Monday, October 1, 2012

Ride It Like You Stole It.

In a recent TMI Tuesday post I made mention of a special trick that Mr Fix It had that revolved around cumming that I promised to elaborate on later. So now that exams and assignments are all finished I have been able to collect my thoughts and do some research here is my elaboration. 

Sometime back in the early days of the whole Mr Fix It concept he and I were enjoying a really great fuck (as you do). I can't remember if I was on top but there we were fucking away, things were pretty hot and he came. Imagine my surprise when he didn't really miss a beat and kept on going telling me "I am not finished yet" and then proceeded to come a second time. 

Afterwards he told me that he had been able to do this for quite some time but only with Mrs Fix it. It usually happened when there was a fair bit of build up and the fucking was especially vigorous. I remember being a little concerned that Mrs Fix it might not be happy about me doing something with her husband that had previously been her sole domain. Sometimes couples like to keep something special between themselves and I was a bit concerned that this was one of those things. 

My fears proved to be unfounded though. Mrs Fix It is a very enlightened woman. She understands the concept that when your husband is happy and has hot sex somewhere she not only gets to hear about it, (which she finds incredibly arousing) she gets more hot sex herself from her happy sexed up husband. Wins all round really. This incident prompted the pair of them to work on being able to control and expand on this talent and see where they could take it to. 

A few weeks back the Fix Its came for a visit sans children which was rather special thing. The four of us were happily ensconced in a bed doing what comes naturally (as you do). The whole day had been rather seductive with pictures of short skirts, cleavages, erections and the like going back and forth for most of the day so we were all pretty revved up. I was sitting astride Mr Fix it and having a grand old time. I worked him up to almost the point of no return a couple of times and was enjoying the feeling of power. After he came twice I looked over at Mrs Fix It who was enjoying the whole show and asked her how many times would he come. 

Her response was "I don't really know. Just ride it like you stole it and see what happens."

Source: Lovely Porn
I was only too happy to oblige and rode like the devil but after two more orgasms my dicky hip started to ache so Mrs Fix It and I performed a great swap maneuver that didn't interrupt the rythm of things too much and I think we got at least two more orgasms out of him!!. 

Afterwards we were all buzzed by the experience and lay around talking about it. The man of the moment told us that the first few times he ejaculated fully but the later ones were dry orgasms. The whole thing was an awesome experience which I am sure that we will be repeating sometime.

I had heard of men having multiple orgasms before but it was, similar to female ejaculation, something of an urban myth that a lot of people didn't believe in. I am here with my hand on my heart stating that female ejaculation is real and so are men having multiple orgasms.  Prior to writing this post I did a bit of internet research and found a couple of how to websites on the topic here and here. What is interesting about both of these sites is that they describe a technique which involves supressing ejaculation and separating it from orgasms. So, according to these 'experts', what Mr Fix It describes happening to him is a freak of nature. I don't really think it is. What I do think it is is incredibly hot and I am looking forward to the next time I get to 'ride it like I stole it'. 


  1. I never been here before, but I see I will be coming back. As long as you do not mind me coming in my birthday suit, it might have a few wrinkles, but it serves me well and is drip dry after washing.

    1. Birthday suits are most welcome here!!!