Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ryan and Mrs B Part 8 - Watching

TFIF. That is about all I can say this week. Ryan and Mrs B are feeling a little frisky this week for part 8 of their rendezvouz. If you are feeling a little frisky after reading this one make sure you head on over to My Dissolute Life to check out the other contributions. 

Carmen looked at Ryan sitting in the driver's seat. In the silence all she could hear was the pounding of her heart. Unconsciously her fingers worked around her pussy. Ryan watched her for a few moments before he reached over and moved her hand away from her pussy. Holding her hand he pointed towards the other car in the parking lot,
"See those people over there," the quiet intensity of his tone sent delicious shivers through Carmen. "They are waiting for some hot woman to get out of her car and sit on the bonnet and get fucked by a horny young man."
A mixture of fear and exhilaration pumped through Carmen's body. Her gaze went past Ryan to the couple in the other car. She could see the other woman's bare breasts, spilling out of the top of her dress. Her partner bent down to suck at his wife's nipples. Just out of Carmen's view the woman wanked her husband's cock. The scene was mesmerising. Carmen wanted to walk over to the car and watch them fucking. Being fucked by Ryan while she watched them was the most erotic thing she had ever thought of. 
As if the couple had read her mind the man stepped out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to help his wife out. He sat her on the bonnet of the car and pushed her dress up around her waist. Carmen could see her naked pussy between her spread legs. The husband stood beside his wife, resting his butt on the bonnet of the car. The woman bent down to slip his cock out of his jeans as Carmen watched intently. 
Ryan climbed out of the car and walked around to open Carmen's door. He helped her out and led her around to the front of the car. Without speaking he lifted her up and sat her on the bonnet, exactly opposite the other woman but as he pressed her knees apart he stood in front of her, so that she was covered from their view by her body,
"I want them to know you are having a good time but I don't want them to see all of you," he whispered in her ear. "I don’t want to share too much of you.
Carmen nodded helplessly. She had lost the power of speech somewhere. Ryan pulled the neckline of her dress down and eased out her breast,
"Fuck you have such hot tits," he whispered to her. "When you were dancing back at that bar I just wanted to pull down your dress so that I could see them properly." He cupped her breast in his palm and squeezed the nipple gently with his thumb. Carmen's insides turned to hot liquid. It was as if the only thing holding her on the car was Ryan's grip on her nipple. Her arms rested on his shoulders and she pressed her forehead against his. Ryan's hands slid down her body and rested on her thighs. He stroked the soft skin with the back of his fingers stopping at the crease between her thigh and her body. 
Both of them breathed heavily in anticipation as Ryan let his finger stray across her fanny with the barest of caresses. Carmen gave a low moan and thrust her hips towards him.
"And what would you like me to do to you with this nice couple watching us?" Ryan smiled teasingly at her. He stroked the outer lips of her pussy slowly and deliberately. "Do you want them to watch me fuck you?" For emphasis he slid two fingers into her aching cunt. Carmen moaned and clamped her legs around Ryan's hips. With a teasing smile he bent his fingers slightly upwards and teased the entrance to her opening. "Or do you want me to keep doing this?" Carmen's nails clawed against Ryan's shoulder. A small shudder wracked through her. For a moment she forgot about the other couple but then she opened her eyes and looked over at them. They cuddled together, fondling each other watching intently. Ryan fucked Carmen hard with his fingers holding her tightly against him as she moaned and writhed in pleasure. Juice poured out of her cunt and over Ryan's hand. 
"Those people are getting so hot listening to you cumming," Ryan whispered in her ear. "See how hard that guy's dick is in his wife's hand." 
Carmen looked over Ryan's shoulder at the couple. The man stood in front of his wife. His jeans were down around his ankles and Carmen could see the muscles in his butt squeezing together as he slid his cock into his wife. A soft moan came from the woman's lips as she wrapped her legs around the man's hips. 
"You want me to fuck you like he is fucking her?" Ryan's voice was urgent in her ear.
"Uh-huh," Carmen managed to whimper. 
Ryan pressed his cock against Carmen's pussy, stroking the soaking wet folds. He teased her entrance before easing himself off of her to stroke the hard node of her clit. Carmen gripped his shoulder painfully. Her forehead pressed against his and she wrapped her legs around his hips trying to press him closer to her. 
"Fuck me!" She whispered intently to him. 
With a cheeky grin Ryan slipped into Carmen. He didn't waste time with long slow strokes. Carmen didn't care. All Carmen wanted right then was to feel Ryan's cock pounding into her. She looked across the car park at the other couple. The man's butt pumped into his wife. The sound of her moans and his low grunts of pleasure drifted across to Carmen. 
"You fuck so good baby," the woman moaned. "I want to feel your cum inside me."
In front of her Ryan was grunting in pleasure, as he thrust into her. "Your pussy feels so good," he whispered. "Does it turn you on getting fucked while you watch other people being fucked?" 
"Yes," Carmen whispered between gritted teeth. Across the carpark the man fucked his wife harder.
"Oh baby I am cumming!" the woman screamed. 
Carmen could feel the intensity building up in Ryan. "You are so hot," she whispered to him. "Fill me up with your cum." 
Ryan's balls were slapping against her as he pounded her hard. "Fuuuuck!" he groaned as the orgasm pumped through him. Carmen held him tightly inside her. She loved the feeling of him being inside her when he climaxed like this. It was as if she could feel his orgasm coursing through her. 
Across from them the other couple relaxed against each other kissing and stroking as they watched Ryan hold Carmen close to him. Ryan kissed Carmen deeply. 
"You are really the most beautiful thing," he murmured. "I am so glad that I came into your shower that night." 
Carmen grinned cheekily at him. "As long as you tell your mother that this whole thing was your idea and not me corrupting you."
Ryan threw back his head as he laughed, "It is a deal." They paused for a moment. The gravel behind Ryan crunched as the couple from the other car approached them,
"Thanks for letting us watch you. It was awesomely hot." Carmen ducked her head demurely. 
Ryan shook his hand, "No worries. It was good a good show all round." 
The couple went back to their car. "Look at you." Ryan laughed at Carmen. "All shy and innocent. I think I will have to take you home and see what we can do about that." 
Carmen felt a quickening in her belly, "Well then," she slid down the bonnet of the car. "What are we waiting for?"

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