Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Vintage Gemma - Gummi


It is exam / assignment time in the Gemma Jones world and so I am a little bit short on time this week. I didn't want to not post so I have chosen to recycle a post from earlier in the year. The red lips in the photo that Rebel  posted reminded me of a gorgeous young girl sucking on a sweet. 


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Nick ran down the hallway towards the double doors. Just before he reached the doorway they swung shut. Panting hard he rested his hand on the door handle for a few moments before pushing the door open as quietly as possible. Inside, the lecture theatre was almost filled but there were still a few seats at the back. At the front of the room the lecturer was just starting to speak. The students in the room ignored him as he quietly climbed the steps and slipped into the nearest seat. Making as little noise as possible he pulled out his notebook and pencils arranging them on the little table while he tried to listen to the lecture.  

Quickly Nick started scribbling notes, frowning as he tried to make sense of the formulae on the projector in front of him. Gradually his heart slowed and his breathing calmed. Overwhelming tiredness threatened to take over his body again. It was the same tiredness that had made him sleep through the alarm and be late for his lecture. Work was crazy, uni was crazy; all he ever seemed to do was work and study. Sometimes he got to eat and occasionally he managed to sleep but it was never enough. He jerked himself awake, shaking his head as he tried to focus on what the lecturer was saying. He became aware of a sweet, vaguely familiar smell. Sniffing he found himself looking around trying to remember what that scent was and find where it was coming from.  

In the row in front of him there was a girl eating gummi bears. She was a little sideways from him and he was able to watch her profile as her red lips sucked the sweet candy. He had seen this girl before. She had been in this class all semester and somehow she always sat near him. Unlike most of the other girls she didn't seem to have any friends and usually sat by herself. Nick studied her profile, her wavy brown hair was tucked behind her ear, and slender fingers gripped her pen as she scribbled notes. The neck of her shirt fell just so that from this angle Nick was treated to a glimpse of smooth skin falling into an enticing cleavage. Her full red lips held a half-eaten bear, allowing it to move in and out slightly as she sucked it. Fascinated, Nick watched the sweet moving in and out. Deep inside him the rhythm resonated stirring urges that had long been ignored as the grind of his life had taken him over.   

The girl sucked the bear into her mouth and began to chew it slowly. With the trance broken Nick gave a small sigh and turned back to his notes. The formulas made no more sense than before. The lecturer may as well have been speaking in Korean. His gaze turned back to the girl, her tongue traced the outline of her lips as she licked away the remaining sweetness. Absently, without looking away from the lecturer she reached into the packet for another one. Her fingers held the jelly against her lips as she licked the sugar from the outside with little cat like movements before she slipped the bear between her lips and began sucking again. 

In his pants Nick felt his cock stirring. He leaned back in his chair, giving up on the lecture completely. The figures on the board to form into a large gummi bear. As he watched the girl reached out with her slender fingers and plucked the bear from the board. For the first time since he had seen her she turned and smiled at him. Her full red lips opened slightly. Nick noticed her small white teeth and the way her tongue touched the back of them as she knelt in front of him. She brought the bear up to her mouth and licked it slowly. Unable to bear it any longer Nick unzipped his jeans and eased out his aching cock. Her eyes widened as he held himself in front of her. Unconsciously she slipped the formula-bear between her lips as she bent down and began licking the tip of his cock.

Nick slumped further down in his seat making it easier for her to suck him. Holding the bear between her teeth she licked the length of his shaft before opening those gorgeous red lips and sliding them down over his cock. Nick gripped a handful of her crinkly hair whimpering in pleasure as she sucked him deeply.  

For a moment she released him and sat back on her heels looking up at him with dark brown eyes. Nimbly she popped open her buttons revealing the milky white skin of her breasts. With a small smile she caressed her breasts holding them in her palms and gently pinching pink nipples to attention before she leaned forward and slid her lips down over his shaft again. Warmth flooded through him and he felt his cock against the back of her throat.
Her head moved slowly up and down, her hair fell forward onto his belly and she swirled the bear and her tongue over the tip of his cock. Nick felt the urgency building in him and magically she responded. The little bear melted away and all he could feel was her firm lips and her magic tongue. She sucked harder giving tiny moans of pleasure from deep inside her body. Nick's knuckles turned white as he gripped the arms of his chair, digging his nails into the plastic. 

Suddenly the lecture theatre came alive as students began to file out. The girl between his legs disappeared. Groggily Nick looked around him. Students walked past, not even seeing him. He looked down, his jeans were safely zipped. He glanced over at the seat in the next row forward a little to the side of him it was empty.

As he straightened his papers and packed them into his briefcase a lolly packet fell onto his table. Slowly he lifted the plastic up and the sweet smell of gummi bears filled his nostrils. Hurriedly Nick shoved his books and papers into his briefcase and pushed through the departing students into the hallway outside. He was just in time to see a girl with brown wavy hair open the door to the courtyard outside. He looked down at the packet clutched in his hand. On the back was written a phone number.