Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mrs B - The Morning After

Despite the best laid plans of mice and men I was not able to get my story posted for Frisky Friday this week. So here is what I would have posted, if the universe had not conspired against me. I started this series last Frisky Friday and if everything goes to plan Mrs B and Ryan will be Frisky Friday regulars.

The next morning Carmen woke and stretched like a cat. She couldn't remember the last time she had slept so soundly or woken feeling so much like the cat that got the cream. Thinking back over the night before she wondered briefly if the whole thing had been a dream, then she touched herself. The space between her legs was slick and wet in a way that it usually wasn't. She lazed in bed for a few moments smiling to herself as she remembered Ryan pounding her as she bent over the bathroom sink.

As she made her way into the kitchen to make breakfast Jack and Ryan were sitting at the breakfast bar quietly finishing their breakfast. Carmen's heart skipped a beat as she walked in and put bread in the toaster.
"Morning boys," she forced herself to sound casual.
"Morning Mum," Jack slid off his seat to put his plate in the dishwasher, kissing her on the cheek as he went past.
"Morning Mrs B," Ryan voice was nothing like the urgent guttural whispers she remembered from her bathroom the night before. Carmen looked at Jack.
"What would he say if he ever found out?" the thought occurred to her, strangely for the first time. Suddenly she was terrified as if she was the teenager and Jack was the parent waiting to chide her for unseemly behaviour.
"What are you up to today?" she kept her voice bright, and she hoped neutral.
"Got work in about fifteen minutes." Jack went to the pantry and got out some fruit and a packet of BBQ shapes.
"And that is what you are taking for lunch?" She didn't need to disguise her voice now, all thoughts of debauchery were forgotten as she slipped into mother mode.
"No," Jack looked at her. "Chloe is coming around to see me at lunch time. We are going to have KFC for lunch." He poked his tongue out at her.
"You are what you eat Jack Beresford!" Carmen wagged her finger at him.
"Bok bok, bok auk!" Jack squawked chicken noises down the hallway to his bedroom.
As she turned to finish making her tea and to butter her toast she was painfully aware of Ryan's presence in the room. Every comment that sprang into her mind seemed banal, childish or just plain nonsense before she heard the sound of his chair being pushed back. Her eyes were glued to her teacup as he made his way past her to the dishwasher. Without speaking he brushed against her. Did he squeeze her ass? She wondered. There was no way to be sure.
"I just had to check that your ass was as hot as I remembered," he whispered in her ear before he made his way to the door. "I will see you later guys," he shouted for Jack's benefit.
Carmen's insides turned to jelly and she had to grip the bench to steady her trembling knees. "See you." She managed to reply.
The workday ticked by as they all seemed to. Nothing exciting happened and then it was five o'clock. She clocked off and made her way home. There was no reason to hurry. Jack had messaged her during the day to let her know that he would be spending the night at Chloe's. It would be nice to have the house to herself, maybe she would have a bath.
When she got home there was a scrap of paper on the kitchen bench. On it was scrawled;
                Ryan: 0411 333 777
The writing was definitely not Jack's. Had Ryan left it here for her? She was certain that Jack would have Ryan's phone number. There would be no need for Ryan to write it down for him. She picked it up and looked at it, wondering. Then she put it down, went to the fridge, poured herself a wine and made her way to the bathroom to make a bath for herself.
When she emerged, wrapped in her favourite comfortable, fluffy robe the number was still there. She picked it up and looked at it again. Then without her realising how, her phone was in her hand and she was entering it. The cursor blinked at her as she entered the text window. What do I say? She wondered. She typed,
                Hello it is Carmen.
She looked at the message for the longest time and then suddenly in a rush pressed send. For a few moments she looked at her screen, waiting for a response. Then she shook herself, put her phone to the side and investigated the possibilities for dinner in the back of the refrigerator.  She had found some leftover lasagne and had begun heating it when her phone pinged. Like a teenager she almost launched herself across the room.
                Good evening sexy lady
Carmen's legs turned to jelly as the memory of him fucking her returned. She stood for long moments trying to decide what to send back.
                How are you?
This was turning out to be one of the most interesting conversations NOT. She chided herself as she punched a time into the microwave. As her dinner started rotating her phone pinged again.
                I am horny because I keep thinking about how great your ass looked while you were bent over that bench last night.
Well at least he was sure about how he felt and OK with expressing it. Carmen wasn't used to men being so forward. Every other man she had ever dated had been witty and charming, wining and dining her before smoothing their way into her bed. She couldn't remember a single man who had walked naked into her bathroom and kneeled in front of her to lick her out while the shower was still running. Try as she might she couldn't remember ever being bent over the bathroom sink and fucked so hard and fast either. While she was pondering the lack of vigour in her suitors her phone pinged again.
                I know you are home alone. Can I come over and fuck you?
Her heart thundered in her chest as she read the question again to make sure she hadn't made a mistake. Her fingers trembled as she typed,
There was no delay with the answer this time,
                I will be there in ten
The beeping of the microwave reminded her of her dinner. She wasn't sure she could eat it now. Instead she sculled her entire glass of wine. She poured herself another and drank it more slowly while she tried to force herself to eat something. A loud knock at the door made her jump out of her skin. Feeling self-conscious in her robe she pulled open the door.
Ryan was leaning against the door frame. Carmen looked up at him, for some reason he seemed taller than she remembered. She noted the hungry look in his eyes and followed where he as gazing. Her body flushed and she pulled her robe closed over the breast that had been fully on display.
"Don't do that." Ryan reached down and slid his hand inside the neckline of the robe. "I just broke the land speed record getting here because I remembered that I didn't do this last night." He eased her breast out of her robe and bent down to take her hardening nipple into his mouth.
Carmen moaned softly as warmth washed through her. She took a step back looking for the support of the kitchen bench, a chair, anything. Ryan wrapped an arm around her, pushing her body towards him as he mouthed her nipple. Camilla gave a sharp gasp as he grazed her nipple with his teeth. He pulled away from her and looked up concerned,
"Did I hurt you?" he asked.
She shook her head, "No, yes, well a little, but it was good."
He smiled knowingly, "Good stay like that, or good do it harder?"
If someone had asked Carmen could they bite her nipples she would have instantly said no! But here in her kitchen, looking at this gorgeous young man with the memory of her teeth on her nipple she couldn't stop her answer,
"Do it harder."


  1. oh my gosh Gemma, I will be logging on every Friday for more Ryan and Mrs B..... I shared last weeks story because the shower/bathroom was so hot.... but I was wet just reading about the texts..... GREAT JOB, loving this series!!!!