Friday, September 14, 2012

Ryan and Mrs B Part 6 - In the Carpark

Happy Friday to you all. Or Saturday as it is for some of you. I don't have any stories of adventures I had this week to share with you all so we are continuing with the story of Mrs B. and her toyboy Ryan. If you are new here and want to catch up with the story, or if you just want to revist the naughtiness, you can check out all the sections on this page.

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As Carmen walked out of the bar she felt the eyes of her four friends boring into her back. Her heart thundered in her chest as she walked partly because of the women behind her and partly because of the man in front of her. In her mind she pictured him standing next to his car, waiting for her. That hair that was never tidy sticking up in all directions, the designer jeans that cost a whole week's wage and that boyish face; he wasn't a man he was a boy. What was she doing with someone who was the same age as her son? 

Getting the life fucked out of her, that's what she was doing. Her belly felt like warm liquid as she stepped out of the door into the car park. Across the rows at the back she saw him waiting for her, leaning against the car the way she had imagined him. Any concerns about her friends flew out of her mind. She forgot about his age and the fact that she had known him since he was ten. All she could think about was what was in his jeans right now. How he was going to bend her over the bonnet of his car and lift up the skirt of her dress….

He didn't say anything as she walked up and stood in front of him. Her body was millimetres away from his. She could feel heat radiating from him even though she was careful not to touch him. In her bra she could feel her nipples stiffen into hard nodes as if they wanted to break free of the fabric. Between her legs her naked pussy throbbed with anticipation and she felt a trickle of wetness forming there. 

Without speaking he took her hand and led her around to the front of the car,
"So," he looked at her as she rested her butt on the bonnet.
Carmen's heart was beating so loudly she was sure that he could hear it, "Yes." She answered him looking into those baby blues.

"I think we have two choices here," he looked her straight in the eye as he spoke. "I can bend you over this bonnet right here right now and I can fuck the crap out of you for about five minutes before the bouncer over there comes over and moves us on." Ryan reached out and lifted the hem of Carmen's dress just enough to graze her pussy with the tip of his finger. She almost moaned in pleasure, aching for his touch,

"Or?" Carmen opened her legs willing his finger deeper inside her.

Ryan took a step closer to her so that his body was pressing closer to her. "Or we get in the car and drive to my place and I fuck you there for the rest of the night." He slipped his hand into the neckline of her dress as he nuzzled against the side of her neck.
Carmen looked up at him before she untangled herself from him and bent down over the bonnet of the car. The cold metal pressed against her hot, flushed cheek as she spread her legs, waiting for him.

"You horny, greedy girl," Ryan's voice was husky with desire. Carmen heard the sound of a zipper and felt the fabric of her dress being lifted. Cool night air caressed her naked butt cheeks for a moment before she felt Ryan's weight pressing down on her as his cock filled her aching pussy. 

"You have the hottest ass," Ryan gripped her butt cheeks as he drove himself into her. "I want to cum all over it." 

Carmen didn't care where he came. All she could think about was his cock filling her and the slap of his balls against her clit as he pumped into her. She pressed her lips together as she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly Ryan lifted himself out of her. For a moment she felt a sense of loss as she realised that his cock wasn't buried into her hot aching pussy any more but then she felt a warm jet of his cum covering her ass. "Ohhh goddd," he groaned softly. "I am sorry but I couldn't hold back, you are just so fucking hot." Carmen could feel him smearing his cum over her butt.

"That is just the hottest thing," Ryan murmured. "I gotta take a pic." There was the sound of the phone camera and then Ryan lifted her gently up. "Let's get out of here," He whispered to her as he straightened her dress and helped her into the car. "That was fun but it didn't even knock the top off."

As they drove through the darkness Carmen thought about the night ahead. The short session in the carpark had just made her ache more for him. He was right. It didn't even knock the top off. She lifted her dress in the darkness and pressed her fingers against her pussy lips, teasing the hard node underneath. Slowly she slid a finger into her opening. It made her crave Ryan's hard cock even more. 

"You know if you keep doing that I might just have to stop this car and give you a proper seeing to in a park somewhere," Ryan's voice interrupted her thoughts. 

Carmen shivered in delight, a wickedness had taken her over tonight. "Really?" She looked sideways at him. "You mean where someone might be able to see us?"

The car stopped at a red light and Ryan studied her carefully, "Mrs B," he looked quite serious. "Are you saying you want people to see you out fucking your toy boy?"

For a moment prudish Carmen threatened to regain control of the situation but wanton Carmen was not finished yet. "And why wouldn't I want people to watch me fucking such a hot specimen." She pressed her fingers deep inside herself.

Ryan took a turn that Carmen didn't recognise. She felt a little flicker of nervousness but she was too far into the night now. All she could think about was Ryan's cock. The car turned into a park. The only light was from the waning moon above. About fifty metres away another car was parked. A man and woman were kissing in the front with the interior light turned on. Ryan turned off the engine and they sat in silence for a few moments.  In the dim light from the moon Carmen looked at the boy/ man sitting next to her. What was she doing here?

Getting a damned good fucking that was long overdue, that's what she was doing.

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