Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mood Swings


Even though it is actually Thursday I am sure it is still Wednesday somewhere in the world and even if it isn't there is always time for a little wickedness. 
The prompt this week was; 

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"How is she this morning?" Brian glanced nervously in the direction of the door behind the reception desk. Like everyone who worked in this department he was nervous about putting his ideas forward to his manager, Estelle. She had a reputation as being unpredictably moody. Many of her staff avoided her unless it was absolutely necessary, afraid of which mood they would find her in. The only person who seemed immune was Amber, her assistant. This morning she smiled happily at Brian from behind her desk. 

"I am not sure today," Amber's response did little to calm Brian's nerves. "She was polite enough but there seemed to be something on her mind." 

Brian's stomach flipped over. Amber smiled up at him, "She did say that she wanted to see you as soon as you arrived though." 

Reluctantly Brian turned towards the door with "Estelle Williams – Marketing Director" neatly engraved in a brass plaque. His hand trembled a little as he pushed the door open.  Estelle was seated behind her desk. Brian studied her for a moment. Her hair was pulled back into a loose bun and wisps of hair had escaped about her face. Her clothing today seemed softer than usual. The loose fabric of her blouse clung to her cleavage. For Brian this woman was a conundrum. She scared the hell out of him but at the same time she only had to look at him a certain way and he felt his cock responding. There was something alluring about the power she seemed to radiate.  Brian announced his presence by clearing his throat. Estelle looked up at him with a smile.

"Good morning Brian. I am glad to see you." She stood up and moved from behind her desk to stand in front of Brian. "Let's get started shall we?" Estelle gestured towards the small desk in the corner of her office. "Amber," she called through the doorway to her reception area, "Can you please bring us in some coffee?"

Brian settled himself and brought out his papers and diagrams. Amber promptly brought in coffee and set it out on the desk. 

"Thank you Amber," Estelle smiled up at her. "Can you please shut the door on the way out? We don't want to be disturbed now." 

"OK then," Amber retreated out of the door. For a moment she looked over her shoulder at Brian with the oddest expression, as if she were in on some kind of private joke with Estelle. 

The door closed softly as she left and Brian turned his attention towards his papers. Estelle sat beside him as they worked through his proposal listening to him, asking questions and being very positive about his ideas. Brian was taken aback, he had never expected this kind of reaction at all. Several minutes into the meeting Brain noticed how close Estelle was sitting to him. The smell of her perfume was enticing and he glanced downwards only to notice that from this angle he could see the entire outline of her breast through the open neckline of her blouse.

There was a stirring in Brian's pants and he noticed, not for the first time, the smoothness of the skin on Estelle's neck. He was hit by an almost overwhelming urge to bury his face into her neck while his hand reached into her blouse and cupped that luscious breast. Brian was lost in his daydream for a moment before her realised that Estelle was looking straight at him. There was a pause as Estelle studied him for a few moments. Then the mood in the room shifted slightly.

"Do you like my blouse?" Estelle fingered the neckline as she looked at him. Her eyes burned with a strange fire that Brian had never seen before. He nodded unable to speak as her slender fingers popped open the button they were fingering and slid downwards to the next one. 

Her blouse opened and Brian could see her breasts encased in lace underneath. Her nipples poked at the sheer fabric, straining to be free. Brian completely forgot the busy office humming right outside the door behind him. All he was aware of was this woman sitting in front of him slowly and deliberately removing her blouse. 

Source: Undiscovered Limits
After the blouse sighed onto the floor Estelle leaned in close to Brian, "Bras are so uncomfortable," she said. "Would you mind unclasping this one?" Her eyes glittered with excitement as Brian leaned forward and reached behind her to fumble with the clasp. The offending garment joined the blouse on the floor as Estelle raised her hands towards the ceiling, jiggling her full breasts almost in Brian's face. 

Estelle hitched her skirt up around her hips and straddled Brian's legs. Nervously Brian swallowed as he took in the smooth hairless pussy in front of him. His cock was like a rod in his trousers and he squirmed uncomfortably. With a sly smile Estelle reached down and unbuckled his belt before opening the restrictive pants and freeing his cock from his boxers. Her eyes widened as she gently stroked his warm hard member. 

"Tell me Brian," Estelle's voice was throaty with desire. "Do you want to fuck this pussy in front of you now?" 

"Brian could barely manage a whisper, "Yes," he looked intently into her eyes. 

Estelle continued to stroke him. When Brian reached up to touch her breasts she slapped his hand away. "You may not touch!" she said sharply.

Brian pulled his hand away from the tempting erect nipple and clenched his fist by his side. Estelle pushed her hips closer to his face so that Brian could smell the musky scent of her arousal. It took an enormous amount of sill not to grab her hips and bury his face in her pussy. 

Estelle pulled apart the lips of her pussy so that Brian could see the glistening pink wetness, "Look at her," Estelle purred. "She is so wet. Do you want to taste her?" 

Brian looked up into Estelle's dark brown eyes that were burning with desire, "May I?" he asked quietly.

Estelle smiled, like a queen granting a favour to her subject, "You may." 

Source: Undiscovered Limits
With his heart beating Brian leaned forward and slid his tongue into her folds. Automatically he lifted his hands to stroke her thighs.

"No hands!" she commanded. "Don't make me restrain you!" 

Meekly Brian pulled his hands back beside him and continued to lap at her saltiness. 

Above his head Estelle sighed in pleasure. With his neck feeling like it was going to snap in two Brian pressed his face deep into her seeking to suck at the bud he could feel growing there. Estelle gave a little whimper before she pulled away from him.

"That is enough for now," Her voice quavered with desire. Brian looked at her holding his hands at his sides clenching them into fists. His throbbed with almost painful desire. With a strange smile Estelle stroked the side of Brian's face. "You did well," she murmured. 

She seemed to give herself a little shake and then, all business-like, she bent down and retrieved her clothing. Moving over to the little desk where Brian's papers were spread about she quickly snapped her bra back into place and buttoned up her blouse. Brian took the hint and quickly put away his cock resisting the urge to stroke himself.

"I like these concepts," Estelle was all business now. "I just think you need to work on the details we discussed earlier." She placed her glasses on as she studied the papers. "Yes, there is definitely potential here. How about you make the changes we discussed and then we meet again, say Friday morning?" 

Brian nodded, "Yes of course," It would mean staying back, but after this morning he would do anything for this woman.

"OK then. First thing Friday morning." Estelle opened her door, "It is good to see someone who is so eager to get things right. I am going to enjoy working more closely with you." Estelle smiled as Brian walked out the door.

He looked over at where Amber was sitting at her desk typing out letters. As the door closed behind him she looked up. The expression on her face was inscrutable. "How did you go?" she asked.

Brian looked at her for a few moments. He wondered if he imagined the barest hint of a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth. Did she know what had just happened? "Pretty good I think," he answered neutrally. "She just has some improvements she wants to see on Friday."

Amber's eyes flickered slightly, "I bet she does," there was the barest hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"I better get on with it then," Brian suddenly wanted to run away from the scrutiny of this woman. 

"Before you go," Amber said softly.

"Yes," Brian looked at her innocently.

"You better just straighten your shirt and tie." Amber's eyes were wide open and completely innocent. "You look like you just went for a roll on the carpet."


  1. tsk tsk tsk, such naughty shenanigans in the office!!! lol - i LOVED it! well done as always!

  2. Hahaha I love the last sentence. Sexy story!

    Rebel xox

  3. Sexy and exciting post! I've enjoyed a romp or two in the office, back when I had a desk job. Great memories.


  4. Thanks for the great feedback guys.