Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jake's Birthday Present

Recently Jake celebrated his birthday. He is a bit sensitive about his age so we won't discuss how old he is but he does like to mark his birthday in a fitting way. Jake usually goes to great lengths to ensure that I have a great birthday and so I often feel a bit under the pump to respond in kind. Previous birthday gifts / surprises include me organising for two of our female friends to come for a visit a naked blindfolded Jake. This year I have opted for a different kind of experience. As we have mentioned in a previous TMI post Jake and I are slowly exploring the world of anal play. 
To this end I decided to purchase Jake some toys. Or rather, I decided to purchase some toys for me to use on him. In the interest of good hygiene these toys will never be used on anyone else, so they are, by default his. Strapons are something that I have been curious about but I am really undsure of how to decide what is a good one and what is not. Partly because of this and partly out of curiousity I was leaning towards a prostate massager thinking that would be a great experience to give a guy. 
So I headed off into the wonderful world of the internet and found a great Australian sex toy retailer Femplay. Much to my excitement I discovered that my budget would stretch to a beginner level strap on AND a a Lelo "Bob" prostate massager. I had explored some Lelo toys in person in an Audlt shop and I have to say I am in love with the material they are made out of. Happy days. One of the great things about buying from Femplay is the next day delivery. So the next day after Jake came home from work for lunch the package arrived. He was excited to unwrap his new toys and explore the silky smooth surface of Bob, wonder about the harness and size of the strap on before he had to go back to work for the afternoon.

Yes I am a mean slave-driving wife but the thing with working for yourself is that there isn't anyone breathing down your neck to make the work happen, unless it is your wife.
There are no prizes for guessing what the request that I couldn't refuse was THAT night. We were both a bit nervous about what was ahead of us but we delved in. After some cock sucking and other warming up foreplay we retrieved Bob from his little box. He is a reasonable size, in fact I thought, "Is that it?" when I held it in my hand. But really the size is perfect for the beginners that we are. A friend once told me about a time when she 'lost' a butt plug inside the guy she was playing with. Ever since then I have been very nervous about something like that happening to me. I was very careful to keep my finger through the loop at the end of Bob that has been put there for the exact purpose. 
With a fair bit of lube and some exploring we slipped Bob inside Jake. We were both surprised at how Jake's body responded to the new stimulus. He says it is one of the most amazing feelings he has ever had. Clearly the shape of Bob means he hits all the right places and causes some pretty intense feelings. Jake did stroke himself a little as I gently moved Bob in and out of him but he said he wanted to focus mainly on the feelings inside his ass. For me I loved the feeling of being able to watch his face as I gave him intense pleasure. I am certain that he had a very intense orgasm of sorts but there was no ejaculation.  This was a great thing for me because I could enjoy that experience later. 
So In short it was a great buy. Overall impression this is definitely something that we would recommend for people who are curious about this kind of thing. 
The strap-on? Well that was a challenge for another night and a story for another day.

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  1. Often times, a good milking with the massager will substitute for an orgasm...physiologically only...there is no, none at all, psychological release. An especially awesome thing if he is locked up.