Saturday, September 1, 2012

Four in the Bed

Just recently Jake and I celebrated a good friend's birthday with her. The evening was just what I needed at the time. Relaxed and comfortable with a few drinks, a spa and a bed. We got takeaway so we could sit around and eat with a minimum of clothing. The girls looked at each other's clothing and tried various things on. I was reminded of a few things that I hadn't really thought of that I truly value about this lifestyle that we find ourselves in.

Firstly women are gorgeous, right from their breasts to their pussies. A pussy can truly be a work of art. Secondly a pussy with a cock going into it is a stunning sight to behold, especially when it is on the bed right next to you and you can see taste and smell it.

So this little piece is for you my cock-a-sseur friend. I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend. 

Four naked bodies twist together on the bed while lips explore other lips. Hands roam freely over breasts and buttocks, caressing and stroking. I watch you as you suck my husband's cock. The look of pleasure on his face is one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. My hand travels down to caress your lover's member. He stiffens in my grasp and his breath sighs in my ear. I squirm as his fingers pinch my nipples before he bends down and sucks one nipple and then the other gently between his lips. 

Your lover's hand travels downwards over my belly to the top of my slit. His fingers stroke me gently before he places his tongue on my pussy. Liquid fire flares through me, and my body responds the way it always does. Liquid trickles down my thighs and coats your lover's face. He buries his head further into me as if he craves the taste of my juice. The feeling is intense. Sometimes so intense it is painful. I ride it like a wave, hoping it will never end. 

He lifts his face away from me. My juice runs down his chin as he looks at both of us sprawled beside each other on the bed. My body feels as if it will melt into the bed. You lover looks over at you before he pulls you towards him. He presses your knees apart beside you and your feet rest on his shoulders. He strokes your slick wet opening with his cock and you spasm in pleasure. You are so open for him and so aching for him to fill you.  

Slowly he feeds himself into you. You sigh in pleasure as his cock fills you. He spreads your legs so that I can watch him fucking you slowly. His cock draws all the way out and then presses deeply into you as you moan in pleasure. Your pussy looks like a flower as it grips his cock. You giggle a little but it isn't laughter it is your happy, pleasure sound. Your lover pushes harder and you moan even more. 

He turns you over so that you are kneeling on the bed. My husband and I press our bodies against yours, stroking your soft skin and sucking your nipples. As you spasm in pleasure your juice squirts out wetting your lover's thighs and the bed. I touch your pussy seeking the node of your pleasure and pressing my fingers inside you beside your lover's cock. It is intense. I curl my finger around seeking out your g-spot so that I can tease and tantalise you. I feel your body spasm with pleasure pushing your lover's cock and my finger out of you but we both press against you keeping ourselves inside you.

After a while we change partners. My husband puts his arms around you from behind. His cock is rubbing against you pressing against the entrance to your pussy. I lean down and lick you, your pussy is soaked with your juice and tastes so sweet. I press my tongue into you, exploring your folds and crevices. My husband holds you as you squirm in pleasure. 

When it is over the four of us lie together in a pile, happy and satisfied. For the moment. 


  1. Mayne, this is fucking intense! I wish i possessed this kind of descriptive power.
    Thumb up!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep working on it!

  2. Very sexy post with a very sexy pic. I hope one day my husband and I find the right couple to have such fun with. Something that is more of an intimate friendship with another couple would be fantastic.