Friday, August 17, 2012

Mrs B Part 5 - Girls Night Out.

Welcome to Frisky Friday for this week. After a two week hiatus Mrs B and Ryan are back and working their way towards another night of debauchery.

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The rest of Carmen's work week ticked by. The days were unremarkable, typing, filing, phonecalls. Nights were another thing altogether. Whenever she stood in the shower letting the warm water wash over her Carmen would fantasise about Ryan kneeling in front of her with his face buried in her crotch.  Until her marathon night with Ryan Carmen had used her vibrator only sparingly. She had never seemed to need it. This week she not only needed it but she worried that she was going to wear it out with use. Before the basic model seemed all that she would ever need but after a few nights Carmen found herself surfing the internet looking for a more 'advanced' model to try.
On Friday night she had plans to go out for drinks with her girlfriends. The five of them had been friends for forever. They had been bridesmaids at each other's weddings, godparents of each other's children, shoulders to cry on and partners in crime. Of the five of them, Vanessa and Bridie were sickeningly happily married while Jules and Ashley were divorced and methodically making their way through internet dating sites with the occasional light relief with men acquired at bars in search of husband number two. Vanessa and Bridie lived vicariously through Jules and Ashley's adventures while Jules and Ashley despaired of Carmen's determination to live like a spinster. The five of them met regularly for coffee or dinner or occasionally, like tonight, drinks. The drinks nights were sometimes a good way to let off steam but recently they had consisted of Vanessa, Bridie and Carmen watching Jules and Bridie chat up any vaguely attractive men. Sometimes they would try and set Carmen up with someone but after the first few failures they decided to spend their time more productively.
Carmen hurried home from work and jumped in the shower. On the spur of the moment she had chosen a slinky black dress to wear tonight. It had been a long time since she had worn the dress but tonight she felt different somehow. She applied her makeup carefully and checked her hair in the mirror before making her way out of her room into the kitchen. She had heard Jack come home earlier; she guessed by the amount of noise in the kitchen that he had brought some friends home with him. For some reason the idea that one of the friends might be Ryan never entered her head.
The clatter of her heels on the kitchen tiles attracted the attention of the four young men in the kitchen. Their raucous voices quieted as they all looked at her. Carmen's stomach did a somersault as she noticed the hungry look in Ryan's eyes. Suddenly she didn't want to go and meet her friends. She wished that Jack and his other friends were not in the room and that Ryan could bend her over the kitchen bench and fuck her into next week.
"Mum," Jack's voice was a little confused. "Where are you going dressed like that?"
"Just out with the girls." Carmen allowed herself to preen a little. Suddenly she was enjoying the attention and also the fact that Ryan clearly wanted to get his hands on her but had to act cool. She had been worried about the first time she saw him with Jack but now she realised that this could be a whole lot of fun.
"Where are you going that you have to wear a dress like that though?" Jack was still unsure about his mother going out unchaperoned dressed to kill. 
"Nowhere special," Carmen was still enjoying herself teasing Ryan but suddenly realised that she needed to ease Jack into the idea that she wasn't just his frumpy Mum. "Just to Ceasar's palace to have a few drinks." She walked over to him and gave him a hug, "I promise I will be home by midnight and I won't talk to any strange men."
"OK then." Jack still looked a little worried.
"What are you guys planning tonight?" Carmen changed the subject.
"Nothing much," Jack shrugged. "Just gonna hang out at Ethan's and play Xbox and have a few drinks."
"Where is Chloe tonight then?" Carmen suddenly realised that standing next to Jack meant that Ryan could see straight down her cleavage. A sideways glance told her that he had noticed as well and was taking full advantage. There was a small throb between her legs and she felt a trickle of wetness building up.
"Oh she went to her friend's house they are having a session planning her friend's engagement party or something like that." Jack replied.
"OK then." Carmen looked at the clock and realised that while dallying in the kitchen was fun she needed to get going. "I need to get going now." She reached up to kiss her son and waved to his other friends "Bye guys."

She had only just backed her car out of the driveway when her phone pinged. "I am coming!" she shouted to no one, expecting the message to be from Vanessa who was the self-appointed organiser of the group. She pulled over to the side of the road and retrieved her phone from her bag.
Tell me where I can meet you. Seeing you in that dress made me want to do bad things to you.
Carmen's heart skipped a beat. She couldn't back out on meeting the girls just for a rendezvous with some young guy. No matter how hot and well hung he was. Jules and Ashley might understand but Vanessa would never forgive her. Bridie would but only if she gave details. Then a sneaky thought crept into her head.
We will be at Caesar's if you want me you will have to come and find me.
Carmen put her phone in her bag and headed down the road. She had no idea whether Ryan would turn up at Caesar's or not but she was sure of one thing this was not going to be a boring night.

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  1. Lovely! I'm guessing that even if Ryan does make it to 'Ceasers' he would still face a hard time trying to get Carmen's full attention and excuse her away from her girls to do 'those bad things'. However, a good 'tease' never goes out of fashion.