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A Change is as Good as a Holiday


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 I have continued on with the story of Brian and Estelle. If you want to read the last entry in this series you can look here. As always make sure you head on over to Wicked Wednesday to check out what other wickedness is happening. 

Brian's mind whirled with possibilities as he made his way to his desk and deposited his keys and wallet. Estelle's cryptic comment was typical of her. She seemed to take a perverse pleasure from surprising him at every turn. What tortured him even more was the way he craved her. He had not been permitted to touch her since the very first time he had licked her out. But at night in the shower and in bed he found himself fantasising about her. He craved the taste of her juice and whenever he saw her he wanted to slowly remove her clothing, lay her down on that massive mahogany desk and worship her body from head to foot. 
The buzz of his phone startled him,

"Hello," he answered uncertainly. 

"Good morning Brian," Mike's voice was cheery and reassuringly normal. "Can I see you in my office?" 

"Sure," Brian tried to keep his voice upbeat but his heart felt like it was going to burst out of his ribcage.

Thirty minutes later Brian was back at his desk with his head spinning. He collected his notebook and made his way down the familiar pathway towards Estelle's office. Her door swung open as he knocked to reveal Estelle sitting behind her desk with Amber sitting to the side taking notes. Estelle was dressed in her usual clothing; a soft, clinging blouse that gave just a hint of the smooth white skin underneath. Brian's fingers twitched as he imagined plucking at those buttons to reveal her cleavage so that he could stroke the soft skin along the edge of her bra. 
"Good morning Brian," Estelle's voice interrupted his reverie. "Again." Her lips quirked slightly and Brian had the unnerving feeling that she had just read his mind. "So I am taking it that Mike has told you about my request?"

Brian nodded, struggling to find his voice. He felt like a small boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Yes," he croaked out.

Estelle smiled, "Excellent!" She turned towards Amber. "OK well just finish that off and email me a copy before you send it." 

"OK then," Amber closed her notebook, stood and put her chair back in its usual place. As she left Estelle's office she looked sideways at Brian. The expression on her face was unreadable. Brian felt a tremor of unease. He wasn't sure how this new turn in his career would affect the tenuous balance between himself and Amber. He recalled his vivid dream from this morning. Next to Estelle, Amber occupied his fantasies more than anyone else.

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The next hour was filled with diagrams, notes, concepts and plans as Estelle outlined the project she had seconded Brian for.  All thoughts of fantasy or ideas of being recruited as a personal sex slave flew out of Brian's head. Estelle was a shrewd woman and she genuinely did have a project for Brian to work on. He wondered if he had mistaken her intentions. When the final details had been discussed Estelle pushed her chair back from her desk and stretched. Her skirt rode up over her thighs giving Brian a peek of the lace at the top of her stockings. Brian's mind wandered back to his fantasy of undressing her. There was a quiet pause as Estelle looked at him. Her expression reminded him of a cat looking at its prey. Brian shuffled uncomfortably and looked down at his shoes. With a wry smile Estelle leaned forward and spoke into her phone, 

"Amber we are ready for lunch now,"

Brian looked up as she placed the phone back in its cradle. It seemed as if she had released one of the buttons on her blouse. Pale pink lace peeked out of the neckline of her blouse.
"I am really glad that you are joining us Brian," Estelle smiled at him. She leaned forward slightly and her blouse fell open a little giving Brian a clear view of her breasts covered by expensive pink lace. "Sometimes it is hard to find employees who are able to do a job well."

Amber opened the door and came in carrying a tray of sandwiches that she placed on the side table. Estelle unfolded herself from her chair and made her way over to Amber who was distributing plates and serviettes before she left the room to fetch coffee.

"Amber is a classic example," Estelle smiled at her Personal Assistant as she returned. "I went through five girls before I found one that understood my way of doing things."

Amber said nothing as she stood waiting for Estelle and Brian to start eating.

"She has definitely picked up a lot of useful skills in the last six months and I would be sad if she chose to find another position." Estelle continued as she gestured to Brian to help himself to the food. Glancing awkwardly at Amber Brian took a plate of food and chose a chair. 

Estelle seated herself so that she was facing Brian but also so that he could see all of her body as she sat. Her skirt rode up her thighs to display the lace at the top of her thighs again. Brian found himself wondering if she was wearing panties that matched her bra. And if she was, if they were wet. Absently he noticed Amber take some food and seat herself once Estelle was settled. 

"So Brian," Estelle opened her knees slightly giving him a glimpse of pink lace. "What are your dreams for the future?" 

"I am not sure," Brian stammered. He felt himself blushing as he fumbled with his food. He wanted to look at Estelle as he spoke but all he could see was the top of her thigh, leading to the enticing pink lace between her legs. Sitting quietly in her corner he noticed Amber smirking slightly at his discomfort.

Estelle continued as if there was nothing amiss. "Well for an intelligent young man like yourself the world is your oyster really. You don't want to get tied down to one company in a dead end job." 

At the word tied Amber gave a slight cough. Brian looked at her mystified as she quickly took a sip of her coffee and looked down at her sandwich. 

"Unless of course you want to be tied down." Estelle looked inquiringly at Brian. Amber ate in silence. "Because that is a completely different skill set." Estelle leaned forward. Brian recognised the hungry glint in her eyes and wondered exactly what she had in mind. The atmosphere in the room was thick with unsaid things and undefined desires. Brian exhaled slowly. For a reason he could not think of he felt himself becoming aroused. Estelle stood and walked slowly over to her desk. The action of her hips was exaggerated, forcing Brian to look at her ass as she walked. When she reached her desk she turned quickly catching him staring at her. She smiled to herself as she opened the bottom drawer of her desk. Out of the corner of his eye Brian saw Amber watching intently. Her chest heaved slightly and her tongue touched her lips in anticipation. Estelle reached down and pulled out a length of black rope. There was a squeak from Amber's chair as she wriggled in excitement. Estelle walked back towards Brian. Her crotch was level with his eyes. Try as he might he could not tear his eyes away from the crease between her legs. As she stopped in front of him he looked up at her. Estelle was not a tall person but sitting here as she stood above him he felt small. 

She stroked the rope over his face gently. Its softness surprised him. 

"I have a small task for you to complete in your spare time this afternoon." Estelle's voice was quiet as she spoke. "I would like you to do some research on Shibari." She let the rope fall out of its coils over Brian's wrists. For what seemed like long minutes Estelle stood holding one end of the rope, looking into Brian's eyes. He couldn't fathom any emotion there. All he could feel was an overwhelming urge to please the woman standing in front of him. For the first time he looked down at her feet. He had never noticed her shoes but now he studied them intently. The shiny black leather encased her foot neatly while the heel pushed her calf into a long, pleasing shape. Brian's fingers twitched. He ached to stroke the length of her legs before exploring the skin of her thighs.

Estelle let the end of the rope fall drawing his attention upwards. He sensed the change in her mood as she looked down at her watch. 

"Hmmm," she paused for a few moments before she addressed Brian, "Well I think you have plenty to go on with. I look forward to an update you your progress tomorrow." She turned and walked over to her desk. "Amber will be able to help you with any files or anything you need." 

Amber looked up from the table where she was clearing away the lunch dishes. "Of course," she lifted her pile of plates. "Just come and see me if you have any questions, or drop me a quick email."

Brain gathered up his notes and made to leave. As Amber departed he turned towards Estelle,

"Thank you for the opportunity, I really appreciate it."

Estelle looked him in the eye, "It is no problem at all," she replied. "You were getting a bit stale where you were. You know they say a change is as good as a holiday." 

As Brian left Estelle's office he paused briefly beside Amber's desk. She looked up at him with the same unreadable look on her face,

"Welcome to the fold," she held out her hand. Brian took it without commenting. Amber looked down at the length of soft black rope in Brian's hand. "I guarantee after you type that word into Google you will never see life the same way again." Then she turned back to her typing leaving Brian wondering what he had done. 

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  1. There's just something so exciting about the thought of being controlled and allowing someone you fancy to use you for their pleasure. The mind races at the thought of being totally restrained and waiting in absolute sexual anticipation of what may (or may not) be about to happen. I can only assume that heightens any sexual relase if and when it comes. I'd love to be tied, blindfolded and gagged knowing that my Mistress was about to use me for her total pleasure.

  2. I love the feeling of being tied and totally His to do with whatever He wants! I wonder what Brian will find of his research ;)

    Rebel xox