Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Blankety Blanks

Welcome to TMI Tuesday for 10 June 2012. The theme this week is Blankety Blank. It reminded me of a television show that I was partial to as a child that starred a very flamboyant presenter, Ghraham Kennedy. Looking back at some clips now I realise that, as a child, a large proportion of the content washed right over my innocent head. Anyway I found this clip of some highlights.

Now that you have all had your fill of double entendre 70's television highlights let's get on with the questions. Don't forget to head on over to TMI Tuesday to check out the other entries.

Sadly Jake will not be participating this week. We have a rather large house renovation project happening at the moment and most of our physical energy is being sapped by laying 200m2 of ceramic tiles. He does apologize but will be back next week.

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.

Gemma's Answers:

I will preface my answers by saying that lack of energyand watching U-tube videos of Blankety Blanks has influenced the tone of my answers!

1. I could spend all day shopping on the internet for corsets, boots, sex toys and music but couldn't stand five minutes watching Home and Away (for those who care the beach does exist, I have been there but you can bet your bottom dollar that Mr and Mrs Average could NOT afford any of the houses nearby).


2. I would love to have a robot in my house to feed me chocolate cake and ice cream, exercise off all the calories from said chocolate cake and ice cream and then cook the dinner so that I could entertain Jake when he comes home from work.

3. The older you get the more likely to spout off whatever rubbish jumps into your head when someone asks a stupid question you get

4. I want to be entertained and pleasured in all ways imaginable by a selection of sexy guys (see  TMI Tuesday, You Say it's Your Birthday from a couple of weeks ago) when I celebrate my 40th birthday.

5. My appetite for chocolate cake and really awesome vanilla ice cream can never be satisfied.

Bonus: If I were a hoarder I would hoard needlework and other craft projects that I am going to finish one day (oh wait, I already do that!).


  1. Love the Match Game...we watch the reruns all the time, so cheesy, so 70s!

  2. I must say that as I've gotten older I have learned to appreciate "really awesome vanilla ice cream". As a child it was far from my favorite flavor. The last decade or so, it's among my favorites. Despite the simplicity, the boldness of a good vanilla ice cream is remarkable.