Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mood Swings - Part 2

Last week for Wicked Wednesday I posted this story about naughty office behaviour I enjoyed writing this story that I just had to continue it this week. Make sure you check out Wicked Wednesday for some more wickedness.

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Brian checked his reflection carefully in the bathroom mirror. he kept firmly telling himself that Wednesday morning had been a day dream. This meeting was going to be completely above board like every other meeting. ‘But,’ the nagging little voice in his head said, “What if it wasn’t like every other meeting? What if it turns out to be like Wednesday?” Wednesday had blown Brian’s mind. Even now he could still remember the taste of her pussy, the way she had undressed herself in front of him and how painfully horny he had been for the rest of the day. That evening he had been unzipping his pants as he walked through the door of his house. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror he had watched himself wank as he fantasised that Estelle was sitting on the edge of the bathtub watching him. 
Now, standing in the men’s room at work, he was preening for his second meeting with the enigmatic woman he felt his cock stirring at the thought of her. He wanted to fuck her so badly. 

The meeting had turned out to be completely above board. Even Amber didn’t seem to be in any mood for friendly chit chat as she had shown him into Estelle’s office. Estelle herself had been distant and a little stern. The whole memory of Wednesday's meeting took on a surreal dream-like quality. Fifteen minutes later he was walking out of Estelle's office wondering what was happening. Amber was busy with filing. She didn’t even turn to say good bye.

Wandering back to his workspace Brian tried to understand the sudden change in mood. He worried that he had done something wrong to offend both Estelle and her assistant. A ringing phone grabbed his attention and his fantasies of a tryst with Estelle went straight out of Brian's mind. 

Two pm Friday was budget deadline time. As lunch approached Brian was wading through spreadsheets and numbers. Normally this wasn't a problem but this year the amount he was allocated was not enough to cover the cost of the projects he was expected to complete. At the bottom of his screen the new mail icon blinked at him. For several minutes he ignored it trying to decide which part of his project he was going to cut. But the little envelope blinked tauntingly. After clicking it open his heart skipped a beat as her realised it was a message from Estelle. 

"Do you like sushi?"

For a moment he was stunned. He looked at the words wondering if there was some cryptic meaning hidden in them that he was meant to decipher. After considering for a few moments he decided to go with the obvious,


He pressed send and within thirty seconds the icon flashed again. With some annoyance he pulled himself away from his numbers and opened the message,

"I will be serving lunch in my office at 12.30. Don't be late."

Brian looked at the clock on his desk, 12.27. He looked at his spread sheet for a moment. Geoffrey, the Finance Manager, Estelle's financial counterpart, was expecting his breakdown by 2pm today. Hopefully lunch would be lunch and he would get back to his desk in time to complete his task. He pushed away the nagging hope / fear that it wasn't going to turn out that way. 

After a rushed detour to the men's room Brian stepped into Estelle's office at 12.31pm. A platter of sushi was arranged neatly on the side desk and Estelle and Amber sat opposite each other. Next to Amber, also opposite Estelle was an empty chair. Brian studied the scene for a moment feeling a little foolish for thinking that this would be a private lunch for two.  

"Hi Brian," Estelle stood up to greet him. "I am glad you could make it. Geoffrey is being a slave driver by making everyone have their budget out today." 

Brian looked down at his feet not sure what to say.

"Don't worry," Estelle continued airily, "If I hold you up here longer than you can afford I will tell him I am the reason you were late with your figures." She gestured towards a chair next to Amber, "Have a seat and help yourself." 

Awkwardly Brian sat in the empty chair beside Amber. Beside him Amber sat with her hands in her lap looking down at her fingers. Her cheeks were slightly pink, as if she had been running or something. Her full red lips were slightly open and Brian wondered what they would taste like. Keeping his eyes on Amber Brian leaned forward to take a piece of sushi. For a millisecond Amber looked up and their eyes met. Astoundingly she looked away quickly and the flush on her cheeks deepened. Brian was intrigued. He had never seen Amber like this before. Normally she was bubbly and talkative, today she was acting like a virgin with her first boyfriend. Despite himself Brian found the whole thing highly arousing.  
A slight cough from across the table broke Brian's concentration. Glancing over he looked straight into Estelle's eyes. They glittered with a strange emotion. Still holding his gaze she slipped her hand inside her blouse and to caress her nipple.  

"Amber and I were just discussing how you were kind enough to show me your impressive cock on Wednesday morning." Estelle's voice was very matter of fact, as if she were still talking about budgets. Beside him Amber squirmed on her chair. Brian looked from one woman to the other unsure of how he fitted into the picture. Estelle continued to stroke her nipple. Her other hand traced patterns on her thigh. In his pants Brian felt his cock stirring. Estelle stood up and walked over to Brian. Without a word he stood to face her. She stopped in front of him and rested her hand on his belt buckle. 

"Would you please be so kind?" Estelle's voice was soft but without menace. Like an automaton Brian unzipped his pants and loosened his belt. With a jingle his pants fell to the ground. He looked Estelle in the eye as he eased his cock out of his boxers. For long moments they stood looking at each other before Estelle broke the tension,

"Very good," she looked over at Amber, "What do you think?" she asked conversationally.

Amber looked up timidly, "Lovely," she said. Brian noticed eagerness in her eyes that he hadn't seen before. Estelle stepped back and rested her butt on the edge of the desk. Brian stepped back and sat on his chair. 

"Amber would you like to taste this nice man's cock?" Estelle's voice was honey sweet but with an edge of excitement. Brian looked over at her. She had pulled up her skirt and was stroking herself through her panties. A damp patch of wetness formed around her fingers. 

Without saying a word Amber kneeled in front of Brian with her hands behind her back. With little cat like licks she stroked the top of his cock with her tongue.

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“What does he taste like?” Estelle’s voice was breathy with excitement as she slipped a finger inside her panties.

“Delicious,” Amber responded demurely. She glanced upwards at Brian for a few seconds before she bent her head over him and slid her full red lips down over his shaft. The room was silent except for the sound of Brian’s breath leaving his body as his cock slid easily into Amber’s mouth.

“Suck him,” Estelle panted from her perch on the desk. Bright red spots formed in her cheeks as she plunged her fingers deep into herself. 

Obediently Amber moved her head up and down on Brian’s cock. He had never been sucked so deeply or skilfully before. A muffled groan escaped from his lips. Amber pressed her face against him as her full red lips clamped around the base of his cock. Brian closed his eyes and let himself relax. His spreadsheets and budget were forgotten. In front of him Estelle gave a little whimper of pleasure.

“She is a good girl isn’t she?” Estelle asked.

Helplessly Brian nodded. He looked down at Amber’s head greedily sucking his cock.

“She is desperate to taste your cum,” Estelle whispered urgently. “But you must only let her have it if you think she has been a good girl. It is her reward.”

Brian’s mind reeled. Amber’s head bobbed on his cock, her tongue swirling as she moved up and down. For a moment she turned her head so that she could look at him as she sucked. Brian could see her lust for his cum in her sweet brown eyes. He felt the heat of his orgasm rising,

“Do you want to taste me?” he whispered to her.

Amber nodded, still looking him in the eye. 

“You greedy little slut,” Estelle spoke the harsh words fondly to Amber. Then she addressed Brian, “Shall we give her what she wants?” 

Brian was putting a lot of effort into holding himself back, “I think so,” he said in a strained voice.

“Then fill her mouth!” Estelle commanded.

Brian relaxed a little and the hot waves of his orgasm shuddered through him. He suppressed a groan as he emptied himself into Amber’s eager mouth. With little moans of pleasure she gobbled up his cum. Amber held him in her mouth until the orgasm died away before she let his cock slide from her mouth. With a satisfied smirk she kneeled back on her heels and looked up at Brian.

“I trust that you enjoyed yourself,” she looked up at him innocently.

Brian was nonplussed. “Yes I did, very much.”

“Well then Brian, now that you have had a chance to clear your mind I think you better get back to your budget.” Estelle stood up, straightening her skirt. Gracefully Amber rose to her feet and began tidying up the lunch as if nothing had happened. Instantly the mood in the room became business-like and Brian became aware of where they were. Following Estelle’s example he straightened his clothes and took a small plate of food as he went back to his desk. 

As he opened his spreadsheet and became immersed in the figures his mind kept wandering back to the memory of Amber kneeling at his feet with his cock in her mouth. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Geoffreywalking towards his desk. Brian’s heart raced, he knew he was going to miss his deadline. In the next minute his fears were calmed,

“I understand you have been working on a special project for Estelle today,” Geoffrey never beat around the bush. “Don’t worry about the budget. Just get it to me sometime tomorrow.” 


  1. I would like to apply for the job!

  2. Phew!! Oh to be in Brian's shoes there! - you have conjured with your words a particularly hot fantasy of mine - the perfect scenario to be dom and sub at the same time while enjoying a BJ :). And the word 'spreadsheets' will never be the same for me now :)

  3. mmm now I wish all offices had sweet distractions like that during working hours ;)

    Rebel xox

  4. Glad to read more of this story! Oh, and "hot waves of his orgasm" is a wonderful turn of phrase.