Friday, November 9, 2012

Fixing Pipes

A while back I asked my Facebook friends to share some of their fantasies. I have a facination with sexaul fantasy and creating and acting out some scenarios. As I journey along this path I find myself becoming more interested in not just my own but other people's fantasies. If there is one thing about a person that is going to grab my attention it is an imagination. (Remember that guys!!). This story was shared with my by one of my Facebook friends. It is something that I know a lot of women and men (tradesmen in particular) fantasise about. 

"21 Ferntree St, Darling Heights" John read his job list for the afternoon, "Lily, with a blocked In SinkErator." 

John punched the address into his NavMan noting that the suburb was close to his. He checked his paperwork again. Even better, this was his last job for the afternoon. Within five minutes he was parked outside the address. The house looked like nearly every other house in the street; some toys on the front patio, an untidy pile of shoes at the front door and a car parked in the driveway. John was pleased to note that he wasn't greeted at the gateway by a barking dog. 

"Coming," a pleasant voice responded to John's ring on the doorbell. There were footsteps and then a pleasant looking woman opened the door. 

"Hi I'm John, the plumber." He began his usual spiel.

"I am so glad you are here John." The woman held the door open and gestured for him to step inside. "It is sooo frigging annoying washing the dishes in the laundry tub." They walked through the lounge room, past the stairs to the kitchen at the back of the house. "Here is the beast."  She pointed at the sink under the window. "It just stopped working the day before yesterday." 

John unpacked his tool box and began to examine the unit in the bottom of the sink. He flicked the switch, an unpleasant grinding noise came out of the hole at the bottom of the sink. 

"Hmmm." He commented to himself. Lily hovered beside him looking a little concerned. "It sounds like something is caught in the blades," he smiled reassuringly at her. "We should have it fixed in no time." With that John opened his tool box, selected his favourite wrench and disappeared under the sink. 

Lily's voice drifted down to him as he worked. John wasn't unhappy to have her to talk to. Sometimes his job was a bit lonely, the clients often went off after they had shown him their problem and left him to fix their broken, smelly pipes. 

"So I bet you come across some interesting stuff in this job," Lily chattered on.

"Sometimes," John answered her. "People put some interesting stuff down their drains." He paused for a moment as he wrestled with the connection between the drain and the sink. "Stuff that makes you wonder what they are thinking."

"I am not sure I want to know," Lily commented wryly.

John slid out from under the sink and busied himself looking through his toolbox pretending to search for a wrench. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Lily sitting on the bench. She was wearing a short denim skirt and bare feet. Her toenails had been painted red. From his spot on the floor John could easily admire the smooth skin of her legs and glimpse into the space between her legs.
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Lily sat on the bench watching John working. She loved tradesmen. There was just something about a man that could fix things that got her going. Her husband would not be home for hours. Maybe she could amuse herself for a while with this guy. He was certainly trim and looked like he had a nice body under the high-vis shirt. A trickle of wetness formed between her legs as she pondered bending over the sink for him. She opened her legs slightly, hoping he would notice that she wasn't wearing any panties. 

John located his wrench and positioned himself to slide back under the sink. As he glanced upwards he noticed Lily's knees move apart. He thought he saw a bare, freshly shaved pussy. Was this woman not wearing any underwear? Did she just show him on purpose? In his pants John's cock stirred as he thought of bending her over the bench and lifting that little skirt and pulling apart her butt cheeks…

Lily watched as John slid back under the sink. Her eyes were drawn to the bulge forming in his pants. She pressed her knees together in anticipation as she allowed herself to fantasise about slipping his pants down over his hips. She shuddered at the thought of holding his cock in her palm. 

There was silence as John worked. After what seemed like hours he slid back into view holding a teaspoon,

"Got it!" he smiled at her.

"YAY," Lily clapped her hands.
After he finished reconnecting everything John stood at the sink washing his hands. Lily rested her body against the sink facing him. 

"Have you ever been propositioned by a bored housewife?" Lily reached out and traced the line of John's shirt opening with her fingernail. 

John smiled at her. His afternoon was getting better and better. "Perhaps," he replied. "But I am a gentleman and a gentleman never kisses and tells.

Lily began unbuttoning the front of John's shirt. "I do love the clothes that tradesmen wear," she pushed the shirt over John's shoulders and watched as it fell to the floor. "especially when they are all over my kitchen floor." She ran her hands over John's chest. "I also love the way tradesmen look after their bodies." With nimble fingers Lily unbuttoned John's shorts before pushing them down over his hips and protruding cock to join his shirt on the floor. John looked into Lily's eyes as he moved between her legs to press his body against hers. They stood like that for a few long minutes before Lily reached down to slip her hand inside John's boxers. 

As she eased his cock above the waistband of his boxers her mouth stretched into a smile that reminded John of a very satisfied cat. With her palm wrapped around his hardening cock she stroked the soft skin of his head with her thumb.

"And what are you going to do with that?" John asked softly.

Lily raised her eyebrow slightly as she pushed against John, making him step back a little. She then turned and bent over the bench. The short denim skirt she was wearing had ridden up to show her naked pussy underneath. 

"The question," she said to John over her shoulder. "Is what are YOU going to do with it." 

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