Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Relax your Mood


For this week's Wicked Wednesday Rebel chose the following prompt.

I have re-visited Brian Estelle and Amber for this one as it seemed a fitting prompt for them. You can read their previous story here and here. As usual you can check out the other Wicked Wednesday entries at Rebel's Notes

Brian leaned back in his chair massaging the back of his neck as he stretched. On his desk the in-tray was piled up to almost overflowing. His head was spinning with the tasks that awaited his attention. All he wanted was for it to stop. When he went home at night all he had the energy to do was eat some dinner and fall asleep on the couch in front of the television. It seemed like it had been weeks since he had done anything pleasurable. He didn't even have the energy to masturbate.  The images he was assembling for a presentation he was giving tomorrow swam across the screen in front of him. No matter what he put together it seemed to be childish and awkward. 

In the bottom right hand corner of his screen the email icon flashed at him. For a few moments he considered ignoring it but he worried that it was Mike, his immediate manager, demanding an update on his presentation. With a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach he clicked the little envelope. 

                "I would like the pleasure of your company in my office at 12.30." The sender was listed as none other than the enigmatic Estelle. 

Source: Life of a Tongue
Memories of Amber sucking his cock obliterated all thoughts of work. Brian allowed himself to fantasise about how she would look bent over Estelle's desk with her skirt riding up over her ass. As she bent over her butt cheeks parted a little to allow Brian a peek at her glistening wet pussy. Sinking further into the fantasy Brian wondered how it would feel to step up behind her and sink his cock into her warm wet depths.

"How is the presentation going Brian?" Mike's voice jolted Brian out of his reverie like a bucket of cold water. 

"Good, good." Brian quickly gathered his thoughts and opened his notebook. For the next hour he was deep in conversation with Mike hammering out details and sorting his ideas. As Mike walked away from his desk, Brian felt more under control. His presentation was sorted mostly but his in-tray was still screaming for his attention. He launched himself into his paper work. 

At 12.35 the email icon blinked at him again. Automatically Brian clicked on it. 

                "You are late." The message sat accusingly on his screen. With a feeling of dread and guilt Brian jumped up immediately and hurried towards Estelle's office. As he passed her desk Amber looked up at him with a carefully neutral expression. Brian felt a pang. He couldn't get the image of her lips wrapped around his cock out of his head but somehow he felt as if she was displeased with him. He desperately wanted to get back the camaraderie that they had before but somehow she always seemed to hold him at arm's length.
"Hello," he said, trying to be friendly.

"Estelle doesn't like people who are late." Amber replied. For a split second there was a flash of something in Amber's eyes before she turned back to her desk. Brian frowned. He could have sworn Amber just looked like a sibling who was celebrating her brother getting scolded by their parent. He walked towards the door to Estelle's office. 

As he stepped inside he took in Estelle sitting in the big chair behind her desk deeply engrossed in something she was reading on her computer screen. He gave a slight cough to gain her attention. Behind him he heard the faint click of the door as Amber pulled it closed. Estelle looked up calmly.

"Hello Brian." She seemed a little cool in her attitude. Brian felt a flash of trepidation at his lateness. 

"I am sorry I am late," he looked down at his feet, feeling like a schoolboy waiting for a scolding from his teacher. 

Estelle pushed her chair back from her desk and leaned back a little in it. "Punctuality is very important to me," Estelle did not stand up from her chair. "I do like you Brian but I am not prepared to overlook lateness without punishment. Don't let it happen again." 

Brian kept looking at the floor unsure of what to do. He fully expected to look up and see Estelle standing at her desk with a cane in her hand. 

"Come over here." Estelle's voice sounded a little softer. Brian walked over to the desk to stand opposite her. Estelle watched him carefully as he approached her. As he looked into her eye he noticed a glint that he was starting to become familiar with. Brian felt his cock stirring for the first time in about a week. She beckoned him, "Come around here next to me."

As he walked around to the other side of the desk Estelle leaned back on her chair and rested her feet on the desk. Brian rested his butt against the edge of her desk, facing her. Estelle's skirt was hitched up high, showing her lace panties underneath.

"You seem to have been a bit stressed for the last couple of days," Estelle said conversationally.
Source: A Kinky Gent

"Yeh," Brian rubbed the back of his neck. "I just can't seem to get on top of things."
"It is really unhealthy not to give yourself some time to relax every day." Estelle looked up at him. "Do you masturbate?" 

Brian shifted uncomfortably against the desk. "Sometimes," he said quietly. 

Estelle seemed to be unphased, "I find it to be a great way to relax," 

Brian noticed that she was stroking her thigh with her fingernails. A little shiver went through her as she looked at Brian. His cock was like a rock in his pants. Estelle's fingers stroked the lace of her panties. "When was the last time you masturbated Brian?" Estelle looked up at him. He could see a hungry look in her eyes. 

"I dunno" Brian answered quietly.

Estelle looked at the bulge in his trousers, "That is a shame," she licked her lips as she slid a finger inside her panties. "Perhaps you could show me how you stroke yourself." 

Brian fumbled with his belt as he opened his pants and eased his cock out of his trousers. He wrapped his hand around his hard shaft and closed his eyes. His hand moved slowly along his shaft. He let out a long sigh. 

"See now doesn't that feel better?" Estelle's voice was thick like honey. Brian opened his eyes and watched her for a moment. She had loosened her blouse and one hand was slipped inside her bra teasing her nipples. Her other finger worked her pussy inside her panties.  Brian watched, fascinated, as he continued to stroke himself. 

"Would you mind just opening that drawer and passing me the pink vibrator inside?" Estelle asked sweetly. 

Brian turned around and opened the top drawer of Estelle's desk. Nestled in a special box beside the pencils and paperclips was a slim pink vibrator. The whole scenario was starting to feel a little surreal. Estelle took the vibrator. Looking Brian in the eye she pulled aside the lace of her panties and stroked herself a little to moisten her toy. With a sigh she slid the shaft inside herself. Brian kneeled on the floor at her feet and moved to place his face against her pussy. 

Estelle sat up, "No," she said firmly. "I did not say you could touch me." She leaned forward and pressed her intercom. "Amber could you please come in here?" her voice was authoritative and business like. 

Brian rocked back on his heels, watching Estelle as she leaned back in her chair and made herself comfortable. Amber came in and stood on the other side of her boss. Estelle handed the vibrator to her, "I think you know how to use this Amber," Estelle spoke warmly. Amber kneeled at Estelle's feet and gave Brian a self-satisfied smirk as she slid the vibrator slowly inside Estelle.  Estelle turned her attention back to Brian. "Amber is very talented at pleasing women as well as men." She said conversationally. "But please don't let us stop you. Watching a man masturbate is extremely erotic to me." 

Brian stood and watched Amber pleasuring her mistress with the slender pink vibrator. His hand automatically gripped his cock. Estelle watched him the whole time with her mouth opened slightly. Her breathing became heavier as Estelle increased the rhythm of her strokes. As the intensity in the room increased Amber leaned forward and licked gently at Estelle's clit. Brian felt the hot hard surge of his orgasm building. 

Estelle smiled at him, "That is the way," She sighed as Amber lapped at her clit. "Put your cum here where Amber can taste it."

Brian moved forward and stood next to Estelle's chair. His hand shuffled hard up and down the length of his cock. Heat surged through him as he emptied himself over Estelle's pussy.

Greedily Amber lapped at the thick white liquid as Estelle moaned her climax.

Brian slumped over Estelle's chair. All of the tension he had been holding inside himself was gone. He felt as if he could run a marathon. Amber sat back on her heels watching quietly. Her pink tongue traced her lips lapping up the last of the taste of Estelle's arousal mixed with Brian's cum. 

Estelle straightened herself in her chair. Brian took his cue from her and zipped up his pants. Amber remained where she was.

"Thank you Amber," Estelle spoke to Amber as if she had just completed the filing. "You may go now." Amber stood up gracefully. As she walked out of the door Estelle added firmly, "You may reward yourself during your lunch hour, with the new toy I gave you last week. But I want to see photographs immediately afterwards." Estelle turned her chair back towards Brian. Amber walked out the door without looking back. 

"Now Brian," Estelle continued in a commanding tone. "You need to masturbate at least once a day. It is healthy for a young man like yourself to have a release at least once a day." Brian nodded nonplussed. Estelle turned back to her desk ending the conversation. Brian walked back to his desk wondering at her last comments. He frowned trying to work out how she became the one in charge of his sex life suddenly. Then another even more perplexing thought occurred to him. He actually liked it. He settled back at his desk. The mountain of work suddenly didn't seem so imposing. His email icon flashed at the bottom of his screen.

"Remember, at least once a day. I will be checking up on you."


  1. Now why haven't I ever had a boss like that? Another great story Mrs J. Thanks.

  2. Who doesn't want to be watched. Awesome!