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Somwhere inside me I have discovered a corner that loves the idea of female domination. I have gotten so wrapped up in the story of Estelle and Brian that I can't stop writing it.

When Thursday's alarm sounded Brian pulled the doona back over his head. He just couldn't get up and face the cold wet day. Revelling in the dark warmth of his bed he let his eyes slide closed and sighed as the fingers of sleep stroked his forehead. A dream he had been enjoying before the alarm returned. 

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He was kneeling naked in Estelle's office with his hands tied behind his back. Estelle stood in front of him dressed, as always in one of her suits, the skirt on this one was impossibly short. Although her blouse seemed to be almost completely unbuttoned he could see nothing but a glimpse of her alabaster skin and the hint of her cleavage. She stepped forward to stand in front of him. The hem of her skirt barely covered her pubis. The lace at the top of her stockings peeked out from her hemline. Brian's cock ached as he inhaled the smell of her; a waft of expensive perfume mixed with the musk of her sex. Involuntarily Brian leaned forward aching to bury his face between her thighs. Placing her hand on his forehead she pushed him away.

Without speaking she beckoned to Amber who was standing beside her. Looking downwards at her feet Amber stepped forward. Estelle guided her to the office chair that was normally in front of her desk. Her short pleated skirt rode up slightly as Estelle parted her knees to reveal a freshly shaved bare pussy. 

"Show me how you would pleasure me." Estelle placed emphasis on the word 'pleasure' rolling it around her mouth like a chocolate. Brian ached for her but he forced himself to look at Amber's sex spread in front of him. For a millisecond he glanced up at her fresh innocent face. She looked like a frightened rabbit too scared to run away from the thing that was terrifying her so much. 

Brian leaned forward and tentatively slipped his tongue into the top of Amber's slit. His tongue tasted her arousal and he felt heat surge through him. His cock throbbed even harder.  Amber gave a tiny whimper. Looking up Brian noticed Estelle's hand resting on Amber's shoulder as if she were warning her not to jump up and run away. Estelle's eyes were boring into him. Her face was like a mask, he could not tell if she was pleased or not. A feeling of doubt that he would not pass this test filled him. Nothing mattered to Brian more than pleasing the imposing woman standing beside the chair in her short skirt, flawless black stockings and immaculate stilettos.

He returned his attention to the smooth folds in front of him. Tentatively he ran his tongue along the length of the two outer lips dipping in a little deeper at the bottom near her opening. Amber gave another, louder whimper. Encouraged, Brian probed a little deeper into her, dipping his tongue into her opening. Amber sighed and slid forwards a little in the chair as she opened her legs further. Brian stroked her outer lips with his tongue carefully avoiding the little node that was growing with each tongue stroke. Brian looked up at Estelle as he dipped his tongue into Amber. Her face was impassive. Rising to the challenge Brian slipped two fingers inside Amber's cunt. He felt her muscles contract around his finger as she arched herself towards him. With his eyes studying Estelle's face Brian grazed his tongue over the hard node of Amber's clit. Amber's body shuddered and a low moan came from her lips. She slid further down in the chair, Estelle's mouth twitched slightly. Brian pressed his lips around Amber's clit and sucked on it. Amber's body shuddered,

"Nooo," She pressed her hands on Brian's forehead. Her knees clamped his head as she tried to push him away. Brian looked up at Estelle. Her eyes were dark and compelling. Without her saying a word he knew he had to keep pleasuring Amber. Seconds later Amber gave a loud cry and he felt a stream of warm liquid cover his face.

Amber pulled away from Brian and hunched into a ball in the chair. "I am so sorry," she apologised. 

Brian jolted awake. The clock on the bedside table read 7:08am. 

"Shit!" Brian jumped out of bed. His semi hard cock swung between his legs as he ran to the shower reminding him of his dream. Once he was standing with the water streaming over his body Brian returned to the memory of the dream. Unconsciously his hand wrapped around his cock as it hardened. Brian allowed himself the luxury of stroking himself to climax as the water streamed over him. He watched as his cum pumped out over his hand and was washed away down the drain. He dried the water off of his body and dressed for work. A feeling of cheery optimism filled him as he stepped off the bus in front of his office building. 

"Good morning Brian," Estelle greeted him on the way out of his manager's office. For a second Brian felt a little nervous. Estelle smiled at him, looking pleased with herself. 

"Good morning Estelle," Brian smiled back. Nothing could dampen his good mood today.

"It is nice to see you so relaxed this morning." Estelle looked at him with a completely straight face. "I think Mike may wish to speak to you when you have gotten yourself settled." 

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  1. I'm a fool for female domination too :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Sometimes dreams just have to be finished off properly... and jumping out of bed is not the way to achieve this... Nice piece of writing, left me wondering a few 'what if's'


  3. Now you have me panting for more. What will happen when Brian goes to see Mike? Will Estelle be there too?

    Looking forward to

    Rebel xox