Friday, October 12, 2012

The Chase

The fantasy for this week was told to me by a good Facebook friend, Paulonius. I hope that the story does your idea justice. 

I am submitting this story as part of Frisky Friday Make sure you head over to check out the other frisky entries!

Jess and Matt rested on the bonnet of the car contemplating the path in front of them. The sounds of bird chatter filled the air blending with the whispers of the trees. Neither of them said a word, lost in their own thoughts as if they were absorbing the peace of the place. 

"Run," Matt's voice was hot in Jess' ear. 

She didn't hesitate, or look back as she sprang away from the car like a rabbit. Her long brown hair streamed out behind her as she ran, hopping nimbly over tree roots and dodging branches. Matt gave chase, surprised at how fast she was. For a few moments he regretted taking that few moments to watch her running at the start. He gave an extra surge of speed and reached out to grab at her coat. 

It was enough to interrupt her rhythm. She stumbled, and he wrapped his arms around her as they fell to the ground rolling over in a tumble of arms and legs. Matt held her firmly with one arm as he fumbled with the zipper of her jacket.

"Here let me help you with that," she gasped and unzipped her jacket. Nimbly she rolled away from him and was up and running before he realised what had happened. "You are gonna have to try harder than that!" she shouted tauntingly over her shoulder. Disbelieving, Matt threw the jacket to one side and sprang to his feet.  The path twisted and turned but neither was willing to give in. Jess allowed herself the luxury of a glance over her shoulder at her pursuer. Suddenly the path twisted sharply. Jess tripped on a tree-root and Matt was upon her seconds later.

"What was that?" he panted hotly in her ear, pinning her slight body to the ground underneath him.

Jess bucked and wriggled as she tried to free herself from his grip. With clenched fists she pounded at his back. Her cries were silenced by his lips pressing down on hers. Her writhing stopped as she melted into him, opening her mouth to admit his probing tongue. Her pounding fists opened and her fingers clawed at his back. Matt released her mouth and propped himself up on his elbows to look at her lying on the forest floor. Jess' chest heaved, her cheeks were flushed pink and her hair was tangled with leaves and twigs. Desire flamed from her eyes and she opened her legs to allow his groin to rest against hers,

"Fuck me baby," she murmured. 

Matt looked at her, she was so hot, so desirable. He felt his cock aching for release.
Then with a sly smile she flipped them both over and was up and running again,

"Tricked you!" she shouted over her shoulder at him. 

Red flashed in front of Matt's eyes. With a roar he leapt to his feet and sprinted after her. The path was getting narrower and less defined as they wound deeper into the forest. Both of them had to concentrate harder on each footstep but neither slowed down and neither was going to give in. Matt's heart was pounding in his chest but with each step he wanted the prize more. Jess began to tire, her pace slowed and Matt began to edge closer to her. He reached out and touched her hair. She gave a little scream at the feel of his fingers. Fear gave her a burst of energy and she bounded forward leaving Matt holding strands of long brown hair between his fingertips. 

With his lungs almost bursting Matt surged forward and grabbed at her. They both fell to the ground panting. Whimpering Jess struggled against Matt but this time he held her firmly, wrapping his legs around her to be sure. He pulled out his hunting knife and pressed the cold blade against her heaving belly. Her eyes flared open and he could see the wild twist of lust and adrenaline in her eyes. 

Cold steel slashed through her shirt and it fell away displaying her heaving, panting chest. Her small perfect breasts were covered with a girly, brightly coloured bra, the kind that all teenagers love to wear. Matt slipped the knife underneath the strap, pressing the blade against her white skin. For a moment he watched, fascinated by the way the sharp point of the blade almost pierced her skin. Jess looked up at him trustingly, holding her breath, not daring to move. The whole world stopped for a moment, the only thing Matt could hear was the blood rushing in his ears and the raggedness of his breath. 

Source: Rebel's Corner
With a deft flick the knife severed her bra and it fell away to show those tiny pointed breasts. Her chest heaved as she sighed in relief. Matt released his hold and she lay on the damp ground looking up at him. Waiting. 

"Get on your hands and knees," he commanded. 

Mutely, she obeyed. Turning over and presenting her round ass to him. Her tangled hair trailed down her back and hung over her shoulders. Matt kneeled behind her hips pressing his throbbing groin against her butt feeling the ache of his cock inside his jeans. Time seemed to jolt forward and he couldn't wait any longer. He reached under Jess' belly and yanked her jeans open. Gripping the waistband he shoved the garment down to the ground, around her knees. She bent down and her slender butt cheeks opened slightly to reveal the flower between her legs. Like a man possessed Matt opened his jeans and released his hard throbbing cock. 

With a groan he sank into her warm wet depths, burying himself deeply. Jess bucked back against him grinding herself down onto his hard member. 

"You like that cock?" Matt leaned forward to whisper in her ear. He thrust hard into her and wrapped her hair around his hand.

"Yes," she whispered as he pulled her head back by the hair.

Matt slammed into her hard, his belly slapping against her butt. "You like getting fucked hard like an animal in the woods?" his voice was hard.

"Yes," her voice was loud and clear. 

Matt gripped her ass with his free hand and pumped hard into her as she gave little mewling cries of pleasure. Wetness oozed out of her and her pussy muscles clenched around his cock. He raised his hand and slapped her butt as he pumped into her. She cried out in pleasure at the sting of his slap.

"Fuck me harder!" she urged.

Matt's belly slapped against her butt and his balls slapped against her pussy in time with his thrusts,

"Is that hard enough?" he asked. 

"Fuck yeahhh!" she screamed as she orgasmed hard. "I want to feel you cumming."

The white heat of orgasm ripped through Matt as his cock pulsed cum into Jess. He groaned with pleasure before he relaxed against her. Slowly the couple collapsed to the forest floor still joined together. Slowly Matt's cock relaxed and slid out of her to rest against her thigh. Above them in the trees birds went about their business chirping and tweeting to each other. A butterfly rested briefly on Jess' naked hip. 

Without warning Jess pulled away from Matt and stood up, buttoning her jeans. With a sly smile she collected her torn clothing and began jogging back down the pathway,

"Last one back to the car is a rotten egg," she yelled over her shoulder.

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