Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink Bits

It is well documented both in this blog and in other parts of my life that I am a bit of a fan of pink bits. I have been attracted to women ever since I can remember. The attraction is not a be all and end all sort of thing. I don't think I am capable of having a fully blown relationship with a woman, at least not a monogamous one. I like cock way too much. 

There is a general concept amongst the swing scene that all women or at least the vast majority are bisexual or at the very least bi-curious (what ever that means!) Every now and then a woman will publicly state that she doesn't find the idea of having sex with a woman attractive at all. This is usually followed by one of those pauses where all the music and the conversation in the room stops. The other person in the conversation usually replies,
"Really? What is there not to like?" 

I must admit I agree with these sentiments. There are a lot of things to like about a woman and her body, soft skin, very kissable lips, breasts, pink bits. But of course what rings my bell is not what rings everyone elses. I don't for a second support an environment where this woman is not free to express her opinion and get the support of those around her. Everyone has the right to their preferences. 

Source: Life of a Tongue
So I am a massive fan of boobies and soft, warm, girly bodies but a lot of times if there are two men and two women in a bed together I will focus on the man and give the other female nothing more than a passing glance and perhaps a caress. I have a few different reasons for this. 

Firstly, Jake and I don't participate in swinging as spectators. Unlike a lot of men I have come accross Jake is not content to take his seat at the edge of the action and watch his wife eat out another woman like a guy watching his own special, personalised porno. He is happy to watch for a while but ultimately he is a 'hands on' kind of guy and he will not be happy unless he has his hands full of girly bits. 

Secondly I am worried about unwittingly crossing someone's personal boundary. The stereotype I mentioned earlier sits at the forefront of my mind along with the firm knowledge that it is a stereotype. I am painfully careful not to fall into the trap of assuming that just because a woman is naked in bed with me that I am able to partake of the pleasures of her body whenever and however I like.

Thirdly I am not a show pony. Sometimes women play with other women just because they know it turns their partner on. Not because it turns THEM on. I don't like that and it is one way to turn me off the whole situation really, REALLY fast. When I worship a woman it is because I think she is shit hot and I want to feel her nipples against my tongue or teeth if she likes it like that. I want to explore her beautiful folds and watch her face while she writhes and moans because I like it. If there is someone watching and they enjoy the show then so be it but the pleasure is definitely all mine. The thing that gets me off is not Jake wanting to fuck me because of what he sees but the sound of her moaning and the look on her face when she cums. 

I don't want to worship every woman I come accross just like I don't want to fuck every guy. Sometimes I like the husband but not the wife. Sometimes the cock has more allure than the pussy because I want to be fucked hard over and over. 

But every now and then the planets align and I find myself with my face buried between the legs of a goddess with my fingers pushed deep inside her. 
Source: Life of a Tongue