Monday, August 27, 2012

Double Vaginal Penetration

Last week as part of my response to the TMI Tuesday bonus question I spoke about the night I had a double vaginal penetration. In response to Pagan Princess' and Twisted Angel's comments  I decided to write a post about the 'flexibility, manoeuvring and jerrymandering' that the three of us did to get ourselves into that position.  
At the time we were very good friends with a couple and the wife of the couple had been away for a couple of weeks. Jake and I decided to visit the husband, Peter to cheer him up a bit. I have to say that being one woman with two horny sexy guys is something that every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime, or twice, or three times or thirty times.
So we arrived, we got naked. There was some being tied to the bed, Gemma. There was some oral sex, Gemma sucking Peter's cock while Jake licked her pussy, Gemma sucking Jake's cock while Peter licked her pussy. There was fucking. All in all it was a pretty sexy night. I had a long held fantasy of having two men fucking me at the same time, vaginally. I don't really know why I just did. I am not a particularly tight woman but I am not loose at all either. I have the same feelings about not putting anything too large 'in there' but for some reason this was something I wanted to do.
It may have been because I had been lucky enough to have 'sexy time' with these two men before. Being hugged between two male bodies, feeling both their cocks hard against me, kissing one while the other fucked me, etc, maybe awakened the desire in me, I don't know.
Anyway here I was with one vagina and two penises at my disposal. What was I to do? The guys were happy to comply with my request. We were all pretty comfortable with each other and though Jake and Peter were not sexual with each other at all they were quite happy to be in close proximity to each other.
So we tried a few different positions. I lay on my side and Peter was behind me. He went in first and then Jake lay in front of me and pressed against Peter and I. A couple of times he got his cock inside me but Peter was pushed out. Eventually we worked out that I needed to put my legs around Jake's waist and Peter had to help push Jake into me while holding himself inside me. I was a little nervous about the whole thing and worried that it would actually feel uncomfortable or even a little painful. Once I had slipped a vibe in beside Jake's cock and that was not that great but cocks are a lot more pliable than a vibe even when they are hard.
It felt amazing. The three of us had our arms and legs wrapped around each other, I had two men pressing me between them and my pussy felt so full and AMAZING!!!!. Only one guy could move at a time and their thrusts were very shallow but I didn't care. I never wanted the feeling to end. The feeling for the guys was pretty intense as well. Peter was not able to stop himself from cumming and so the whole thing ended relatively quickly.
I was on cloud nine. It was the biggest high I had ever had. When we woke up the next morning I was like a cat on heat; every opportunity I had I impaled myself on a cock. I think I would have fucked until I was raw and then still wanted some more.  The three of us had opportunity to repeat the experience on a night a little while later and the result was similar. One happy fuck obsessed Gemma.
Sadly I have not had the opportunity to sample a 'manwhich' since that time. This is partly because I had other experiences to have, including a discovery of just how great a spitroast is; but also because I have not met another man that felt right for a repeat. Although perhaps there are a couple on the horizon at the moment. The most important thing that has to be in place for this to work is both the guys HAVE to be totally comfortable; with themselves, with each other, with the idea. There will be penis, penis contact. There will be times when one guy touches the other guy's cock with his hand. If there is any awkwardness or performance anxiety then the guys may not be as hard as normal and the whole thing won't work.
But if you are in good company and you go with the flow it will be AWESOME. I promise.   
P.S. I would have LOVED to share an image with you but the three of us were kinda busy at the time so unfortunately none were taken. Perhaps next time.....


  1. My oh my!!! First of all, "Here I was with one vagina and two penises at my disposal". That sure cracked me up.

    Secondly, I've always fancied the idea of double penetration but I think I'd be more comfortable with 'Penetration in both holes'. You know what I mean right? I'd totally be like "Eeewww" having to touch another man's penis.

    And oh yeah! I would definitely pick the A-hole to 'play my part'. You know it's way tighter and sweeter? Lolz.......

  2. Wow! Very sexy story. We've often wondered how feasible such configurations are, but you show that it can be done! :)

    1. Thanks Guys. You would be surprised what can be achieved with a little imagination.

  3. Big HUGE thank you for sharing, I have seen images and some porn clips, but have never read an account from an actual person. It sounds like a positive experience and not something at all impossible as long as there are three willing and comfortable people!

    1. I am glad you left your comment. One of the reasons I wanted to share this experience is to show people that such things can be done and are not just the domain of porn movies.

  4. I'm not exactly sure how two penises in my vagina would feel, but two men manwiched around me would be fucking awesome.

  5. Wonderful blog – I’m glad I found this site!
    So here is my report:
    My wife and I have been friends with another couple for over six years. We are now in our late 40s. After spending holidays on nude beaches and going to sauna clubs regularly, having sex together was at one point only a logical step that followed. Initially, we only watches each other having sex, three years ago, however, we felt that changing partners was right and it did deepened our friendship.
    Last winter, my wife suggested to try dvp, she has always liked being stretched. She does not like anal intercourse, so the ‘classical’ double stuffing was out of the question. She explicitly wished to feel two cocks rubbing inside her and against each other. Frank, our friend, and I thought about it for a while and then decided to give it a try. Susan, Frank’s wife, would be watching, maybe taking photos. As my wife has a rather wide pussy with long labia, there would be no anatomical problem fitting Frank’s and my penis, both rather big in girth, inside. However, the technique of dvp is another issue.
    One night, with the kids out of house, the four of us met and after a sauna session started playing around. At one point, my wife grabbed Frank, gave him a blowjob while Susan and I watched and then impaled herself upon his manhood. She was already dripping wet and moaning when she beckoned me to position myself behind her. Susan had given my penis some attention with her hands so that it was rock hard and as big in girth as it could get. I made my wife bend over Frank’s chest and positioned the tip of my cock at her already filled entrance. A strange but by no means unpleasant, n fact highly erotic sensation to feel the hardness of Frank’s big penis. It was difficult getting even only half of the tip in without pushing Frank’s rod out of the sloppy cunt. Finally, both penis tips were in and I tried to slowly push more into her, taking Frank’s penis along. I tried to make more room by pulling my cock upwards and stretching her perineum. I made a pause every other second or so to allow Frank to thrust slightly from underneath. Gradually, we got into a rhythm, and our penisses slid deeper into my wife’s wet cunt. She was moaning and screaming with pleasure at this new feeling of being totally stuffed, and soon experienced a powerful orgasm. She was totally overwhelmed by the sensation of being stretched to the max, and almost simultaneously I noticed the sticky, warm and wet juices inside her. Frank hadn’t been able to hold back any longer and had unloaded his balls inside my wife’s cunt. Again, a new but very hot feeling, being coated by another man’s semen. Frank’s penis slipped out oh the hole and rested on his thigh. I accelerated my thrusting, fucking her doggystyle as hard as I could and soon after shot another mighty load of semen into her cunt. When I pulled out, she was overflowing, and the only other time I had seen her with a vagina that stretched was on the occasions when she had given birth.
    We have repeated this four times so far. My wife loves it – Frank and I see it as a hot alternative to our normal partner swapping parties. Susan hasn’t had the guts to give it a try so far, but maybe one day … It is definitely something one should experience in one’s sex life!