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Mrs B Part 6 - Panties

Welcome to the weekend and this week's edition of Ryan and Mrs B and this week's Firsky Friday. As usual make sure you hop on over to My Dissolute Life   and check out the other entries. If you missed last week's installment of Ryan and Mrs B you can see it here.

"Holy crap Carmen! What is that you are wearing?" Vanessa's eyes almost popped out of her head as Carmen walked up to the four women seated in a corner couch.
Carmen looked down at her dress, suddenly very self-conscious, "Why?" she pulled at the neckline feeling as if every pair of eyes in the entire bar was looking at her cleavage. Ashley put her arm around her in a hug,
"Don't listen to her," she reassured Carmen. "She is just jealous because she doesn't have the guts to wear something like that." Ashley took a sip of her drink. "You look hot by the way."
"Yes you definitely do," Jules arrived from the bar with champagne in hand. "Are you planning on picking up tonight?"
Carmen untangled herself from Ashley and straightened her dress. At the end of the couch Bridie looked on, waiting for the gossip. "No," she laughed. "I just felt like wearing something nice."
"And you look extremely nice," Ashley drained the last from her glass. "Can I interest you in a beverage?"
"I am driving," Carmen began.
Jules groaned, "I knew she wouldn't be totally committed to picking up."
Carmen looked hard at her friend before finishing her sentence. "But I can have one. And if I have more than one I will just have to cab it home and get Jack to drop me back tomorrow to pick up my car." She looked triumphantly at Jules.
"Yahoo," Jules raised her arm in jubilation. "Look out world. Carmen is on the prowl."
Carmen sank into the couch beside Bridie. "How have you been?" she asked her quiet friend. Even though she was the quiet one, Carmen knew Bridie was the one most likely to notice anything out of the ordinary.
"I'm good," Bridie smiled at her. "Something has changed with you though. I haven't seen you like this in a very long while." Bridie squeezed her friend's hand. "I hope he is good to you."
Carmen smiled at her friend. She knew that she wouldn't be able to hide anything from Bridie. She also knew that now she was on the scent Bridie would be dying to know all the gory details. For a few moments Carmen considered whispering some tidbits of her previous weekend. But Ashly arrived back from the bar carrying champagne.
"Shove over," Ashley demanded handing Carmen a glass. Obligingly the women made a space for Ashley on the couch. "Now tell me. Is there any one in here who catches your eye?" Her face was serious as she questioned Carmen. The group laughed. It was early, the bar was only just starting to fill up with well-dressed cougar type women and their younger, and attractive would be suitors. The friends met here because it was a favourite hangout for Jules and Ashley. Carmen didn't usually bother with examining the talent despite Ashley's and Jules' urgings but tonight she looked around the room with some interest. She found herself comparing a few of the men to Ryan. A couple of them were definitely worth a second look but if they made eye contact with her she quickly looked away.
The five women chatted, swapped gossip and laughed. The champagne flowed freely and as they relaxed Carmen allowed Ashley and Jules to take her out for a dance. After one song Ashley disappeared in search of a guy she had spotted earlier in the night. Carmen leaned over to Jules and spoke in her ear,
"I need to pee." She moved towards the ladies and Jules followed her. Standing in the queue for a stall Carmen reached inside her bag and pulled out her phone. The message flashed on to the screen,
                Are you wearing any panties under that dress?"
Carmen looked over her shoulder to check what Jules was up to, fortunately she was chatting to the woman standing behind her in the line. Carmen relaxed and looked back at the screen of her phone. Involuntarily she pressed her knees together as she re read the message. She thought about the black lace she was wearing under her dress. An image of Ryan kneeling in front of her, pulling her knickers down to press his face between her legs sprang into her mind. The line shuffled forwards. Carmen held her phone trying to think of a reply when her phone pinged.
                I bet they are lace
Carmen looked over her shoulder half expecting him to be standing behind her. Jules looked at her curiously,
"Who is texting you then?" she asked.
Carmen put her phone down so Jules couldn't see the screen. She heard it ping but resisted the temptation to look. "No one really," she shrugged. "Just Jack telling me not to wait up for him."
"OK," Jules shrugged. The line moved forward and it was Carmen's turn.
As she sat down on the toilet she looked at her phone,
                I'd love to peek under that dress and see what your panties look like.
She looked down at her panties between her ankles. A shudder went through her. Then her phone pinged again.
                I'd love to take you out into the carpark and fuck you over the bonnet of my car.
Carmen looked at the screen for the longest time. Suddenly she didn't want to be here with Jules, Ashley, Vanessa and Bridie anymore. She wanted to be that girl spread over the bonnet with her dress around her waist being pounded from behind. She didn't care who saw her or how loud she screamed, she just wanted a cock. She reached down and slipped her panties over her ankles and put them in her purse. At least she would be ready for action when the time came.
As she stood at the basin washing her hands Jules came and stood beside her,
"That tall guy at the bar really likes you," she said as she fixed her hair and re-applied her lipstick.
Carmen snorted, "I bet he does. How did you work that out?"
Jules looked at her friend, "He can't stop looking at you."
Carmen sighed, her fantasy of being swept away by Ryan vanished. "Yeh, whatever." She shoved her friend. "I think I might have a bit of a headache coming on. No more champagne for me."
"Don't you pike on us now," Jules sounded plaintive. "Vanessa and Bridie will be heading home soon, and then the real partying can start."
Carmen headed towards the door. She was really sure she didn't want to hang around partying with Jules and Ashley until the wee hours.  As they made their way back to Vanessa and Bridie Carmen looked over to the bar area. Her heart flipped as she noticed him in the shadows. She wasn't sure but it felt like he was looking at her. She wondered if he would notice she wasn't wearing panties.
"I think it might be time for me to head home." Vanessa's voice interrupted her.
"Really?" Carmen was a little disappointed. "Why don't you stay for one last drink? I will shout."
"OK," Vanessa looked a bit reluctant, "Then I WILL have to go."
"Yeh me too," Carmen smiled at her. "I don't want to be Jules' wing lady for the night."
Vanessa laughed.
Carmen made her way to the bar. She ordered their drinks without really looking around her.
"So are you wearing undies then?" Ryan's voice in her ear startled her.
Carmen turned towards him slightly. A secret smile teased the corners of her mouth, "Maybe I am, maybe I am not." The bar tender handed over her change. Carmen opened her handbag to put her change away. Right there beside her purse nestled the black lace that she had removed in the toilet. She considered giving them to Ryan right there but something perverse in her made her decide not to. "I will see you later perhaps," Carmen picked up the drinks from the bar and made her way over to her friends.
As she walked away she felt his eyes burning into her ass. Her knees were weak but she didn't look back.
"I told you that tall guy was checking you out," Jules pounced on her as soon as she returned. "What did he say?"
Carmen looked nonchalant, "He just asked me if I was wearing any underwear," she said it as casually as her thumping heart would allow.
There were squeals of delight, Bridie frowned," I wish it wasn't so dark in here. He kind of looks familiar."
Carmen studied her friend. Of all of them Bridie was the one who was most likely to recognise Ryan. The rest wouldn't. Carmen took a sip of her drink. She had deliberately kept her back to the bar because she didn't want to risk Ryan catching her eye again. Her thoughts were interrupted by a hand on her shoulder.
"Excuse me ladies," Ryan addressed the four women opposite Carmen. "I just need to steal your friend for a song." Ryan guided her onto the dance floor where he wrapped her in his arms and pressed his knee between her thighs.
"I couldn't wait any longer," his voice was hot in her ear. "I had to feel your body." He reached down and placed his hands over her ass, pulling her even closer to him. Carmen squirmed, grinding her breasts against his chest. "Plus it is killing me that you may not be wearing panties under this."
Carmen didn't answer. She was lost in his smell and the feel of his body against hers. She ground her pelvis against his leg and reached down between them to caress his bulging cock. The song ended. She reached down and opened her purse.
"I will meet you in the carpark in 10 minutes," she said as she handed him her damp black panties before walking back to her friends.
Back at the table she drained her drink as her stunned friends. "What was THAT!" Jules demanded.
Carmen didn't answer her. "I am gonna go home now." She wasn't sure where to look. "I will call you all soon."
"You better," Jules' voice followed her out of the bar.

I apologise for the lack of illustrations this week but our internet is super slow today and I don't have the patience for it. Images will be back on track next week.

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