Monday, October 8, 2012

the Fantasy Register

Last Friday I started Fantasy Friday a series of stories featuring fantasies told to me by readers and other people I come across from time to time. Something that Jake and I, and I am sure others, have struggled with from time to time is how to find that extra pair of hands that some fantasies call for. 

A little while back, at the start of our swinging career, Jake requested a scenario that he wished to live out. The set up was simple. He wished to be blindfolded and left in a hotel room to have sex with an unidentified woman. A key part of the fantasy was that he would not know who the woman was either before hand nor afterwards. 

On the surface of things this seemed like a relatively simple thing but in reality it was very hard. Every time I met women who were likely to be open to the idea Jake was with me. Usually if there was mutual attraction we would end up in bed together and therefore these ladies were no longer strangers and didn't fit with what we were seeking.

So I was left with approaching relative strangers. I felt a bit weird writing messages to random women that went something along the lines of "Hi. I don't know you but I would like to fulfill a fantasy for my husband etc, etc." It just seemed a bit creepy. Even if these were women who had profiles on swinger's websites so it was likely they were open to that kind of thing it still seemed a bit weird.

To cut a long story short, I did end up finding someone but she wasn't exactly a complete stranger and I am a terrible liar so the whole thing didn't go entirely according to plan. Finding another lady for a re-run is on my to do list but I am adopting the approach of keeping my eyes open for possibilities without actually looking and hoping something happens along at the right time. As I work through this process it occurred to me that it would be really cool if there was some kind of website out there where people like us could register what we were looking for and other people could cruise through the personals find something they thought was interesting and put their hand up for it. 

I am not talking about your usual dating / swinging website where couples or singles advertise for potential playmates,  (in particular that ever elusive single girl!) but rather where singles or couples propose specific scenarios and other singles or couples who find that kind of thing interesting register their interest. The kind of scenarios I am talking about are things like Jake's fantasy from earlier or one like that I described in The Task .

So how about it? Is there some enlightend website designer out there who would take on the challenge of creating a 'Fantasy Register?' 



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  1. I have often thought about the need for something similar. I guess I even "ran" something akin to this at one point on RHP, I had been tasked by my Dom to take someone's virginity.... not literally their sexual virginity, but help them try something they had never done before... I changed my profile stating that I was a naughty genie and would be granting wishes.... the emails poured in, in choosing (and not wanting to fail a task) I ended up accepting two of the most appealing to me, but so many where interesting to read..... it is amazing the list of fantasies that people hold, from the simple to the complex, from the vanilla to the most twisted.... we each have that one little thing in the back of our mind that we would just love to try, the challenge is being able to fulfill it, will our fantasy be everything we hoped, as you and Jake have found - often we come close, but things just don't pan out.... but half the fun is trying and the journey is just as important as the destination..... in saying that. I certainly think you and I should get our heads together and see if there isnt something to create here, a "Brinseyland fantasy" website - connecting people!!!!