Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Meeting the Boss


Welcome to this week's edition of Wicked Wednesday. The theme chosen this week was this cute little drawing. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the theme and of course as always make sure you hop along to the Wicked Wednesday page to check out the other entries.

Drawing by Francisco José de Goya “Caught in the act”

Earlier in the week I was reading a post by A Husband of Two Sexual Minds about describing condom use in his writing. He did make some valid points and so as an extra challenge to myself I decided to include such description in my post this week and also to make sure I include more in the future.

Melinda gripped James' arm as they stood listening to the sound of the doorbell echoing deep inside the house. The silence stretched out as the couple stood waiting for a signal that someone was coming. Melinda fidgeted with the neckline of her blouse, buttoning a couple of extra buttons. Gently James reached down and undid the offending buttons.
"Leave them like that." He caressed the valley between her breasts, "I need to see the girls to remind me of what I can have when we get home."  After what seemed like five minutes Melinda looked up at James with a worried frown,
"Did you get the day wrong?" she asked.
"No," James frowned at her. "I only saw Jenna today at work and she definitely said that she would see us tonight." He stepped forward and pressed the bell again. This time they heard the sound of footsteps getting louder as they approached the door.
The door opened and they were greeted by a voluptuous woman wearing a clinging black dress with a plunging neckline. Her breasts swelled out of her dress as if they were inviting the viewer to taste them.
"Jenna this in my wife Melinda," James' voice penetrated Melinda's thoughts. Melinda reached out to take Jenna's hand as James continued, "Melinda this is my boss Jenna." For a couple of moments the two women sized each other up before Jenna reached forward to embrace Melinda.
"James said you were beautiful but he didn't make it quite clear just how delicious you are."
Melinda was a little flustered by the attention and her unexpected attraction to her husband's employer. Fortunately she was saved by the arrival of a tall, handsome man at the doorway. As she took in his full lips and bright blue eyes Melinda's heart skipped a beat.
"Darling, don't keep the guests standing out here on the doorstep," the man put his arm around Jenna cupping her breast subtly as he did so. Completely unphased Jenna pushed his hand away.
"James, Melinda this is my husband Edward." Jenna made the introductions and stepped aside so that Edward could greet their guests.
"I am very pleased to meet you," Edward reached forward to shake James' hand.
"And you as well," he reached down and brought Melinda's hand to his lips.
"Let's go inside," Jenna brought everyone back to the present as she stepped through the door and led the way to the lounge room. The house was warm and sumptuously decorated. It seemed to fit the way Jenna came across. The word 'voluptuous' resonated around Melinda's mind. Jenna ushered Melinda and James into the lounge. The couple made themselves comfortable on one of the two expansive couches while Jenna sat opposite them. Edward busied himself making drinks at the bar in the corner. At the end of the room a large mural of a Roman orgy added to the sumptuous feeling of the house.
After the drinks were handed around Edward excused himself and left for the kitchen.
"Edward does most of the cooking in our house," Jenna explained. "If we were relying on my culinary skills for dinner tonight you would all die of food poisoning!"
Melinda chuckled. She was starting to think she quite liked James' new boss even if she wasn't what she expected. She leaned back against James as the three of them made small talk and Jenna shared a couple of anecdotes about James' first couple of weeks at his new job. As they chatted James rested his hand on Melinda's thigh. She looked down and realised that her skirt had ridden up to the point where her knickers were almost showing. Hoping that Jenna hadn't noticed she hitched at her hemline to pull it down to a more respectable level.
The conversation continued getting more and more relaxed. Edward drifted in and out of the room, adding his own comments, topping up people's drinks and leaving every now and then to check on progress in the kitchen. After he left for the second time Melinda's gaze fell on Jenna's thighs, for some reason her eyes travelled up the smooth creamy skin to the hem of Jenna's skirt. Her heart skipped a bead when she realised that the skirt had the same intentions as her own. The difference was that Jenna didn't appear to be wearing any panties.
Unconsciously Melinda glanced down at her own skirt and realised that it had travelled upwards again she tugged at it gently trying to coax it down.
"Don't do that," Jenna whispered urgently.
Melinda looked up slightly and her gaze was caught by Jenna who was kneeling almost at her feet. James' fingers on Melinda's thighs tightened slightly as he watched Jenna scooch closer to Melinda who was looking down and Jenna's luscious cleavage. Her nipples had hardened in excitement and were clearly visible through the clinging black fabric of her dress.
"You look so very delicious," Jenna stroked Melinda's thigh. "Could I please taste you?"
Mesmerised by the full round breasts in front of her and the stroking from both James and Jenna Melinda nodded mutely. Gently Jenna pressed her knees apart and slipped her finger into Melinda's panties.
"You very naughty girl," Jenna whispered. "You are sopping wet."
Melinda found her voice, "It was looking at those magnificent breasts," she admitted.
"You mean these?" Jenna slipped her dress down over her shoulders exposing her breasts. They were all they had promised, each one crowned by a proudly erect nipple. Melinda reached out and caressed a breast before she pressed a nipple between her thumb and forefinger.
Jenna licked the finger she had slipped inside Melinda's underwear.
"Mmmmm my favourite flavour," she smacked her lips. "Mind if I taste some more?"
Melinda raised her hips to pull her panties down around her ankles, "Be my guest." She spread her legs wide and Jenna buried her face in Melinda's crotch. James eased himself around beside the two women so that he could watch his boss eat out his wife. Melinda lay back on the couch moaning in pleasure from the lapping probing tongue being applied to her pussy. After a few moments the pressure in his pants was unbearable and he opened his trousers to release his cock. He sat watching the two women enjoying each other softly stroking himself.
Jenna turned her head towards him, watching him stroke for a few moments.
"Umm James," she whispered with a cheeky grin. "I seem to have lost my panties. Would you be a dear and perhaps cover my pussy with something?"
James grinned, "Of course boss."
Obediently he knelt behind Jenna. As if by magic a foil packet appeared in his hand and he wasted no time in covering himself with a condom and slipping deep inside Jenna's welcoming opening.
Jenna gave a deep sigh of satisfaction as James slid himself slowly in and out of her slick wet pussy.
"What more could a girl want?" she murmured. "A beautiful delicious pussy to lick, suck and explore and an equally luscious cock to fill me as full as I need."
There were answering murmurs of appreciation from both Melinda and James as they watched each other pleasuring and being pleasured. James leaned over Jenna and cupped her breasts in his hands, tweaking and pinching her nipples as he did so.  She responded with a deep groan which vibrated through Melinda's body causing her to tremor in response.
A small noise at the doorway made Melinda look over. Edward was leaning on the door frame watching the three of them intently.
"This looks like fun," he walked slowly across the room to their couch, unzipping his pants as he walked. He came to a stop in front of Melinda and stood for a moment with his cock standing proudly out in front of him. "Mind if I join in?"
Melinda smiled up at him. "Of course." She smiled as she opened her mouth to lick at his cock before sliding her lips down over his velvety hardness.
Edward gave a long slow sigh, "This is definitely a great way to get to know Jenna's new employee." He commented. "It is always good to know that a manager of an adult shop has a good hands-on knowledge of sex."  


  1. Ooooh I would love to have a boss like that! Great story, very well written!

    Rebel xox

  2. You do a great job showing that condom use in erotica does not necessarily have to detract from the heat of the story. It was a brief mention, and didn't take on a life of its own. Well done.

  3. Yep! I agree. So long as a detailed description on condom use like "He quickly reached into his pocket to pull out his wallet and open it before tearing off one condom from a strip of three. Using his teeth, he then tore open the foil to squeeze out the strawberry-flavoured latex and strapped himself with it. By the time he was fully 'armed' for a fuck, his lover, whose pussy was already drier than the Sahara, was fast snoring." is not given, the story will retain its thrill. Lolz

    That Bloody Pervert