Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Club


I originally started writing this piece for last week's Wicked Wednesday theme. Unfortunately life conspired against me. However this week the Superwoman cape is firmly back in place and I present "The Club"

This story is based on one of my top ranking fantasies at the moment. Jake has told me that it will possibly come to pass sometime soon so here's hoping! As always make sure you visit the Wicked Wednesday page to check out all the other wickedness!

Muffled music filtered through the big red wooden door of the club as Jen stood waiting for Sir to pay their entrance fee. The sound of conversation and laughter mixed with the music making Jen even more nervous. She pulled at the hemline of her dress and fiddled with her hair.
"Your dress is not too short, you hair is fine and if you don’t want me to take you over my knee as soon as we go inside I would suggest that you stop fidgeting." Sir's voice was hot in Jen's ear.
Jen's insides turned to mush. Her buttocks quivered and a warm trickle of wetness coated the tops of her thighs. As they walked through the door Sir rested his hand on the small of Jen's back, just above the curve of her butt. Mentally she willed his hand lower hoping for his firm palm to cup her buttock and then perhaps slip his finger between her legs.
The door opened and they stepped into the club. Sensual music surrounded them as Jen looked around. She had never been to a place like this and she had no idea what to expect. A little disappointingly, it seemed rather ordinary. At least at first glance. At one end of the room was a stage with three brass poles. A stunning woman wound herself around the metal skilfully turning and writhing to allow her audience glimpses of her cleavage and buttocks. At the other end of the room a bar was manned by a stern looking gentleman with a crew cut. His face was impassive as he worked efficiently serving drinks and snacks.
In between couches were scattered around in such a way as to invite small groups of people to collect and socialise. Holding Jen's elbow, Sir made his way over to a group of people. The men greeted him and Sir introduced her to the people in the group. A middle aged man named Geoffrey embraced her,
"I had heard that Keith had a new friend. I must say you are by far more lovely than any of your predecessors."
Jen was unsure of the protocol. She looked down at her toes, "Thank you." She murmured softly.
Geoffrey chuckled softly, "You haven't been here before have you?"
Jen shook her head, "No." She braved a look at the man in front of her. Her breath caught at the undisguised lust she saw in his eyes.
"How about we sit?" Geoffrey guided Jen to a space on the couch. Gracefully she sat and he sat very close to her. Jen noticed, with a small sense of relief that Sir was watching her as he chatted to a couple of men slightly younger than Geoffrey. Beside her on the couch Geoffrey rested his hand on her knee,
"This place is where people come to act out their fantasies and desires." His voice was hot in her ear. Warmth radiated out of Jen's belly. "Look around, what do you see?"
Almost reluctantly Jen looked around. She noticed that many people were undressed to certain degrees. In a corner she saw a woman kneeling in front of a man sucking his cock while another man watched holding his erection in his hand. For the first time she noticed a doorway leading into another room. Through the doorway she could see the naked buttocks of a man pumping against an unseen partner. The whole club took on an erotic other worldly feeling. She looked at the men Sir was talking to again. For the first time she noticed how tight and firm their buttocks looked. She imagined wrapping her hands around them as she sucked their cocks.
"Do you like the look of those men?" Geoffrey's voice interrupted her fantasy.
Jen nodded, "Yes." Her voice was a whisper.
Geoffrey gave an imperceptible nod to Sir who stepped away from the gentlemen and made his way over to Jen.
"I have a task for you," he smiled down at her and held out his hand.
Jen's heart did a little flip as she stood gracefully and followed Sir to the doorway she had noticed earlier. As they entered the room Jen looked around. Bent over a vault horse in the corner was a naked woman with her legs spread. A man with his shirt unbuttoned and his pants around his ankles fucked her from behind while another man dressed the same way fucked her mouth. Jen could see red handprints across her white buttocks. The room smelled of sex in a way that Jen had never experienced before. The feeling of being in a dream became stronger.
Sir led her over to a wall. "Take off your dress." He commanded.
Jen looked around at Geoffrey and the other two men that had been chatting to Sir. They were talking amongst themselves but she knew that all three were watching her out of the corner of their eyes.
"Remember I will always keep you safe." His voice whispered in her ear. It was just what Jen needed to hear. Quickly she slipped out of her dress to stand before the room dressed in her bra, panties and stockings.
"Kneel here," Sir indicated a space by the wall. Obediently Jen kneeled. By now she had an idea of what her task would be and the wetness and throbbing between her legs drove her to obey almost as much as the insistence in Sir's voice.
Geoffrey was standing in front of her as she knelt. His pants were unzipped and he held his erection in his hand. Without being instructed Jen opened her red lips to invite him in. The skin of his cock was smooth and soft as he slid slowly into her. She played her tongue over his head and then sank his shaft deeper into the back of her throat craving the feeling of him pressing into her. They stayed like that for what seemed like minutes as he curled his fingers into her hair,
"Good girl." He whispered to her. "You look so hot sucking me like that."
Jen pulled back and looked up at Geoffrey. Behind him she could see Sir watching her. His face seemed impassive but she could tell by the glint in his eye that he approved of her performance and that he was excited by what he saw. She turned her attention back to the cock in her mouth, sliding her lips down further over him until her nose pressed against his belly. Geoffrey's hand was firm against the back of her head now and she tasted the sweet-salt of his precum. A spasm shuddered through her and she sucked harder and faster seeking the taste of his cum.
She was rewarded quickly. Geoffrey stiffened and grunted quietly as his cock pulsed his cum into her mouth. Jen held her head carefully she didn't want to spill any. Suddenly Sir was beside her,
"Show me," he whispered urgently.
Geoffrey slid his cock out of her mouth with a sigh of pleasure, "That was as hot as I had hoped. Thank you." He smiled at Sir. Jen looked up at Sir. She allowed herself a small, self-satisfied smile.
"Show me," he whispered urgently to her. Obediently, Jen opened her mouth to show him Geoffrey's cum stored safely. A look of lust, mixed with pride came across Sir's face as he looked down at her. "Good girl." He whispered. He gestured to the man Jen had admired earlier. "This is Simon. He wants to cum across your pretty face."
Simon had his pants open and his cock held in his hand the same way that Geoffrey had. Jen swallowed Geoffrey's cum and looked up at him.
"You have the most beautiful eyes," Simon whispered to her as he stroked his cock across her lips. "You want to suck this cock?" he asked softly.
Jen didn't answer. Instead she turned her head and took his cock between her wet lips. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock as he sank between her lips. She sucked him hard and fast, wrapping her hand around his ass the way she had fantasised earlier in the night. His ass was firm and tight and she gripped him firmly, pressing his cock deep into her throat groaning in pleasure as his excitement. She became aware of another man standing next to them watching intently as he stroked himself. Suddenly she was overwhelmed by greed. She wanted this cock and the one beside her.
Her hands wrapped tighter around Simon's ass as she greedily sucked him, all the time watching the man beside her stroking himself. Simon's grunts of pleasure filled the room before he whispered to her, "I need to cum on your face."
He pulled his cock out of her lips as the first warm spurt welled up and covered her lips and cheeks. Jen's hands cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples as Simon groaned his pleasure. A second jet of cum covered her face and hair as Simon leaned against the wall above her head.  Beside her there was a groan as the second man emptied himself over her breasts.
Jen looked up at Sir. "I need to fuck," she gasped. "Please."
Sir held his hand out to her. "I believe you have earned your reward." He smiled into her face as she stood beside him. He turned to the three men who had just emptied themselves into and onto her.
"Thank you gentlemen. I trust she was enjoyable."
Geoffrey smiled warmly at Jen, "Most certainly."
Sir placed a robe around Jen's shoulders. "This way my beautiful girl," he said softly. "I think we have earned ourselves a little privacy." He led her to another doorway at the back of the room. Inside was a bed covered with clean white sheets. Gently he laid her down on the bed and opened the robe. With a sigh of intense pleasure he smeared the cum over her breasts looking down at her intently before he turned to close the door on the club.
Source:Tongues and Lips


  1. Tremendously sexy story! We can see why the fantasy on which this is based is so high-ranking! We hope it comes true (if you want it to).

  2. My oh my! This piece got me stroking myself so much that i had to type this with precum on my fingers. I hope to visit a club like this someday and meet my own 'Head Duchess'.

    That Bloody Pervert

  3. mmmm I would love to go to a club like this and be the one to follow my Sir's orders all evening :)

    Rebel xox