Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hotel of Dreams


Welcome to Wicked Wednesday for 5 September. The prompt for this week was the Pussycat Dolls "Don't Cha" I have chosen to use a story that came to me last weekend when we were away with our special friends. As always make sure you head on over to Wicked Wednesday to check out the other Wicked entries.  

Leanne and Jason turned the key in the door of the hotel room. The door swung open and they dragged their suitcases inside. Eagerly Leanne pushed past Jason to check out their room.

"Oh My God!" she squealed. "Jase you have to come and check this out!"

Dragging the suitcase behind him Jason took hurried down the short hallway to stand beside his wife. It was everything the website promised. A massive king sized bed dominated the room competing for attention with the spa that sat beside the window overlooking the ocean. A sliding glass door opened out onto a balcony. Unable to resist Jason opened the door and stepped out into the warmth. The smell of ocean air filled his lungs.

"It's perfect," he sighed to his wife. "And you know what is even better?" 

Leanne came and stood beside him, "What?"

"There are no kids and so we can do whatever we like all weekend." He reached out placed one hand on either side of his wife's hips and guided her to the railing. As she leaned on the railing he lifted her dress and slipped his hands inside her panties. "Like we can take these off." The panties slipped down over her knees. He slipped his hand between her thighs. 

"Good God woman you are soaking," he moaned in her ear. "I do think I will have to take advantage of that." His fingers fumbled with his board shorts for a few moments before they fell to the ground. Holding his erection he pressed himself between her thighs.
Leanne sighed and opened her legs wider, "I was wondering how long it would take you." She smiled up at him. 

"Well my mother always told me not to waste any opportunities in life." He stroked his cock against her opening for a few moments, enjoying the slick feeling of her juice coating his cock and fingers. It wasn't long though. The temptation to sink into her warm moist depths was too much and with a sigh he slid his entire length into her. 

"Oh baby you have the best cock," Leanne moaned softly as she pushed her hips back against his belly. 

"And it loves to fuck your hot pussy," he grunted softly into her ear. Jason gripped Leanne's hips driving deeply into her. There was the sound of a cough on the neighbouring balcony and Jason glanced over to see another couple watching them. Like themselves the woman was leaning against the railing of the balcony. Her breasts were naked and her sarong was pushed aside to allow her husband to stroke her ass with his cock. Mesmerised Jason stopped thrusting as he watched them. Wetness glistened on the woman's round tanned ass before the man slid his cock into her entrance for a few strokes before he pulled out and continued to pleasure himself with his hand and his wife's ass. 

Excitement surged through Jason. He leaned down and whispered in Leanne's ear, "Honey look to the left." Leanne turned her head towards the couple that was watching them. Jason felt her pussy quiver around his cock. 

Source: what turns me on
"Fuck," she murmured to him. I don't know what is hotter, them watching us fucking or us watching them fucking." She sighed in pleasure and her hand slipped down between her legs to rub her aching clit. "The way he is stroking her ass is so fucking hot." A small shudder went through her and her finger worked harder. "Fuck me hard baby, I think I am gonna cum." Jason knew that tense note well. He responded accordingly. He could feel the pressure of his own orgasm building, throbbing at the base of his cock. Leanne's whimpers were getting louder and more intense. On the next balcony the sound of women's moans was joined by the slap of her husband's belly against her ass. 

Leanne almost screamed her orgasm seconds before Jason pumped his cum into her. He slumped forward holding her close to him inhaling the smell of her as it mingled with the smell of the ocean. Slowly she relaxed under him as the tension of her week left her. He turned his head but the couple on the next balcony were gone. For a moment he wondered if they would see them again but his wife stirred under him,

"Get off you big lump." She teased. "I am going to check out the spa."

Jason lifted himself off her, "It's hot. I think we should go check out the pool first." 

"OK then," Leanne's childish excitement returned. "I will just get my kini." 

Jason tipped his cap over his face as he sprawled on the sun lounge. There was nothing that could make this day any better. There was sun, he had beer and his sexy wife was sprawled in a lounge beside him. His mind wandered to the couple on the neighbouring balcony. It had been many years since he had watched a couple have sex. He hadn't realised that Leanne would be so into it. In his shorts his cock stirred at the memory of that guy smearing pussy juice and pre-cum over his wife's round ass. Fuck it was hot. He wondered what it would be like to plunge his cock into a cunt that had just been fucked by someone else. It would be hot watching that guy pleasuring Leanne with his cock that way, teasing her a little before fucking the crap out of her. In his mind his fantasy ran on. After the mystery guy filled her with his cum Jason wanted to bury his face between her legs and lick out that creampie.

The warmth of the sun suddenly stopped and Jason moved his cap to look up at the lovely body of the woman from the next balcony,

"Well hello there neighbour," the woman smiled at him. A tiny bikini barely covered her pussy. Jason's eyes were drawn to the V between her legs. He sniffed and thought he could catch a whiff of her musky arousal scent.  "That was a pretty hot show you and your wife gave us before," 

Jason squirmed, his cock throbbing in his shorts. "Thanks." He said awkwardly.

"Our room number is 1123 if you feel like dropping by for a drink later." She winked at him. Jason turned his head to the lounge where Leanne lay. Mr Neighbour was perched on the side of the lounge chatting and laughing with Leanne. Jason's fantasy returned stronger than ever. 

"Sure," he heard himself saying.

Source: Hey Sexy Time
"Great," the woman nodded her head at him. "Your wife has a hot ass," she winked at Jason before she turned and wandered away to find her own lounge to bask in the warm sun. 

Jason watched her go. This was definitely going to be a weekend to remember.


  1. I want to go on this holiday.... sounds delicious.


  2. mmm we already have a hotel booked. I wonder if that also will be the Hotel of Dreams ;)

    Lovely story!

    Rebel xox

  3. Jake and I just read this together, and now he wants to have sex on our balcony...except it doesn't have a lovely beach view lol. Super hot story, I vote for a part 2!

  4. Brilliant story telling, you wind it up and leave us hanging for more! :-)

  5. Mmmm... I need to get a booking in that hotel! ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. Such a sexy story! Jason's exultation over the lack of children is very familiar to us. The first time we had a weekend away from our daughter we stayed in a hotel and inadvertently woke up our neighbors during a very energetic early-morning fuck.

  7. Nice! You might want to correct the little typos though. Nice still!

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I need to keep on top of that.

  8. Hot, steamy, sexy.....I want to be there!!!

    ~Mia~ xx