Friday, August 3, 2012


I kind of need a little break from Mrs B this week so I threw something else together for your Frisky Friday /  Saturday morning pleasure this week.

It is cold so you put the heater on. Even then as we undress I shiver a little, or is that in excitement. There are four of us naked together lying on mattresses on the floor under the heater. We embrace and kiss, fondling each other re-acquainting ourselves with each other. Over your shoulder I can see the smooth back of my husband entwined with your girlfriend. You slide your hand down between my legs. I am wet already with excitement and anticipation. I remember what happens when I am with you.
The first touch of your tongue is electric I shiver in anticipation as you stroke my clit with feathery light strokes. Already wetness is streaming out of me. You place a finger at my opening, testing how ready I am, your tongue increases pressure, it is too much and I push you away. Patiently you start again with feathery light strokes that make me arch my back up to your face.
You turn around so that you are kneeling above my face. I take as much of your cock into my mouth as I can, wanting to pleasure you as much as you are pleasuring me. Your cock fills my mouth and I gag slightly, or is that little spasm from your tongue as you work me over.
I am writhing under your body as the pleasure goes through me in waves. I can feel liquid coming out of me in small spurts now, the first coating my thighs and ass. Surprisingly I am quiet. The only sound I make with each spasm is a small grunt. I turn my head to look at my husband caressing the beautiful round breasts of your girl. It turns me on even more to see them pleasuring each other.
Your tongue and fingers keep working me over, I make groaning noises as I squirt liquid over my thighs, and your face.  I can feel a deeper need now for a cock inside me. Finally you pull away from my pussy and turn to kiss me. Your face is wet with my juice and you smell of my cum. I am frantic to feel a cock inside me. My back arches against you, I press myself against your thigh. I need a cock inside me but I cannot have one. With a teasing smile you kneel between my legs and stroke your cock over my swollen pussy. It makes me want you even more.
I pull my legs up to my shoulders and down by my sides, opening myself even more for you as you stroke me. My husband watches as liquid spurts out of me, covering your cock, my pussy, my ass and soaking the mattress beneath me. The room is filled with the sound of my pleasure, I cannot count how many orgasms I have had now. I am lying in a pool of my own juice but still I cannot have the thing I most crave. A cock. A big hard cock to fill me so full I am almost painfully stretched. I want that cock to pound me into oblivion until I am a blithering puddle of spent desire on this mattress soaked with my cum.
But I can't have that. Instead I have your cock stroking me, making me arch my back and giving spasm after spasm of pleasure and wetness. Until finally I cannot wait any more. I push you off me and sit astride my husband. His pleasure at my wetness is evident. I ride him, tilting my hips at  just the right angle until I feel another wave and I lean back to coat him with more of my juice. I feel like I am going to shrivel up like a prune there is so much of my juice everywhere, on me, on you, on my husband, on two mattresses now.
I ride my husband hard seeking that final orgasm but it is elusive. My body jets out more juice but that is not what I am craving now. My finger works my clit which is twice its normal size as my husband fucks me. Beside me you are fucking your girl. She is coming hard and pushing you out of her with each spasm of pleasure. Her juice joins mine on you and on the mattress. I place my hand on her pussy to feel your cock going into her before she pushes you out again.  My body clamours for my attention. I concentrate hard seeking the orgasm. I feel like I need more cocks to fill all my holes but there is none.
Then I cum. It is loud and I shout out my pleasure. I think the neighbours four doors down heard me.

Source: The Wet Spot
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  1. We so love that manner of sex, that sort of release, and above all, a wet spot we can nearly get carried away in. Very exciting!