Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sharing Talents

Welcome to humpity hump day. Also known as Wicked Wednesday. The prompt given by Rebel this week was this photo,

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Louise sighed. Figures swam across the page in front of her. She really, really hated maths. Absently she rolled her pen around in her pursed lips as she looked around the room at the other students with their heads bent, studiously writing in their books. What was Mr Mitchell thinking giving them this problem to do in class? Who cared what the derivative of 'y' was? 

Three seats across from her Derek looked over at Louise running her pencil around her lips. Not for the first time he wished he was that pencil. Louise glanced up and caught him looking at her. A moment of irritation passed through her mind. "How can he be finished so fast?" she thought crossly. Then she remembered. Derek was good at maths. An idea ocurred to her, she smiled coyly at him. The movement of her pencil became more exaggerated. Derek seemed to twitch in his seat but he couldn't take his eyes off those beautiful lips held in a perfect pout. In the showers, getting changed after gym the boys whipered cruel things about what she did with those lips. Derek didn't care; he thought her lips were perfect. At night in his bedroom with the door locked he fantasised about those lips wrapped around his penis instead of his own fingers. When his cum spurted out in thick gobs he imagined her smiling at him as she licked the creamy white liquid off his fingers and belly. 
The bell rang, cutting off his fantasy. Quickly he packed away his books as the other students filed out. Louise dallied, seeming to take a long time to get her books organised. Then, before he realised, she was standing beside him. Derek was tall and gangly, Louise was tiny. She had to tilt her head to look up at him. She smiled warmly. Did he imagine it or were her lips extra pink today. They really were the most perfect lips, full, round, pink and so luscious. 
"Wanna come for a walk down to the grandstand at lunch?" Louise asked the question casually, with her eyes held open wide and innocent. 
Hot redness flushed up Derek's neck and into his cheeks, "Sure." He answered. 
She smiled happily. "Cool," then she skipped out of the room. 
The next two classes were a blur in Derek's mind. He was trying to sort out this unexpected turn of events. Louise's reputation meant that he was in for a treat. "But," the logical part of his brain argued. "What if her reputation is crap?"
"Why else would she ask you for a walk down to the grandstand you nong?" the hopeful part of his brain said. 
"Maybe to get you to hang out your willy and take a photo to post on Facebook," his self-doubt taunted him. 
"She is not like that," the hopefulness argued. 
And she wasn't. Just because Derek fantasised about her didn't mean Louise was considered to be suitable to be a cheerleader or one of the fashionistas. She was just normal. Derek felt certain that the locker room whispers made by the jocks were just the result of rejection or anger at being passed over. 
At lunch she was at the appointed spot, and she was alone. Derek looked nervously around seeking out a hidden camera man. Louise laughed,
"What are you looking for?" she asked. "There isn't anyone hiding in the bushes. C'mon in here." She took his hand and led him into a cool hiding spot underneath the bleachers out of view of passers-by. They leaned against the wall for an awkward moment each waiting for the other to make the first move. Derek could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Louise took a step closer and put her hand on Derek's crotch. 
"You know how you are great at maths?" looked up with her eyes wide.
"Uh- huh," Derek felt his willy stiffening in his jeans.
"You wanna know what I am good at?" She was looking at him quite seriously.
"Ummmm," Derek cursed himself. His mind couldn't form a single coherent word. 
Louise cupped Derek's balls through his jeans, "I am good at sucking cock. Have you ever had a blow job Derek?" 
"Ummmmmm no," Derek began to re-work this morning's maths problems in his mind to distract himself from the sensations coming out of his pants.
Louise smiled a big happy smile, "I do love sucking a guy who has never been sucked before." She continued to speak quite seriously. "Can I have the honour of being the first girl to suck your cock?" she asked.
Derek's mind whirled, his knees felt as if they couldn't hold him up, "Sure," he tried to keep the tremor out of his voice.
The smile spread a little further over Louise's face, "Let's see what we have to work with then." Expertly she pulled down his zipper and opened the button of his pants. Derek bit his lip to stop himself from whimpering as she eased her hand into his boxers and slipped her hand around his cock. "It does feel like you are a bit excited," she quipped. 
Source: Life of A Tongue
Louise dropped to her knees and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue. A string of pre-cum formed between her lips and his cock. She licked her lips and then opened them to slide them down over Derek's rock hard cock. 
Heat flushed through Derek. This was better than he had ever even fantasised. Her lips clamped around him firmly as she sucked him like an icy-pole. Air rushed out through Derek's lips and his body sagged against the wall. He was petrified that his legs were going to completely give way. He felt the pressure building up at the base of his cock and he desperately tried to hold it back. In his mind he recited formulas and went through every maths problem he could remember from the last few days. 
It didn't help, Louise sucked his cock firmly, moving her head up and down along his shaft giving his head a little flick with her tongue on the upstroke. The pressure built up and up in Derek until he felt he was going to explode. He knew he couldn't hold back any longer.
"Ummmmm?" he asked desperately. 
"Louise released his cock slightly, "Fill my mouth baby," she encouraged.  "I want to taste you."
Derek groaned loudly as his cock pulsed cum into her gorgeous mouth. He tried to count the number of pulses but he lost count. It felt as if they were never going to stop. Louise held her mouth over his cock, looking up at him as he pumped her mouth full. Derek's knees finally gave way and he sagged down to sit on the ground in front of Louise panting heavily.
They sat in silence for a while. 
"I wish I could do maths as well as you." Louise said reflectively. 
Derek laughed, "I think that compared to doing maths your talent is much more fun." He paused for a moment, "But if you are having trouble with maths I am sure I can help." 
Louise looked at him with those big wide eyes, "Really?" she asked excitedly a bit like a child. 
Derek shrugged, "Sure," he said. "We all have our own special talents so why not share the love around?" 
Louise considered for a moment, "O.K. then. When did you want to hook up to um, share talents then?" She looked at him with a perfectly straight face.
"Well you can come over to mine this afternoon if you like," he answered. "No one will be home until five."
The bell rang, calling them back to class. Louise stood up quickly, "I better rush, I have English and Mrs Taylor is such a bitch when you are late. I'll meet you out the front after school then?"

Derek nodded, "No probs." Louise ducked out into the school world outside. As she left she turned and blew Derek a kiss through those amazing lips.


  1. That's a nice between-classes diversion! :D

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. i like that! sweet but spicy, and the focus on her lips all the way through was a nice touch to keep my mind on the prompt!
    X Allys

  3. Share the love around... I totally agree :)

    Rebel xox

  4. I think I have something in common with Louise... my Maths is terrible...and I can 'blow' a damn good kiss too ;)