Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heart Shaped Box


This week Rebel chose the following prompt for Wicked Wednesday;

I struggled with the prompt a bit but Kurt Cobain got me over the line.

"I've been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks," Kurt Cobain's voice drawled through Stella's headphones as she stared out of the bus window. Outside grey stone buildings slid by. Inside men wearing suits and carrying briefcases jostled with women wearing 'business attire' and sporting perfect hairstyles. Interspersed between them was the occasional student, like Stella, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with some slogan on it. 

The bus stopped jolted to a stop outside an imposing building with a massive glass revolving door. Suits and hairstyles filed down the steps to the pavement before they either disappeared through the door or mingled into the crowd of other suits and hairstyles rushing down the street. With a sigh Stella stretched over the seat beside her revelling in the space. Then she saw HER. As always she was dressed beautifully; today she was wearing a flowery summer dress that squeezed her milky breasts into a deep cleavage. Her full red lips, painted with bright red lipstick stretched into a smile as she made her way down the aisle of the bus towards Stella. 

"Hello," Dream Girl's sensuous voice thrilled through Stella as she sat in the seat beside her. Stella's heart was almost pounding out of her chest as she watched Dream Girl demurely arranging the full skirt of her dress over her knees. To hide her awkwardness, Stella busied herself putting her headphones away in the backpack nestled at her feet. 

"So you have Politics this morning don't you?" Dream Girl didn't seem to notice Stella's awkwardness.

"Yeh," Stella felt a breath of relief at the start of a normal conversation. "Not until 10 though. I thought I might go to the library and do some reading." 

"That sounds riveting," Dream Girl replied. Stella couldn't take her eyes of Dream Girl's lips. For the millionth time she wondered what they would taste like. 

"Yep," Stella quipped, hoping like hell Dream Girl didn't notice her staring at her lips. "It is THE most exciting thing I have planned all year."

Dream Girl laughed. "You are funny." Both girls smiled at each other for a moment before Dream Girl looked down with a small pucker in her brow. Stella sensed an internal debate before she seemed to come to a resolution. "Would you like to come for a coffee with me instead?" Her voice was full of uncertainty. She leaned forward and put her hand on Stella's thigh, "Please." 

A faint minty toothpaste smell came from between the full red lips, so close to her face, tempting her.  The temptation became too much for Stella and she leaned forward to kiss the girl she had fantasised about for so long. Their lips met softly and tentatively tasting each other before Stella put her hand on the back of Dream Girl's head to push their lips more firmly together. Dream Girl tasted of cherry flavoured lip gloss, Stella wanted to lick every drop off those soft, full lips. Reluctantly she pulled away to look into her eyes.  "Sure." She whispered as she pushed a tendril of hair out of Dream Girl's face. Her fingertips stroked down her neck and trailed into that deep tempting cleavage. 

The reality of the bus and the people around them seemed to disappear as they looked hungrily at each other. Stella didn't want to go to the library, or to her stupid lecture on politics. She wanted to take this beautiful creature home, undress her and spend the day exploring those luscious curves and discovering the secret things that made her gasp with pleasure. A sudden jolt brought her back to reality and she noticed that they had reached the university stop.

"This is us," Stella motioned towards the back door of the bus where a few disinterested looking students were making their way down the steps. Dream Girl gathered her bag and made her way down the aisle with Stella close behind. Out at the entrance to the university they paused looking at each other hungrily. 

"You know I have gotten on that bus every morning for a week trying to work up the courage to ask you for a coffee," Dream Girl grabbed at Stella's hand as she made to walk into the campus. 

Stella stepped close to her so that their bodies were not quite touching. Their breaths mingled as she spoke, "I have been fantasising about kissing you for much longer than that."
Dream Girl pulled Stella closer so that their bodies were resting against each other. Stella felt a throbbing heat between her legs. "I am glad that you did," Dream Girl murmured as she slipped her hand into the back of Stella's jeans pulling her against her thigh. "You taste so yummy." 

The two young women leaned against the fence, oblivious to the world passing them by as they kissed deeply. As their tongues probed into each other's mouths, their hands sought out the softness and the curves of each other. After long moments they broke apart. 

"Do you really want to go to your lecture?" Dream Girl looked at Stella longingly.

"Hell no!" Stella replied. "I want to take you back to my house, put you in my bed and spend the rest of the day finding out how to make you scream."

Dream girl looked at her challengingly, "Well what are you waiting for then?"


  1. Great job with the story and the prompt; bonus points for tying it into Nirvana. While I love their entire discography, there's something about Heart-Shaped Box that takes might right back to my senior year of high school.


  2. Ohhh I want to meet dream girl on the bus too... Beautifully written piece that builds the sexual tension and then leaves you to use your imagination to fill in the next bit.


  3. I love the way you can picture both parties in this piece. I could see dream girl easily in my mind and think that there should definitely be a part two.. ahem.. coff coff

  4. There is so much promise in the last sentence: "Well what are you waiting for then?"

    Beautifully written!

    Rebel xox

  5. loved it Gemma, I picture Stella looking a lot like you, and well, no points for guessing who I cast as the other female..... *blush* something so alluring about the soft, sweet, sexy ones!

  6. I think you penned a long since thought of many a woman.. There's always one spectacularly beautiful/kooky girl you see many times, that you long to kiss.. and more..


    Pea ~x~