Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out of the Bottle


Welcome to this week's Wicked Wednesday. This week Rebel has chosen this photo as a prompt.

Source: Athena Carey Photography

 It seemed a little chiched to me but my mind immediately went down a certain path and to following story came into being. As always make sure you head on over to Wicked Wednesday to check out the other Wicked Entries.

Afternoon sun slanted across the bay as Thomas crunched his way over the sand. In front of him his Jack Russell terrier, Nipper , frolicked in the waves, returning every now and then to make sure his master was OK before darting away again on an urgent mission. The sun dropped lower, as the chill permeated his body Thomas wrapped his jacket around him. 

"Nipper!" he shouted to his pet who was sniffing around the dunes. Thomas didn't wait for Nipper to respond but started heading towards the pathway that led through the dunes to the park in front of their house. When he reached the top of the pathway he realised that Nipper had not followed him. Tutting in annoyance he made his way back towards the beach,

"Nipper!" he shouted tersely. There was a scurry of little paws and Nipper appeared toiling up the pathway with something in his mouth. "What's that you've got," Thomas bent down and pulled a pink glass bottle from Nipper's mouth. "Yuck Nipper!" Thomas held the bottle gingerly trying to avoid getting dog slobber all over him. He turned the bottle around looking at it. At first glance it looked like a drink bottle but there was no label on it and when he looked closely there seemed to be gold etching all over it. Nipper rushed on ahead towards home. "Wait for me!" Thomas shouted making his way up the path. 

Once home he set the bottle on the sink and went about making dinner for Nipper and himself. It wasn't until after the dishes were washed and he was pouring himself a wine that Thomas thought about the bottle again.
Making his way over to the sink Thomas picked up the bottle. He looked curiously at the whorls and patterns that the etching formed over the whole bottle. He was reminded of the fancy bottles that his friend Maggie sold at the markets on the weekend. But this was definitely not one of hers. The artwork was too detailed and exacting. He rinsed the bottle under the tap to remove Nipper's slobber and the sand from the beach that had mixed with it. Reaching for the tea towel he carefully wiped the bottle dry. Now that it was clean he held it up to the light watching the way the gold from the etching sparkled.

A faint pink mist poured out of the neck of the bottle. Thomas frowned and turned the bottle so that he could see inside. There was definitely nothing in there. He sniffed and noticed that his kitchen suddenly seemed filled with the scent of jasmine. He looked over at Nipper sleeping soundly in his basket. Then he heard a soft whispering sound. He turned his head and gasped in surprise. Beside him was standing a semi naked woman. 

She wore a loose pair of pants that rested on her hips. They were made of a soft, pink, translucent type of fabric. He could see the white glow of her thighs glimmering faintly beneath. Her long dark hair hung over her breasts covering them completely. Liquid brown eyes, outlined with kohl, regarded him curiously.
"Hello," her voice was soft and musical and made him think of warm gardens filled with white flowers.
"Hello," Thomas didn't really know what to say. Instinctively he knew where she had come from. His problem was that he didn't know what to do with her now that she was here. 

The woman didn't have any such qualms. She brushed her hair aside to reveal a set of high firm breasts, capped with pink erect nipples. "You are cute," she smiled and her eyes took on a mischievous twinkle. "I am glad my bottle found you." 

She stepped forward and stood close enough to Thomas to be almost touching him. "This is definitely too much clothing," she murmured and made a small gesture with her hand. Suddenly Thomas' shirt was folded neatly on the kitchen chair and his trousers hung over the back of the chair looking as if they had just been ironed. Nipper slumbered on in the corner, completely oblivious. 

"That is much better." The woman nodded in approval. She reached out and touched his chest with feathery light caresses. "I do like a man who keeps himself in shape without having all those ugly muscles." She said almost as if to herself. 

Her touch became firmer, exploring Thomas' chest and belly before travelling around his back to gently squeeze his buttocks. Her breasts were pressed against his chest and the smell of jasmine surrounded both of them. Thomas inhaled her scent noting the undertone of musky female arousal. His cock stirred in his boxers and the woman pressed her crotch against him. 

"Mmmmmm," she sighed against him. Her lips fell open and Thomas could see her pink tongue resting against perfect white teeth. She brought her hands around to slip them inside the waistband of Thomas' boxers. Her slender fingers wrapped around the velvet of his shaft as it stiffened further. For a moment her eyes opened wide and she caught her bottom lip between her teeth as she massaged his cock. 

"Yesss," she sighed again. "The bottle chose very well." She pushed his boxers down around his ankles before falling onto her knees in front of him. Her full red lips opened and she slid them down around Thomas' cock. With a small moan of satisfaction she sucked him greedily. Waves of pleasure washed over Thomas as he felt his cock sliding down the back of her throat. The woman's head bobbed up and down on his shaft eagerly, as if she had been starving for a man's cock for fifty years. Her fingers worked their way around his buttocks until one was resting against his starfish. Thomas quivered. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen but he didn't care, he had never felt so good. 

Then she slipped her finger inside him. Thomas let out a low moan. He felt her finger moving slightly inside him,

"You like that don’t you?" Her voice sounded inside his head as she looked up at him, still holding his cock firmly in her mouth. 

Thomas nodded weakly. He gripped the kitchen bench for support, unsure how long he would be able to stay standing. 

Her finger made its way a little further inside him. Thomas could feel the pressure building up. He knew he was going to cum soon and it would be hard. 

"That's it," her voice whispered enticingly inside his head. "I want to taste your cum. All of it." 

Thomas groaned as he emptied himself into her mouth. Greedily she sucked him drinking the cum that had built up inside him since his girlfriend had left him three months ago. With it he felt all the angst and pain of the break up leaving him. For the first time in weeks he felt light and happy and horny as hell. He looked down at the woman kneeling on his kitchen floor wearing nothing but gossamer pink trousers and stroked her hair,

"I don't know how you got here but I sure am glad you made it." He murmured to her.

Gracefully she stood up and looked into his eyes, "The bottle takes me to where I need to go." She bowed her head. "Although I too am glad he chose you." She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his softening cock. 

Magically, Thomas felt himself stiffening in her hand, "I am gonna like having you around if you can do that all the time," he breathed.

The woman smiled up at him like a little girl in a lolly shop, "Oh that is just a party trick. I am still getting warmed up." 

Ever since I thought of this idea I have had this song stuck in my head. I just had to share it with you all.



  1. Wonderful story! Love it! So imaginative and the scene setting is beautiful.

  2. And here I am thinking that genies can only be funny fat men *grins*

    Lovely story!

    Rebel xox

    1. After writing this I kind of have a whole different perspective on "I Dream of Genie"

  3. Hot story! I hope I find that bottle next ;)

  4. very sexy and I love the promise of where it can go next. :)

  5. Sex in a bottle... what a perfect idea!


  6. I'm off to rub any bottle I can find.. :)

    Pea ~x~

  7. Oh such a lovely story! Such loveliness in a bottle - I want one!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. Such a clever story and an imaginative use of the prompt! My favorite moment is certainly the one where she tells Thomas that she wants to taste his cum. Being told such a thing is the pinnacle of "hot" for me, and had it been me I most certainly would have obliged.


    1. I often say that to people. Although I would like to just put the words in the guy's mind the way the genie did!

  9. Thanks guys for the great feedback. I always appreciate good comments and I love to know that what I write gives people pleasure x.

  10. Oh my fucking gosh! I just love this one!