweat across his chest. Carefully he removed his sandals and his robe, as was required, before he strode up the steps.

In the doorway he stood for a moment allowing his eyes to adjust to the cool dimness of the temple. His eyes scanned the room searching, his heart pounded in his chest as he fretted that his trek through the jungle would be for nothing. Then he saw her, reclining on a couch in the centre of the room. Her long hair hung in tiny beaded braids over her full rounded breasts. She was clothed in a gossamer robe that clung to her curves and barely covered her full thighs. At her feet a slave girl knelt stroking the feet of her mistress as she finished her morning grooming. Each toenail was painted with shimmering gold and the second toe of each foot was adorned with a diamond toe ring.
Languidly she turned her head towards the doorway as Paulonius announced himself with a small cough.
"Welcome," The Goddess gestured to him to come closer to her. "It has been many weeks since you have graced our humble temple with your presence.
Paulonius took several steps towards her. As always he was awed by her beauty. Internally he struggled with his fear of her power over him and the unrelenting desire for her that kept him making the arduous trek through the jungle to see her. "I was drawn to worship you My Lady," he whispered. "I cannot keep away from you."
A very tiny smile played at the corner of Shiana's mouth, "You may worship as you see fit."
Boldly Paulonius stepped forward and knelt at her feet kissing each toe separately. "I am not worthy of your divinity and beauty." He murmured as he took her left big toe into his mouth.
Shiana stroked her hair with a large white ostrich feather. "You may not be worthy but you are still cute and I like cute guys." She reached out towards him with her feather. "Would you like to stroke my body with this feather?"
Paulonius bowed low as he took the feather from her and ran it down the curve of the back she presented to him. Shiana stayed perfectly still even though the stroke of the feather through the gossamer fabric of her robe was so light that it sent shivers through her. She shrugged one shoulder out of the loose robe so that her bare skin was exposed for him to stroke. The cool air and the stroking of the feather had made her nipples almost painfully hard but she was not ready to show them to him yet. The feather travelled down Shiana's back and over the swell of her hip. She wriggled her body slightly so that the robe sighed down to expose the smooth globes of her buttocks. Obediently Paulonius stroked the valley between her cheeks, all the time aching for her to open her legs so that he could pleasure her there.
With a sigh Shiana rolled onto her back arching upwards so that her perfect round breasts and hard nipples were clearly in view for Paulonius and the slave girls that had gathered a respectful distance away from her couch. Paulonius whimpered as he ran the feather over her breasts and then trailed down over her smooth stomach and the darkness of her mound. Shiana kept her legs closed. She wasn’t ready for him to see her full beauty yet.

Paulonius kneeled beside her, inhaling her scent. The effect was headier than any drug he had experienced.
"Mistress may I ask a question?" Paulonius' voice was a whisper
Shiana looked at him without expression, "You may ask. I do not guarantee an answer."
Paulonius kept his head bowed as he asked, "Would you allow this humble servant to clothe his body. Your presence has caused some changes in me that are difficult to hide."
There was a titter from one of the younger slave girls sitting at the back of the room. Shiana gazed at Paulonius taking in all of him. The silence in the room stretched out for what seemed like forever to Paulonius but she eventually said,
"No you may not. I wish to watch the effect I have on you." Her eyes lowered to where Paulonius' erection jutted out in front of him. "It makes me pleased. I am a Sex Goddess after all." Almost absently she stroked her erect nipples, pinching them firmly.
"Do you like my nipples?" she asked after a pause.
Paulonius gave a small whimper and kissed her toes again. "I am not worthy to look upon them."
Shiana sighed, "I will decide that!" She snapped. "My body is for worship. How can you worship me if you won't look at me?"
Paulonius forced himself to look upwards over her closed legs, her smooth belly and to her full breasts. Finally their eyes met. Paulonius almost looked away as she gazed at him, challenging him. "I wish nothing more than to please you my queen." He held his head high and spoke clearly.
Shiana smiled languidly. Her knees fell apart ever so slightly. Paulonius licked his lips in anticipation.
"And how would you please me?"
Paulonius held up a bottle. "The slave girls suggested I use this oil to rub over your body."
Shiana rolled on to her stomach and Paulonius poured oil onto her back smoothing it over her shoulders. Oil trickled down her back to rest in the small of her back. Paulonius' hands smoothed the oil into Shiana's alabaster skin. She sighed in pleasure pushing her hips a little higher. He accepted her suggestion and moved his hands further down her back smoothing over her lovely round butt cupping and squeezing each cheek in turn.
"Are you sure that there aren't any other parts of me that you wish to worship?" Shiana asked softly.
Paulonius leaned forward to answer. His chest rested against her shoulders and his hardness slipped between her butt cheeks. Shiana leaned back against his hardness, opening her legs a little inviting his cock. Without speaking he moved his hands over her waist, sliding over her belly and reaching up to cup her breasts. He pinched her nipple firmly and she gasped. Her hips lifted slightly and she pressed against his hard cock. In her mind Shiana wished him to pinch her a little harder. As if she were controlling him like her puppet, Paulonius pinched harder binging her to the brink of climax. Pressing her butt against him harder and opening her legs a little more Shiana whispered,
"Worship me."
Paulonius continued to pinch one nipple as he moved his other hand down over her mound to slide his fingers between her warm moist folds. He closed his fingers over her hard node, caressing softly at first but increasing the pressure in response to her bucking hips before sliding his fingers into her temple. His cock was straining but Paulonius wasn't ready to worship her fully, not yet. Shiana shuddered and gasped as an orgasm gripped her. Around them the slave girls sighed in unison.
He turned her over and lifted her off her couch to carry her to the altar. Shiana allowed him to open her legs fully and, awestruck by the beauty of her flower Paulonius knelt between her legs licking her pink lips with long slow strokes of his tongue. She gasped at each stroke of his tongue as he worked his way further into her folds, seeking out the node of her pleasure. He teased her, flicking his tongue over her swollen node before sliding his fingers into her warm, wet temple to tease her further.
Shiana's body arched off the alter in pleasure as her juices gushed over Paulonius' hand. He was unrelenting in his teasing of her clit, sucking it into his mouth to tease it even more with the tip of his tongue. Shiana's groans of pleasure filled the room. Each time her body writhed a gush of her juice flowed down over Paulonius' hand. Around them the slave girls pleasured each other with their tongues and hands. The temple reeked of the scent of female arousal. Paulonius' cock was throbbing and harder than he thought it could be.
He pulled himself up so that he was standing over her as she lay panting and spent in a pool of her juice on her own altar. His hand worked at his shaft and with a few quick strokes Paulonius grunted his release. His seed shot forth to cover Shiana's body. Thick white droplets formed into a pool in her belly button as she arched up towards him. When he collapsed between her legs the slave girls came forward to lick his seed from their mistress.
Shiana turned towards him, "You may not leave until you have fucked me."
Paulonius was afraid, "If I couple with you I think you will devour my soul."
Shiana reached out and touched his flaccid cock with one finger. "I will have what my heart desires." Almost instantly Paulonius felt his cock hard and throbbing like it was before he spilled his seed on her. He felt himself being drawn towards her. "You WILL fill me with your seed before you will be allowed to leave."
Paulonius could not stop himself from pushing the slaves away from her as he stood between her spread legs. A smile of greed and desire spread over Shiana's face.
"How could you refuse me?" she asked him.
"Mistress I could never refuse you." He answered as his hand moved up and down his shaft. "I only ask that you be merciful and release me to return to my wife and family when I have filled you."
Shiana waved her hand. "I will decide that after I see how well you fill me." Her eyes were like blue bolts of steel. "Now worship me!"
With a swift movement Paulonius stepped forward and speared her with his cock. She screamed in pleasure as he held her impaled on him for a few moments before he withdrew and slammed into her again. Her full round breasts bounced with the force of her thrusts. His teeth were gritted and he grunted hard as he thrust into her over and over again, he knew he couldn't hold on much longer but he wanted this pleasure to last. Shiana's screams of pleasure pierced his eardrums and the moans from the slave girls was deafening. When he thought he couldn't stand it any longer he released himself. His cock pulsed as jet after jet of his seed pumped deep inside her. Suddenly he was exhausted and collapsed on top of her. The two of them lay in silence, panting with the force of what had just happened. Tenderly she stroked his hair,
"Now wasn't that worth it?"
Unable to speak Paulonius nodded against her chest.
The slave girls hovered around them. They were anxious to groom their mistress and place her into her clean bed to sleep. Shiana lifted herself and pushed Paulonius off her chest. "Now go home to your wife. I know that you will be back again."
Staggering Paulonius made his way to the entrance to collect his robe and sandals. As he walked through the door he glanced over his shoulder to watch the girls carrying Shiana away to her private chamber.


  1. You write very well... I love the imagery :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. We agree with Kazi! We've never heard anyone describe the clitoris as a node before. But it's accurate, and it works perfectly. All in all, a very exciting, intense story.

  3. WOW, I love the setting of this story. Like Kazi said, you write very well!
    Rebel xox