Friday, September 7, 2012

The Task

My Facebook followers have been waiting for this story with baited breath so I will not make them wait any more. For everyone else enjoy this tale of my personal Frisky Friday experience and please make sure you head over to My Dissolute Life to see what the other frisky folk are up to. 

"I have a task for you." Jake looked at me very seriously. A little quake of fear fluttered in my stomach. I held my breath and waited,

"You have to meet up with a guy for no longer than one hour. When you are finished I want you to put the condom in your knickers and come straight home to me."

The fear-odemter went up about twenty notches, "Do you mean with a new person?" My mind flipped wildly about. 'How in the hell am I going to organise that?'  I thought to myself. The idea of hooking up with a random stranger is hot but the reality of it can be quite challenging.  Jake smiled at me lovingly,

"It is up to you. It can be someone new, someone old, I don't want to know who it is right now." I ran the options through my head. I knew that even though he said he didn't want to know now he would definitely want to know later it glorious technicolour detail.  "Do you accept? You know you still have three outs."

Three outs was part of the pact we had made. I had to accept every request he made for a month. I had three vetos which meant I could refuse but once my three outs were used then I had no fallback position. It was early in the month. I wouldn't allow myself to use the outs unless I had no choice. 

"What happens if I can't organise someone?" I was a little worried that any guy I could think of would not be happy with the idea of only having one hour. In my experience they would agree to the deal and then once there they would try and stretch things out. Especially one I didn't know well. 

"That would count as a strike and you would lose one of your outs." Jake was quite firm.
"OK I will see what happens then." I responded not at all sure how this one was going to pan out. 

"You have until Friday night. You can meet him any time day or night that suits you." Jake was casual with the boundaries of the situation. 
I considered the people I knew. There were obvious choices that I could ask and I knew that these guys would not try to push the situation to their advantage. The flipside to that was that even though I could say that by meeting with one of them I would have successfully completed my task that was not really in the spirit of the task. They were the safe option and I decided that I wouldn't use this option unless I was in danger of losing my out. Even though I had decided to raise the bar I still wasn't sure how.  

The solution came the next day. I was chatting to a friend online and she offered to look in her little black book. I was careful to explain the limitations and requirements. At this time the completion of the task properly was my primary concern.  My friend started asking all sorts of questions about my own requirements. Did I want big, small, pretty, skilled, hairy, smooth etc? I was flabbergasted. I hadn't really thought much about all of that. What I wanted hadn't really come into it that much but since she was asking I would have pretty, skilled and relatively smooth thanks. I remembered her predilection for toy boys, "and please no one under 30 thanks." I added to my order. 

I continued with my work for the day and about ten minutes later the message screen pinged. 

"I have someone." Holy crap she does work fast. I am in awe of this particular friend. If anyone could be considered a sex goddess it would be she. Beside her I feel like a stammering teenager. So we exchanged photos, one of me for him, and one of him for me.
She messaged me not long after, "He is happy." I looked at the photo on my computer screen,

"So am I," I messaged back. 

Source: Dying Young
I sent a text to Jake, "Be home at 1.45pm on Friday"

And so the morning of THE TASK dawned. As usual both halves of my life were vying for my attention. I was kept busy with vanilla matters for most of the morning but I escaped just in time, ran home, found a dress that covered the essentials and came off easily, made sure I was clean and smelled nice, jumped in the car and zoomed off. My busy morning hadn't given me time to dwell too much on what I was doing and as I navigated the traffic and inner city streets the whole experience began to take on a surreal and other worldly feeling about it.
I met my friend at a nearby pub. She had requested to come along as a spectator / sideline participant. Jake hadn't said anything about extras so I thought why not? It was comforting to have someone there who was familiar. 

Pretty smooth guy was just like his photo. I started to feel a bit more reassured. This was going to be fun. He showed us into the room. My friend fussed around with toys and things she had brought. I had that awkward, inexperienced teenager feeling again. Pretty smooth guy didn't care; he pulled me over to him and kissed me, he reached into the neckline of my dress and eased out my naked breast.  

"Nice nipples," he remarked. 

"If I had a buck for every time I heard that," I quipped. My hands popped open the buttons on his shirt as he leaned down and nibbled at my nipple. I reached behind my neck and untied the halter neck of my dress to make it easier for him. He responded quickly and my dress was on the floor, followed quickly by my underwear.

Not wanting to be the only naked one in the room I quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants helpfully he pulled out his cock and I bent down to suck it down my throat. I sucked him deeply, every now and then caressing the tip of his cock with my tongue. I heard my friend rustling around behind me,

"I need to take some pics of this to send home to Jake," she said in a cheeky voice. She rummaged in my handbag looking for my phone. I got up to help her as Pretty Smooth Boy sprawled across the bed. Once the camera was sorted I turned back to my treat for the day. I knelt on the bed and sucked his cock some more. He reached down and teased my pussy with his fingers stroking and teasing my clit. I moaned against his chest relaxing into what was happening to me. I nibbled at his chest, biting his nipples as he worked me. I shuddered once and felt a trickle of liquid running down over him onto the bed. He pulled me upwards so that I was straddling his face. He probed into me with his tongue exploring my folds and teasing my clit some more. I shuddered some more and my juice covered his face. 

"Mmmmm," he sucked me harder and pressed his tongue into me.

My friend came and lay on the bed beside us. I spread my leg over her so that she could lick me as well.

"I told you," she looked at Pretty Smooth boy.

He smiled at her, "Yes it is amazing." 

He licked me some more. I was so worked up that I was gushing almost uncontrollably. My juice covered the bed, my friend and Pretty Smooth Guy. I moved down and straddled him rubbing my pussy against his cock and thighs, I needed a cock. He sucked at my nipples and I groaned as more juice gushed out of me. 

"You want to fuck me?" He whispered to me.

"Yes," I was so hot for him right then.

"How do you want to fuck me?" he asked. I really didn't care how; I just wanted to fuck him. I wondered how much time we had left. There was no clock in the room. I hoped time wasn't getting away from us. I reached down and picked up a condom packet. I didn't care, I wanted to fuck and I wanted to fuck now. 

The rubber sheath slid over his cock and I kneeled over him. My open wet pussy slid down over his shaft and I rode him for a few moments. He held my hips and fucked me. Behind me I could hear my friend taking photos. I didn't care what happened. All that I cared about was him fucking me. We kissed and his tongue probed into my mouth.  I gnawed at his neck and gently bit his nipples. My moans of pleasure were so loud that he covered my mouth with his hand to keep me quiet. I struggled to contain myself but he held his hand there as he fucked me. 

"Lie down," he commanded. I slipped off him and lay down on the wet sheets. He kneeled above me and pressed my legs wide apart. His cock slipped inside me and he fucked me deeply withdrawing his cock after a few minutes to tap my clit. I was helpless to control my body and I felt another spasm. Quim gushed out of me like a little sprinkler before he inserted himself again and fucked me harder. He leaned down over me and looked over his shoulder at my friend. 

"Do you want to fuck me with that strapon?" he asked her. 

She didn’t need to be asked twice. I couldn't see her over his shoulder but I could hear the sound of her attaching the harness. He pressed my hands firmly against his ass and I pulled his cheeks wide for my friend. I watched his face as she kneeled behind him and slipped the dong into his butt. He grunted in pleasure.

"Does that turn you on?" he asked her as she grunted in pleasure. 

"Yes," she answered. "Do you like it?"

"Fuck yes." 

I watched the pleasure rippling across his face and I wished I could watch my friend as she fucked his ass but I was pinned beneath them; getting fucked by a guy who was getting fucked by a girl.

Afterwards I took the condom and tied it carefully. I slipped it into my knickers as I had been instructed. The three of us surveyed the room and wondered what the cleaners would think about the saturated bed and the puddle of girl juice on the floor. As we walked out I was glad we were at a backpackers and not some swanky hotel. No one was there to watch us walk out and wonder what we had been up to. Probably it wouldn't be something they hadn't seen before.


  1. very very sexy story...... i hope there is a follow up story recounting the sharing of the task with Jake, and his reactions?

    1. Jake and I discussed this. We have decided for now that we are going to keep that part of the story private.

  2. Kudos to you for completing your task. That was some encounter you had there.

  3. Another great story that had me rearranging myself in my shorts on the train home. Very sexy story. Glad you complted the task and had fun. Look forward to reading about task #2!

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. Good on you.