Sunday, August 5, 2012

The V word

Recently I was watching an episode of a news / current affairs program that airs in prime time in Australia The Project. The show is compered by a group of comedians / social commentatiors and features discussions around news / social issues of the day. I caught the end of a discussion about panty liner advertisement that has recently been aired and is causing some comment.

OH MY GOD!!!!! They used the word 'vagina' on prime time TV!!!!! I think I am going to report The Project for using such offensive words in the hearing of my children's sensitive ears!!!! Not to mention that I now have to explain to my nine year old what vaginal discharge is!!!

Seriously though, this clip highlights a whole raft of things that are unhealthy about the way our culture views sex and womens bodies. Steve Price went from one exrtreme to another in that little clip. I was expecting something like his comment about the use of the 'V' word. Not that it was any less sad. I mean really, that is the name for it. We don't say 'the thing on your face we see with' when we are talking about our eye. So what is the big deal? I am pretty sure Steve doesn't hesitate to use words like 'moron' and other 'colourful' language in his daily radio life (I must be honest I have never listened to his radio show and I don't plan to start any time soon!) but to describe an anatomically correct body part descriptor as colourful language? I do feel a tad sorry for his daughters.

He did redeem himself though with his comment about using an average woman rather than some hottie with a perfectly flat stomach. I totally agree. There should be more average women on television everywhere. Steve himself is not that fantastic to look at and I am damn sure that if Carrie Bickmore was the femal equivalent of Steve in the looks department the she would not be sitting next to him on that panel. No matter how talented she is at steering conversations between opinionated men to something that makes great television. 

Another thing that really stood out watching that was how much the Carefree lady struggled with saying the 'V' word on TV. I had a little chuckle watching that one as I imagined the converstation with her boss.

lady;       "You want me to go on The Project and say WHAT!!!"
her boss; "No matter what they ask you you must use the word Vagina at least once."
lady;        "Are you serious? I can't do that!! I will die of shame."
her boss;  "Why not? It is just the name of another body part."
lady;        "You don't actually believe that rubbish do you? That is just something we made up so the public will think we are progressive and cool and they will buy our product."
her boss;  "I am well aware of that. How do you think we will look if our customers see the campaign spokeswoman on prime time television using a euphamisim. Suck it up and toe the line."
lady;         "You are right.


  1. I suppose everyone would have been happier if she'd said "cunt" on television.

    Seriously, though, I see that we in the U.S. aren't the only ones who get their nose out of joint over such things. I recall during Clinton's impeachment in the late 1990s that the prime time news was full of references to penises, vaginas, and oral sex - but that just goes to show that it's okay to talk about these things when condemning sex between consenting adults. It's still not okay to discuss them in a healthy, positive fashion.


    1. I always wonder why people get so stressed about sex between consenting adults in movies but they are totally cool with a guy shooting multiple victims or car chases that are massively destructive.

      Somehow It seems that we have gotten things the wrong way around.

  2. Agreed, and while I do not plan to sit my children down and have explicit discussions about my own sex life or theirs when the time comes, I do not and will not shy away from talking openly and frankly about their body parts (using proper names instead of "baby talk") and the functions of the parts as well as some of the reactions and the various excretions that are PERFECTLY NORMAL in the majority of bodies, mostly so that if anything abnormal were to be happening they would have some clue that consulting a doctor quickly was important.....

  3. We have been having many conversations with our children about such topics and others that are a bit more sticky of late. It can be quite challenging.