Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Lets Go to Bed

Welcome to this week's episode of TMI Tuesday. The questions this week are inspired by a classic Cure song "Lets Go to Bed" I was taken back to my boarding school days when I shared a dormitory with a girl who was obsessed with Robert Smith to the point where she spent a lot of time trying to mimic his hairstyle! None the less the song is a classic.

As always make sure you visit The TMI blog to check out what makes everyone else in this crazy blogging world "Go to Bed"

Once you read the questions you will understand that having separate answers this week will be a little redundant so we will just answer the bonus as individuals and make comments when we feel moved to do so.

1. What size?
King of course it is the only size that will fit four people comfortably. Although being in the middle can get a little bit hot!

2. What mattress construction?
We have a heavy thing that is springs with a topper of memory foam. It is THE most comfy bed in the world and has the added advantage of not jiggling the whole bed when people are getting busy on their side!

3. What type of furniture?
For the first 10 or so years of our relationship we had a queen sized ensemble. When we got the funds and inspiration for an upgrade we decided to go with the ultimate dream bed. Consequently we have a teak four poster. I have dreams of making curtains etc for it but somehow it has never happened.

4. If your bed has headboard / footboard or bedposts, have you ever been tied to them? Ever tied anyone to them? For what purpose.
When I prepared this post earlier I had said no and that I was putting being tied to the bed on the very short term 'to do' list. Jake however reminded me of a birthday surprise that he arranged just after we got the bed which involved me being tied to the bed as shown.

I will refrain from describing what came next and save it for another post.

5. What kind of sheets?
Sheets for this size bed are hellishly expensive so we mostly use the better quality poly cotton type. Jake has a preference for satin but I prefer high thread count cotton. The kind you get in very expensive hotels!

6. What kind of blankets?
We live in a climate where you may get a month or so a year of really cold weather. Really cold for us is a night time minimum of between 0 and 5 degrees Celcius. So blankets are really not worth the effort.

7. What's on top?
We have a thing called a doona which according to Wikipedia translates to duvet in the rest of the world. Doona's are great because they are snuggly and cover a badly made bed nicely. Our climate is fairly warm and humid a lot of the year so in summer we usually just have a sheet to cover us.

8. What kind of pillow?
In keeping with the world's comfiest mattress we have memory foam pillows. Like the mattress they are awesome, non allergenic, don't harbour dust mites and are comfy comfy. We do keep a couple of cheaper polyester filled pillows to use for when the postion you are fucking in requires a bit of propping up. 

Jake's Bonus:

If Mrs Magic Fingers comes over, will you let them fuck you on your bed?

Definitely yes! I would fuck her on the bed, on the couch and over the kitchen bench.

Gemma's Bonus:

If Mr Fix It comes over, will you let them fuck you on your bed?

Definitely yes! In fact I have done so on several occasions.



  1. It sure looks like a wonderful bed, very sturdy and comfy!

    Great bonus answers!

  2. loving the pics, you two, that bedroom is so lush and sensual :)

    alas, i'm not a Mr. Fix It, and that is why i blog...

  3. Smart thinking, only giving one set of answers this week. That didn't occur to us, but it would have been easier than trying to give two distinct sets of answers. :)

    Great answers as ever, and sexy pictures too! The shot of Gemma bound to the bed has our imaginations working overtime; we can't wait to hear what happened!

    Thanks for clarifying what a doona is. We've read the term recently - not sure if on your blog or another - so it's nice to know that it's the same as a duvet. I guess we could have just looked it up. Oh well; we're lazy.

  4. Loving the pics. I MUST talk Mister into a King bed pronto! I am having bed envy this week! Happy Tuesday!

  5. I love the pics! I can't imagine being tied up, standing up.... Too much torture!

  6. Phoenix you may be surprised to know that Mr Fix It often doesn't rate himself that highly. Mrs Fix It and I do however.

    Bi my arms did get a bit tired after a while and Jake re-tied me differently but it was a very challenging start to the night.