Friday, October 5, 2012

Fantasy Friday - The First Man

I know that some of you out there have become a little engrossed in Ryan and Mrs B but I think we will leave them for a little while now and move on to something I have had a facination with since I began to seriously write. I love hearing and writing about other people's fantasies. One of the reasons Jake and I embarked on this journey together was to live out some of our fantasies and we have done that on many memorable occasions. On these pages I have shared some of my fantasies and some stories of living some of those fantasies. This series will be stories, sometimes made from my own fantasies and sometimes made by others told to me by friends, Facebook contacts or Twitter followers. This story is about a fantasy shared with me a little while back by a Twitter friend.

The knock on the hotel door sent a jolt though Josie. Nervously she glanced at Marcus sitting beside her on the bed, 

"That will be room service," she quipped. 

Marcus gave a weak laugh, "Better go and let them in then." He responded. 

Josie put her arms around Marcus and rested her forehead on his, "Are you sure?" she asked quietly. 

Marcus kissed his wife on the lips, "I want this," he responded. "I am just a little nervous."

As Josie stood and walked towards the door Marcus noticed she was wearing the knickers he liked the best. He loved the way they made her ass look. For a moment he considered backing out and spending the night fucking his wife. Josie opened the door and greeted their guest; there was no backing out now. He had not been so nervous about meeting someone since the first time he had met Josie herself. 

His heart thundered in his chest as Josie escorted their guest into the room,
"Marcus this is Nick."

For a few nervous moments the two men sized each other up, each unsure of how to act in this unfamiliar situation. Josie broke the tension by offering drinks and guiding them over to sit on the bed. Strategically she placed herself between them. As they chatted and the flirting began the tension leaked out of the room. Josie stood and removed the top she was wearing. For about the millionth time Marcus looked at her in awe. His wife's body never ceased to amaze and arouse him. Josie leaned over to run her fingers up Nick's arm,

"I do love that everyone in the room is looking at me right now," she purred at him. "But I would really like to see some more of you." Marcus felt his own cock stirring as he watched his wife flirt shamelessly with their guest. Despite the nervous start this was going to be an interesting night. Nick looked up at Josie as he slid his t-shirt over his head to expose a smooth chest. 

"Lovely," Josie kneeled in front of him stroking his chest. "Is there more?"

Without speaking Nick stood up and unbuckled his jeans before pushing them to the floor and stepping out of them. Josie reached up and stroked the erection that was forming in Nick's boxers,

"What have we here?" she eased his cock out of his boxers and pressed the tip of it against her lips as she looked up at her husband. "Look what I found baby," her voice was throaty with desire. Marcus felt a pull in his groin as he watched his wife taste Nick's cock before she licked the entire length of his shaft. Transfixed, Marcus watched as Josie swirled her tongue around the top of Nick's cock. Marcus shed his clothing and stood watching Josie, stroking himself slowly. Josie opened her mouth and slid her lips down Nick's entire shaft holding as much of his cock in her mouth as she could before she let it slide slowly out,

"Yummy," she purred as she looked up at Marcus. "You wanna come have a taste?" To emphasise she licked the tip of Nick's cock forming a string of precum  between the cock and her lips.

Source: Undiscovered Limits
Marcus kneeled down beside his wife as she took the cock into her mouth again. As she lifted her head and released him Marcus pressed his face next to hers and opened his mouth to receive Nick's hard cock. 

Marcus slid his mouth down enjoying the feeling of cock filling his mouth for the first time. He tasted a slight salt tang from Nick's cock before he released the cock into Josie's custody. She looked him straight in the eye as she slowly sank her lips down over the smooth velvet skin. They continued swapping for what seemed like hours watching each other as they sucked and passed the cock between them. Feeling more relaxed and more aroused than he ever thought he would be, Marcus looked up at Nick for a few moments. His eyes were closed in pleasure. As if he sensed someone looking at him he glanced down to Marcus,

"Did you like that?" he asked quietly.

Marcus nodded, "Yes," he answered just as quietly.

"I want to cum on your face," Nick whispered. He wrapped his hand around his own shaft and stroked the side of Marcus' face with his cock. "Would you like that?" 

Marcus opened his mouth and took Nick's cock down to the back of his throat. He had fantasised about this for so long he couldn't believe that it was happening now. He felt Nick's cock hardening in his mouth and tasted another small spurt of pre-cum. His own cock throbbed with arousal. Beside him he heard a sigh from Josie. He released Nick's cock for a few moments and turned to look at his wife. She sat on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She held a vibrator in her hand and was slowly circling her clit with it before she inserted the head into her wet, hungry opening. 

"This is the fucking hottest thing I have ever seen," she whispered to him. "I want to see him cum on your face."

"OK," Marcus looked at his wife's dripping wet pussy. Normally he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to bury his face between her legs but tonight he had Nick's cock resting against the side of his face. He turned back to the cock and licked the tip exploring the ridges and folds before he sucked him deeply again. Nick groaned in pleasure as Marcus bobbed his head up and down his shaft. Beside them Josie plunged the vibrator deep inside her pussy.

"You guys look so fucking hot," she said between gasps of pleasure. "I just can't wait to see Nick's cum on your face." 

Marcus sucked harder on Nick's cock. He felt Nick responding. His cock grew even more inside Marcus' mouth. Another jet of precum trickled onto his tongue and he sucked down greedily. He felt as if he could never get enough of the smooth soft skin covering the hard member. He reached down and gripped his own cock which was like a rock in his palm. 

"Are you ready?" Nick's voice grunted above his head.

Reluctantly Marcus let Nick pull his cock out of his mouth and looked up expectantly. Nick shuffled his hand up and down his cock grunting with urgent pleasure. Beside them Josie put aside the vibrator and fucked herself hard with her fingers. She watched Marcus' upturned face expectantly.

Source: Love and Bros
Nick gave a loud groan as the first jet of cum shot out of his cock. The white liquid landed on Marcus' face. Some went into his open mouth. As he closed his mouth to savour his first taste of another man's cum a second spurt hit him over the lips. Marcus sat back on his heels and licked the sweet salty liquid from his face. In front of him Nick flopped back on the bed, panting and smiling with pleasure. Josie stepped over to Marcus and lowered herself onto his hard throbbing cock. 

"That was so fucking hot baby," she whispered to him as she kissed the cum off his face. "You make me so frigging horny." She ground herself against the hardness of his cock. Her finger worked over the hard nub of her clit. Marcus grunted in pleasure.

"Would you like me to fill you up with my cum?" he asked

"Yesssss," Josie hissed.


  1. wow.... i was so totally into that story, very hot, and the writing was exceptional! you are one sexy lady Gemma Jones!

    1. Shucks Allys. You are pretty sexy yourself.

  2. I have been bi since I was 13, My second wife got off watching me with other guys. Too bad our marriage did not last, the sex was great, free, and open.

    1. It can be difficult in this homo-phobic world to be a bi man. I admire your openness.

  3. Mmmm....HOT! Bi-curious here and wishing my g/f would be open to something like this! I'd LOVE to read more like this!!!