Friday, July 20, 2012

Mrs B. Part 3 - And Then...

As promised the next installment of Ryan and Mrs B! It took longer than I intended of course but I was on time for Frisky Friday this week! If you missed out on Part One and Two you can catch up here and here.

As usual make sure you head on over to visit N. Likes and see what the other participants are up to. My new discovery this week is The Omniwhore who is as his name suggests. But enough of that. You have all come here to find out what happens next.

Tilting his head so that he was looking up at her Ryan nuzzled at Carmen's breast, sucking at biting gently at first but increasing the pressure as she became more turned on. One hand wandered into her robe and began to tease and pinch her other nipple. Carmen sagged against the kitchen bench, helpless, and almost unable to stand. All she was aware of was the sensations radiating out from her nipple and the aching need growing inside her pussy. She pressed her legs together trying to ease the need. Involuntarily her hips bucked against Ryan's chest but he kept up sucking and pinching. Her robe had slipped off her shoulders and the only thing keeping it on her body was her back pressed against the kitchen bench. She pleaded softly,
Ryan stood up and pressed his body against hers. Through his jeans she could feel his erection hard and hot against her thigh. He rested his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes,
"You are so fucking gorgeous." He whispered. "I have been horny for you all day." He took her hand and pressed it against his cock that was straining to burst out of his jeans. "Feel that?" he asked.
She nodded unable to speak.
"That is all for you and tonight I am going to fuck you with it over and over." His eyes burned into hers as he whispered his words to her. He bent down and kissed her full on the lips. She submitted completely, any remnant resistance was gone. As he pressed his tongue between her lips exploring her mouth she felt as if she wanted him to absorb her completely. Her tiny whimpers disappeared into his mouth.
Ryan stood up and lifted Carmen easily to carry her the short distance into her bedroom, letting her robe fall onto the kitchen floor as he left. In her room he lay her down on the bed with her feet dangling over the edge of the bed. Gently he propped a pillow under her butt so that her pussy was angled upwards to him. Carmen felt as if she were in a trance. She allowed herself to be moved without any resistance and watched every move Ryan made. Standing between her spread knees he removed his clothing piece by piece. The muscles in his arms rippled as he removed his shirt. Her eyes widened slightly as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them down. A small wet patch on the front of his boxers drew her eyes as he stood with his thumbs hooked in the waistband.
"Are you ready?" he asked softly. "Because I don't think I can wait anymore."
With a swift movent his boxers joined his jeans on the floor and he kicked them casually aside. He stepped forward and used his cock to tease the entrance to her pussy. Without her thinking about it Carmen arched her back towards him.
"Fuck you are so beautiful lying there waiting for me like that," Ryan's voice sounded a little strained.
Carmen smiled, "You look beautiful standing there waiting to fuck me like that."
Ryan leaned down over her, supporting himself on his arms. His blue eyes burned into her green ones as he eased his cock into her open, hungry pussy.
"Ahhhh," he sighed when his full length was buried deep inside her. "Now see the feel of a real woman is just so much better.

Carmen wrapped her legs around him as he began deep slow thrusts. Ryan held her wrists back above her head and leaned down to nibble at her nipple.  
"You are so fucking yummy." His thrusts became harder and faster. "I just want all of you all at once."
The room filled with the sound of Carmen moaning and Ryan's balls slapping against her as he thrust deep and fast into her. Carmen's breasts jiggled in time to his thrusts. She reached down and touched her clit. It had never felt so big and swollen before, the slightest touch set off a shuddering orgasm. Glad there was no-one else in the house she screamed her pleasure.
"Man you look so hot when you cum," Ryan panted as he kept pumping her. "I wanna spray my cum all over those beautiful tits." Carmen writhed on the bed as he pulled his cock out and stroked himself. Warm jets of cum sprayed over her belly and breasts as Ryan groaned his release. He stood for a moment looking down at her before he lay on the bed beside her and began smearing his cum over her.
Carmen pressed her fingers into her swollen and still throbbing cunt. "Can we do that again?" She looked at him imploringly.
Ryan laughed, "Give me a few moments but yes we definitely can." He placed his cum covered fingers against her lips. "Taste that," he whispered. "There is plenty more of that for you tonight." He reached down and slid two fingers into her sopping wet opening. Carmen moaned and pressed her legs closed over his hand.
"You greedy girl," Ryan chuckled. "I think we have unleashed a demon." He began to fuck her steadily with his fingers. Carmen writhed on the bed arching her back with desire. Ryan licked at her nipple.
"Show me how you masturbate," he asked.
Carmen hesitated. She had never done that with anyone else in the room before. But right now she needed something to fill her pussy. She glanced at Ryan's cock resting quietly against his balls. He grinned at her. "Mrs B. he teased. I am good but not that good."

Reluctantly she reached for the drawer beside her bed and pulled out her vibrator. It wasn't anything fancy but it had served her well. She stroked her opening with the vibrator, moistening it with her own juice. Ryan raised himself on one elbow watching quietly. Almost absently one hand stroked his cock. Carmen slid the vibrator into herself pressing the plastic hard against her G spot. She felt her body convulse with a small orgasm which didn't satisfy her craving but made her ache for more. Ryan's face was close to her pussy now as he watched her fucking herself with a piece of plastic. Gently he took her clit into his mouth and sucked it.
"Ahhhhhh!" Carmen groaned as another orgasm shuddered through her. Her pussy was so wet that the vibrator made squelching sounds as she rammed it into her. Suddenly Ryan's voice was hot in her ear,
"Turn over on all fours."


  1. mmmmmnnnnn, i am loving these two more and more each week!

  2. Agreed! We are quite invested, and really find ourselves awaiting each new (and very sexy) chapter!