Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Day Another Dollar


Welcome to this Week's Wicked Wednesday Entry. This week instead of using the prompt I have gone with a theme suggested by one of my awesome Facebook friends. I hope you enjoy (Bradley ;))

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"Another day another dollar," Bradley said to no one in particular. He busied himself making sure the change was in the till, the floor was vacuumed and the shoes were arranged neatly before opening the doors to the waiting customers. His morning routine was interrupted by the sound of Lisa, the store manager, speaking with someone he didn't know. Bradley frowned for a moment before he remembered that the new girl started this morning. He had mixed feelings about new girls. About 75% of the time they were juvenile and more interested in looking hot than serving customers and they had absolutely no respect for a good pair of shoes.
"Bradley this is Polly," Lisa's voice interrupted his train of thought. He turned to greet the two women. For a moment he paused, taken aback. This was not the normal teenager that Lisa seemed to prefer. Her blonde hair was neatly arranged with a straight set of bangs across her forehead. Her full lips were highlighted with pale pink, almost virginal, lipstick and she was wearing a high neck, knee length dress that would look more at home on a granny. The whole outfit was finished with flat shoes!
"Well hello," Bradley held his hand out to the woman in front of him. He hadn't noticed at first glance but she really was a lot shorter than him. Inwardly Bradley groaned, this meant that she would always be asking him to get the boxes down from the high shelves.
Polly looked up at Bradley and took his hand, "Hello yourself." She replied. "I am so glad to finally have a job and it is in a shoe shop so that is even better."
Bradley was intrigued but decided not to press her in front of Lisa. Her comment definitely improved his mood and his ideas about her. Perhaps she wouldn't be so bad.
"Now Bradley I am going to entrust you with Polly's training because I have meetings for the first three days of this week and I won't be about to help either of you." Lisa was, as always the model of busyness. "So can you please show her where everything is, how the till works and everything like that." She turned to Polly, "I will be back around three this afternoon to see how your first day went." Lisa glanced down at her watch, "Is that the time. I better shoot off." And with that she left, her six inch stilettos clacking on the wooden flooring of their store. 
The day whizzed by. Bradley had to admit that Polly was nothing like the six other girls who had preceded her. She was efficient and sensible and the customers loved her. Bradley found himself intrigued by her. On the surface she looked so demure and sensible but every now and then he caught a glimpse of something else. On Thursday the shop was dead and the two of them were re-arranging the shelves. Bradley worked up the courage to ask her about her high necklines.
"Why do you always wear Granny dresses?"
Polly didn't even turn around to answer him, "I spend all day kneeling at people's feet. I don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry looking at my tits." She slotted a box into the top shelf. "I decide which guys get to see my tits and when they get to see them." She turned around on the ladder and reached down for the box Bradley was holding up for her. "It’s the same with my ass. I don't mind getting ogled when I am in the mood. Not when I am at work and not by some fat smelly guy."
Bradley took the hint and didn't say any more. It did make him wonder though. From what he could see under her granny dresses he was convinced that she did have a good rack and he had more than a passing interest in finding out what it looked like.
Friday came along and Bradley was eager to leave work, not so eager he didn't have time to ask Polly for a drink though.
"You know I would love to but I have other plans." She smiled at him as she collected her bag and left quickly.
"Now Bradley you know the rules about dating co-workers," Lisa startled him by entering the room suddenly. "Besides I don't think she is your type. She looks like she is heading out to do knitting with the church ladies." Lisa collected up the credit card slips and other paperwork from under the till. "Now don't go out partying too late either of you," she looked sternly at Bradley. "I need you to work tomorrow Bradley, and Polly I need you on Sunday."
Bradley dragged himself home and up the steps to his apartment. As he opened his front door his phone pinged,
Get your party pants out. I have found this great club.
Bradley's interest was piqued. He thought about turning up to work tomorrow after partying all night and considered a night in with the Xbox. While he was considering his feet took him to his bedroom and his hands reached into that space at the back of his closet. The scent of leather set the blood pumping in his veins. The Xbox was all but forgotten, this was going to be one of those nights.

At 10pm Bradley and his friend Luke were standing in the darkened doorway of the club. One glance at the patrons told Bradley that he had made the right choice. At first he didn't notice anything else about the patrons except what they were wearing on their feet. There was a reason that he worked in a shoe store but he had never admitted it to anyone. But the shoe store was a poor substitute. Here was the real deal. There were no sensible Homy Peds here, no flat sandals or those horrible ballet style slip ons. This place was full of boots and stilettoes.  After he drank in the shoes Bradley started noticing the thighs above the boots. He found a corner where he could indulge himself watching women strutting around, their thighs ascending out of stunning leather to lead his eye to round buttocks underneath short, shiny PVC skirts. He was in heaven.
His eye was attracted to a bright red pair of thigh length boots. In this room full of silver and black they stood out almost as if they were beckoning him. Above the boots the thighs led to a white dress. The shiny PVC barely covered a round butt. If he looked closely Bradley could see the bottom of her butt cheeks. She was perfect! He stood up and walked over to him. As he approached he realised that despite the heels he was still taller than her. Even better.
"I love those boots." The words were like honey on his tongue. It was his favourite line. The woman turned to face him and he looked puzzled for a moment. The straight blonde fringe looked familiar but the full red lips and the dark eye shadow were nothing like anything he remembered her wearing before. The white PVC of her dress stretched tightly across her breasts pushing the round globes out of her plunging neckline. Bradley felt the leather of his pants constricting him as his cock stiffened.
"Well hello there," Polly looked up at him. Her clear blue eyes were emphasised by her dark eye liner. "I have to admit that I didn't expect to see you here."
Bradley laughed, "I could say the same about you." He didn't try to hide his admiration of her tits. They were better than his wildest fantasies. "Lisa thinks you are out knitting with the church ladies."
Polly stepped forward and pressed her body against Bradley. Her hand cupped his member inside his leather pants. "Let's not burst that bubble for her then shall we?" She winked up at him as she gave his cock a slight squeeze.
Bradley reached down to grip her full round butt. The PVC of her dress rode up over their full roundness and he found his hands travelling down the valley between her butt cheeks. Obligingly she opened her legs and his fingers found their way into her hot wet cunt.
"I never bother with panties, they just get in the way." She breathed against his ear. Her eyes glazed over with desire as he worked his finger in and out of her. Without him noticing her hand slipped inside his pants to grip his cock firmly. "Speaking of things getting in the way, let's find somewhere a bit less crowded."
She took his hand and led him towards a room at the back of the club. Inside were all manner of implements and props. Polly led him over to a pommel horse, like the one Bradley remembered from high school gymnastics. She propped him against the horse and knelt in front of him. Bradley's mind filled with an image of those full red lips wrapped around his hard throbbing cock. Polly was a little business like and he had a fleeting memory of her kneeling in front of a customer presenting them with shoes to try on.
"You know I have been wondering about this package all week." Her fingers expertly pulled down his zipper and eased his cock out of the constricting leather. Free from his pants his cock grew even more and stood out in front of him throbbing in anticipation. "Yummy," Polly enthused before she opened her full red mouth and slid those enticing lips down over his shaft.
Bradley gripped the pommel horse firmly as she expertly worked her way up and down her shaft teasing his head with her tongue at the start of each stroke. He was speechless with pleasure. Just when he thought he could not stand any more she let him slide from her lips and stood in front of him. With a shrug of her shoulders she let the top of her dress fall down around her waist. Two full round breasts stood out in front of him each tipped by dark erect nipples. Polly looked up at him seductively as she twisted each nipple between her fingers. "That was yummy," she said, sounding like the innocent Polly he knew from work but looking nothing like her, "But now I want you to bend me over that pommel horse and fuck the crap out of me."
Gently she pushed him aside and bent over the leather with her legs spread apart. Her dress barely covered the top of her ass and her glistening pink cunt was fully open for him. With shaking hands Bradley ripped the foil off a condom and pressed it down over himself.
"Fuck you have a nice ass," He managed to pant out as he gripped her hips and plunged into her welcoming warmth.
"Ohhhh you have the best cock," Polly groaned. "Fuck me into the middle of next week!"
The room filled with the sound of Bradley's belly slapping against her round white butt. Who was he to argue?

On Monday morning Bradley was carefully counting change into the till. The sound of the staff entrance interrupted his counting and he found himself holding his breath as Polly made her way through the lunch area to the front of the store. There she was dressed in the same granny dress with the same pale pink lips and the flat shoes. She looked at him with the same innocent blue eyes that had so fooled their boss.
"Good morning Bradley," she sounded exactly as she had every other day last week. "How was your weekend?"
Bradley's heart was beating out of his chest. Did he imagine Friday? Then he caught a warning glint in Polly's eye.
"It was pretty boring." He turned back to his change drawer. "Just mucked around and played Xbox with a mate."
"Yeh me too," Polly picked up the duster. "I just went out knitting with the church ladies."


  1. Oh the tale of two sides!!! Wonderful!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Cute ending! Of course, the action that came before was so hot!

  3. You never know what those church ladies are up to ...

    xx Dee

  4. It's the innocent looking types that seem to have all the fun ;)

    Rebel xox

  5. I couldn't agree more with Curvaceous and Marie.

  6. My favourite word is juxtaposition. I think this story shows that concept nicely.

    Of course it is the quiet churchy looking girls that you have to watch.